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    Echoes in the Universe: Leonard Goodwin

    in Spirituality


    My guest today is Leonard Goodwin and he is here to talk about his new book "Echoes in the Universe"

    In a series of narrative poems Leonard Goodwin places his life experiences as child, husband, father, teacher, social researcher in the context of social events that have shaped our world. These events range from The Great Depression, World War II, the War On Poverty to election of a black President and time beyond the Mayan Calendar.

    Later in life he undergoes spiritual experiences including that of transmitting energy to the Earth from the Sound Angel realm.

    For more information please visit www.leonardgoodwin.com 

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    MMA Jam Session - Maegan Goodwin & Tonya Evinger

    in MMA

    Join Cole and Doc Howie as they bring you Episode 1 of  MMA Jam Session, produced by Jay General! Here at MMA Jam Session, we believe in doing everything big, and what better way to do that than by bringing you the latest news in the MMA world. Tonight Cole and Doc Howie be joined by Invicta FC's Maegan Goodwin and Tonya Evinger. We've got all this and more coming up this Thursday on WMMA Jam Session!

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    Live in the Cage: B.Genco, Rambo Roosevelt, Dylan Carpenter

    in MMA

    Tonight, Dave "The Butcher" Clifford welcomes three competitors from this upcoming Saturday's UFL: Unleashed fight card taking place at the Birch Run Expo Center in Birch Run, MI. First up is Blake Genco, second is Rambo Roosevelt, and third is Dylan Carpenter, voted MI ammy of the year in a recent end of the year contest. Brought to you on the ACSLIVE.TV podcast network, powered by Baker College, inside the Genco Boots virtual studios, on the Every Victory Earned hotlines. Call in at (347) 857-1024 to join the conversation. 

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    Following the Dylan Thomas Trail in Wales

    in Travel

    The poet and author Dylan Thomas captured the essence and character of the country of Wales with his writings. Come with Travel Brigade on a Welsh journey as the country celebrates the 100th anniversary of Thomas' birth. We'll take you to the Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea and head off to the town of Laugharne to visit the pub where Thomas could often be found enjoying a pint and the beautiful boathouse where he lived that his now a museum. We'll even go on a "Birthday Walk" along the same path Thomas wrote a special poem about. Enjoy the trip! Follow us on Twitter @TravelBrigade.

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    Undefeated fighter Maegan Goodwin

    in Sports

    One of the brightest talents out of Oklahoma, Maegan Goodwin has submitted her opponents in three of her wins. 

    We will talk to the Sooner about her prospects and training the the last third of the year.

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    Epiphany's House Presents Candace Goodwin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    in Music

    Well well well...ya know how I feel about family....Candace is not my blood sister (contrary to popular belief) but she could not be more of a sister than she is..really and truly I love her to death so yes...it is high time I featured her on my show..She is refreshingly different than all the bullshyt so called music out there these days..I promise she gonna blow ya mind...

    Candace Goodwin grew up in San Francisco, California and has been singing since she was 2 years old. She has been deeply influenced by the likes of Phoebe Snow, Donny Hathaway, Sam Cooke, Stevie Wonder and many other amazing artists. She started writing her own songs when she was a teenager and then attended college, where she taught herself to play guitar and began preforming her own music for the first time at cafes and events. After living in Kansas City, Mo. for a year she moved back to the Bay Area and now resides in Berkeley CA, where she intends to record her first album. Her goal is to share her music as an instrument to heal and effect the lives and direction of others.

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    "Table Talk" Study Hour - Episode 48

    in Education

    Ray Goodwin and Carolyn Yeager read and comment on the August 7- 16, 1942 lunch and dinner table monologues by the German Leader, as taken down in shorthand by aide Heinrich Heim. Included in this episode:

    Churchill to visit Stalin, Hitler is intrigued as to why;
    Germans are in Crimea to stay, says AH, and winning over the peasantry;
    British have no rights to decide anything in Europe, plus Rumanians vs Hungarians and the Viennese;
    Riches of Ukraine, Reichsmarks and Ostmarks, and the parson-class are enemies of the state;
    Very interesting account of presenting the N-S party program to political clubs in 1921-22 with Admiral Schroder, an early supporter;
    Hitler on dance as artistic expression: most beautiful is the waltz, the the Bavarian Schuhplattler done by men;
    Some of the diplomats he's known in Berlin, and comments on Stalin, Churchill and the Malta situation.

    A Blogtalk technical problem is the reason there are no images for this show.

    The edition of Hitler's Table Talk being used was translated by Norman Cameron and R.H. Stevens, published by Enigma Books, New York, and can be found as a pdf here.

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    MMA Jam Live Welcomes Maegan Goodwin, Jamie Moyle & Stephanie Alba

    in MMA

    Join Vanessa and Sabrina as they bring you Episode 39 of WMMA Jam Live, produced by Fresh Start Entertainment amd MMA music producer Mikey Rukus.Here at WMMA Jam Live, we believe in doing everything big, and what better way to do that than by bringing you the latest news from the WMMA world. Tonight we'll be joined Invicta Fc's Maegan "Miss Mayhem" Goodwin and Jamie Moyle and Legacy Fighting's Stephanie Alba. Also during tonights show we will be recapping last weekends Invicta FC 9 . We've got all this and more coming up this Wednesday on WMMA Jam Live!

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    "Table Talk" Study Hour - Episode 47

    in Education

    Carolyn Yeager and Ray Goodwin read and comment on the August 3-6, 1942 lunch and dinner table monologues by the German Leader, as taken down in shorthand by aide Heinrich Heim, who has returned to the job. Included in this episode:

    Hitler uses the instinctual behaviors within bee and ant colonies to explain the value of merciless perseverence [he understands it's a question of survival];
    American military courts established in Britain - Poor military decision-making influenced by Jews;
    Food and food supply - stories of Prince Arenberg;
    Praise plus criticism for the Italians - more on ruling the Eastern territories;
    Living in open rather than crowded spaces gives one a wider view - St. Petersburg and Moscow must be destroyed - creating markets in the occupied East;
    Mistreatment of the peasant class led to migration of some of the best of Germans - France and Italy both have strong peasantry which stabilize a nation.

    The edition of Hitler's Table Talk being used was translated by Norman Cameron and R.H. Stevens, published by Enigma Books, New York, and can be found as a pdf here.

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    Talking about every aspect of sex

    in Relationships

    Todays show will be about how we think about sex. Its so many different things and ways to explore this topic. WARNING we will nolt be gentle!!! Women and men will be able to learn something today on the show. Sex is a great and broad topic that we can all relate to and dont call in and be shy and squemish.when you call in. JUst a sneak peek we will ask what is the proper amout of time to wait? 

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    In the Stream: The English Maven

    in Writing

    Join "In the Stream" producer and host Jessica Dylan Winter as she welcomes the English Maven (Lianna Patch) to the show.

    Lianna Patch, better known to some as "the English Maven," is an insanely creative and freethinking writer, editor and Coppyblogger-certified Content Marketer. She's a born-and-raised New Orleanian whose bold approach to writing and life breathes fresh air into the spaces she invades. Some of her ongoing projects include writing and editing for New Orleans Living Magazine and the philly artblog. 

    Listen to Lianna talk about everything from creative inspiration and overcoming writer's block to building a better bookshelf to our time together at a Buddhist monastery in New York.

    Dive into the stream to hear what the English Maven has to say!

    The show will close with a short, guided meditation.

    Learn more about Lianna here:


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