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    Is The Criticism Of Dwight Howard Fair?

    in Sports

    In this episode we will discuss the Dwight Howard and whether not the criticism of him is fair. And we'll also discuss The Houston Rockets and how they'll do with Howard on the team

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    Defending Dwight Howard

    in Basketball

    It seems there are more Dwight Howard haters out there this summer than there were three years ago when there were so many millions of LeBron James haters.

    Maybe that's just because so much of the venom is coming from Los Angeles, where the fans are spoiled because no one ever leaves the Lakers. Players always want to join the Lakers.

    My opinion? STFU, haters.

    Dwight Howard is an Americans, and all Americans have a right to choose where they want to work. It's just that in the NBA, it usually takes years to earn that right if you happen to be a superstar.

    More on that line of defense in this podcast with Tommy Dee and Moke Hamilton of SNY.

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    Shields Aluni Christmas Parade +Dwight Howard Shields Grand All Sport Banquet

    in Education

    Shields Aluni  Christmas Parade +Dwight Howard give information about J.F. Shields Grand All Sport Banquet. + All former student-athlete, former coaches band & cheerleaders contact Mrs. Edith Crook @ 251-743-4722 Dwight Howard 334-745-7293 E- Mail dwighteh1@aol.com with Bio-information for book.

    Dwight Howard Talks About J. F. Shields Grand All Sport Banquet Set for April 30-May 1 2015  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Drew_%28basketball%29

    Giving If you would like more information about donating back to J.F.S.,

    Please contact  Mr. Duran Odoms or jfsilds-mctsalumni@hotmail.com for more information.

    J.F. Shields High School and MCTS Alumni Network

    Purpose: To unite, share memories, laugh, network and communicate with alumni   ***http://jfshields.ning.com/group/restinpeace***

    http://jfshields.ning.com/group/pantherfootball http://jfshields.ning.com/group/mightymarchingpantherband http://jfshields.ning.com/group/jfshieldscheerleaders http://jfshields.ning.com/group/jfshieldsbasketballteam http://jfshields.ning.com/group/ladypanthersbasketball

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    Discussing It With Melissa and Kimberly Howard

    in Women

    KIMBERLY HOWARD – Kimberly Howard took her leap of faith as an entrepreneur in January of 2014 after dedicating more than 3 consecutive years at FAITH Company as an Art Director. As leading graphic designer and Chief Executive Officer of Bossi Graphix, she has developed an extensive clientele in over 30 states. Bossi Graphix has been in operation for more than 7 years.

    In efforts to become an expert in the graphic design industry, Kimberly attended Wade College, in Dallas, Texas and earned an Associates of Arts Degree in Merchandising & Design.

    To date, Kimberly has had the opportunity to work with a high profile clientele within the music industry as well as Joy Parham-Thomas of Hell's Kitchen, season twelve.

    In addition to balancing a hefty workload and family, Kimberly is an active member of AIGA, The Designer’s Forum, & Admitopia. She has also found inspiration in mentoring students in addition to founding a designers forum, where a digital community of graphic artists converse in regards to new trends, thoughts, and tricks of the trade.

    Shortly after, Kimberly’s godmother, Pearlie Clark passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2013 she launched Trust Me Cosmetics. This cosmetic line is to honor the life of Pearlie Mae Clark. She taught Kimberly to always strive to work her best and to look good while doing it. Her favorite saying was “Trust me!”

    Kimberly is an extremely hard working young lady who will not stop growing as a person, mother/wife, and business owner.

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    Triple Threat Podcast- Dwight Howard

    in Sports

    Jamieson and I were joined in the booth by OpinioNation member Jory Dreher (Show-Contibutor) for today's episode. We at the OpinioNation, were very pleased to have the opportunity to catch up with Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard for an in-depth 40+ minute discussion.  Jory was able land the access, and the three of us thoroughly enjoyed our EXCLUSIVE discussion with the league's best big man. We're not done there, we'll ALSO be joined by the host of Drive Time Sports (750 AM Utah) Jordan Buscarini and Yorick Hempstead AKA @HempsteadHuddle on Twitter for an all around NBA discussion.

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    Lakers free agency 2013: Dwight Howard and more

    in Sports

    Episode 3 of the Silver Screen and Rollcast will discuss the Los Angeles Lakers free agency period. Dwight Howard is meeting teams, the Lakers are making calls, and everything is abuzz.
    Ben and Drew will co-host along with special guest Jeff King of Forum Blue and Gold. We may also have another guest contributor on the show for the second hour!

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    Howard E Richmond MD discusses trust and miracles

    in Self Help

    Howard E Richmond MD is a transformational psychiatrist with a message for consciously seeking people who want to shift energy-draining reactions to realign body, mind and spirit. This episode is trust and miracles.

    One of the lessons Dr. Richmond has learned over twenty years in private practice is the value of being “out of your mind” and into your heart. This philosophy is beautifully displayed in The Healing Field, his first novel. The Healing Field is a riveting account of the healing breakthrough that saved his patient’s life and transformed his own. The book chronicles the daring, out of the box healing journey with his anorexic patient “Lori,” who was determined to die. Between her desperation and his determination, they become locked in a battle for life that crosses conventional boundaries and reveals that healing and freedom come in surprising forms.

    Dr. Richmond practices hot yoga daily in San Diego, California, where he lives with his wife, Elana, and their two German shepherd rescues, Jayde and Houdini. Read more at HowardRichmondMD.com

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    How to Promote Frugally-Guest Carolyn Howard-Johnson-Writers Tricks of the Trade

    in Writing

    WriterOur guest for January 14, Carolyn Howard-Johnson, is best known as The Frugal Book Promoter, but she is also a literary writer, poet, and all round smart and giving marketer.


    As a college freshman, she was the youngest person ever hired as a staff writer for the Salt Lake Tribune--"A Great Pulitzer Prize Winning Newspaper"--where she wrote features for the society page and a column under the name Debra Paige.

    Later, in New York, she was an editorial assistant at Good Housekeeping Magazine. and also handled accounts for famous fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert who developed the first "10 Best Dressed List." It was her fun job to write releases for celebrity designers of the time including Pauline Trigere, Rudy Gernreich, and Christian Dior.

    She was given the Woman of the Year in Arts and Entertainment Award by California Legislature members, Carol Liu, Dario Frommer, and Jack Scott and says she is really proud of that. In its first edition, "The Frugal Book Promoter" became an instant best seller as an e-book on ebookad.com and the paperback opened to rave reviews on Amazon. It is now in its second edition, expanded and updated. It became the first in the How To Do It Frugally series. "The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success" was the next. The Book Publicists of Southern California honored her with their Irwin Award and the "Pasadena Weekly" for literary activism.

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    Bestselling Author Charlotte Howard

    in Women

    The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show | www.Sharvette.com

    "Success in Beauty: The Secrets to Effortless Fulfillment and Happiness," by Bestselling Author Charlotte Howard #SuccessInBeauty

    A must read anthologoy for every woman striving to achieve fulfillment and happiness. Packed with proven empowerment strategies, by the end of the book, every reader will be prepared to achieve her own personal happiness and fulfillment! Co-Author Charlotte Howard has compiled the words of 20 women who will talk about finding and pursuing your passion, mastering a positive mindset, improving your inner and outer self, how to take care of your body, creating a business you love and so much more!

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    NFL Draft Prospect;Isaiah Howard,cornerback from Campbell University joins show

    in Sports

    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Ramble, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy Otradovec welcome NFL Draft Prospect Isaiah Howard, to the show.  Howard, is a cornerback from Campbell University.  Listen live and learn more about Isaiah Howard and Campbell University.  Evan and Troy will get his thoughts on the Championship games, this past weekend, and also get his keys to the Super Bowl, between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots.  Do you have a question for Isaiah, call us live on the show.

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    Variety Bites: Dwight Howard Can Suck It

    in Entertainment

    This week on Variety Bites, we'll be talking about which movie topped the Box Office on Fourth of July between The Lone Ranger and Despicable Me 2, where do the Lakers go from here, why Dwight Howard is the Terrell Owens & Randy Moss of the NBA, looking ahead at the movie Pacific Rim, the new XBox or the Playstation 4 and which will have the better turnout, how well will the new Wolverine movie do, worst superhero movie to date and much more.
    Variety Bites is also a proud affiliate for amazon.com. Make sure you use the link below when shopping on Amazon.   http://www.amazon.com/?tag=theshaattliv-20   Rate, Review and Subscribe to the show on the link below:   https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/shark-attack-live-blog-talk/id549014453

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