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    Episode 1: Discover the Magic!

    in Relationships

    Today is the day it all begins!  As we kick-off our first Love, Trust & Pixie Dust episode, we set the groundwork for what’s to come, as we share exactly what the show with the “cute” name is all about.  But don’t be fooled by the name—after you get past it, there’s not much “cute” left—let’s just say you may be surprised by the show’s depth.  Learn why Leslie has been so gung-ho to share a message of love and trust with you, and more importantly, why you should even care.  Although the purpose of today’s episode is to establish a foundation, strap on your seatbelt!  Get ready to turn everything you ever thought you knew about trust completely upside down!

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    Ginger Grimes & Julie Smith of Dust Devil Ranch Santuary for Horses

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    Tonight's guests will be Ginger Grimes, Founder and President of Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary for Horses in Cedar City, Utah (also home to wild horse "Rocky" from BLM's Rock Springs facility)

    Ginger Grimes & Julie Smith of Dust Devil Ranch Santuary for Horses on toughening animal cruelty laws in Utah and Elsa, the horse found starving & frozen to the ground, tonight on Wild Horse & Burro Radio (1/21/15)

    Ginger Grimes and Dust Devil Ranch Sanctuary volunteer Julie Smith, who's working to get a stronger animal protection law (called Elsa's Law) passed in Utah.  This law is named for Elsa, a 2 year old appaloosa filly who was found emaciated and frozen to the ground in January, 2014.  Her mother, Anna, was also starving.  Both were seized from the property of their owner, Sonn Kent Berrett of Enoch, UT, who is facing animal cruelty and related charges.  Volunteers worked around the clock for 16 days in a heroic effort to save Elsa, but Elsa died in Ginger's arms, surrounded by the loving volunteers who tried to save her.

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    The inspirational wonder of the planetary changes always excites and illuminates me regarding shifts in conception and reception! The Moon enterss leo tonight and forms trines to Mars, Venus and Uranus in Aries as it conjoins Jupiter in Leo. It feels like fairy dust to motivate and inspire us before the Full Moon in Virgo! Amazing energy!

    This Sunday night, Jacqueline and I will be doing live readings on the air! Please have your birth date, time of birth and place of birth ready when you call in! Have ONE specific question for us to focus on so that we may peer into the Heavens and give you valuable insight as you move forward.

    We have so much fun on this show!

    Need more time? Need us sooner? Give us a call!

    Jacqueline   772.286.2720

    Aphrodette   540.400.0110

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    Episode 3: The Fastest Way to Freedom

    in Motivation

    We vote.  We come and go as we please.  We have more liberties now than ever before.  In our external world, we live a life of as much freedom as we choose.  But our internal world is quite different.  Fear, worry and anxiety, which can balloon to full-on panic, rob us of truly feeling free inside.  Join us on Love, Trust & Pixie Dust as long-term law enforcement officer Bob Seklecki and host Leslie Green share solid techniques that you can begin to implement today to stop, and eventually reverse your fears, throwing the doors wide open to the freedom within.      

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    Author J.D. Rhoades discusses "Devils and Dust" LIVE on Authors on the Air

    in Books

    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes lawyer and author J.D. Rhoades to the show in a LIVE conversation about his latest release "Devils and Dust".  We will chat about his thriller as well as Mr. Rhoades' weekly column in his local newspaper and his law practice.  Find out more about J.D. Rhoades by visiting his website at http://jdrhoades.com or on his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php.  

    The podcast for this program is available immediately after the LIVE interview at the same link.  Call to say hello at 347-633-9609.

    This is a copyrighted trademarked podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. Please visit our website at http://authorsontheair.com or check us out at http://facebook.com/authorsontheair. send us a Tweet @authorsontheair and pins your favorite books and authors on our Pinterest boards at http://pinterest.com/authorsontheair.

    With gratitude, our sponsors are Robert Gregory Browne, creator of our theme music. On the web at http://robertgregorybrowne.com.  Thank you to authors J. Carson Black, D.D. Corbitt and Gennita Low for their continuing support.  Corporate underwriting provided by Discount Pets and Supplies, on the web at http://discountpetsandsupplies.com.

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    History Says Man Created As a Hybrid VS. Bible Said God Made Man From The Dust

    in Music

    Did the bible lie about human existence, how do you figure out the lie and what is the truth--can logic tell us exactly what is fact?

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    "The Bomb Shelter" presented by Mahogany Dust

    in Music

    This week's topic is current events. Come hang out with us in "The Bomb Shelter" and let us know your thoughts on the worlds most current events.  Featuring your host: C4 and co-host T&T, S. Dott and Cockbull.
    Sponsored by: Mahogany Dust
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    The Red Velvet Event Planners Expo
    May 4th, 2011
    10am - 4 pm
    Performance Time : 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm
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    Dust vs. Spiders

    in Christianity

    Thanks for listening!

    Catch the blog post here.

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    Author and Forensic Artist Carrie Stuart Parks discussing "A Cry From the Dust"

    in Books

    Carrie Stuart Parks is an award-winning fine artist and internationally known forensic artist. Along with her husband, Rick, she travels across the US and Canada teaching courses in forensic art to law enforcement as well as civilian participants. She has won numerous awards for career excellence. Carrie is a popular platform speaker, presenting a variety of topics from crime to creativity. Carrie teaches both Forensic Art and Fine Art classes all over the country and will be speaking at the Strategic Perspectives International Conference this October n "How to Tell if Someone is Lying."


    In addition to writing numerous artistic non-fiction works, Carrie is preparing for the highly antipciated Summer 2014 release of her newest novel, A Cry From the Dust, where "a secret from a grim page of American history threatens to destroy thousands of innocent lives."


    To learn more about Carrie and A Cry From the Dust, visit her website at www.CarrieStuartParks.com and her Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CarrieStuartParksAuthor. All of Carrie's books are available to purchase on Amazon.

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    "The Bomb Shelter" presented by Mahogany Dust

    in Lifestyle

    This weeks topic is "What's with this weather".  With the recent events of natural disaster that started last week in St. Louis and has continued this week, leaving serveral communities in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia without homes.  This storm is rated as the "worst in American history".  What is going on with our weather and what can we do to prepare for unforseen natural disasters.  
    Join us with your host: C4
    Co-host TandT, Cockbull, Rick Carbone and S. Dott Jones.
    Sponsored by Mahogany Dust
    Upcoming Mahogany Dust show:
    Hollalujah at Soul Factory
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    "The Bomb Shelter" presented by Mahogany Dust

    in Current Events

    This week's topic is current events, from "Fox News" White House scandal involving hip-hop icon/actor Common, current water issues in Louisiana and the recent news issue of May 21st "Doom's Day".  Come hang out with us in "The Bomb Shelter" and let us know your thoughts on the worlds most current events.  Featuring your host: C4 and co-host T&T, S. Dott and Cockbull.
    Sponsored by: Mahogany Dust
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