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  • 01:50

    The Cranial Emissions Show - "Tittooing"

    in Entertainment

    The UK continues it's long standing history of global trendsetter with the latest female beauty craze known as Tittooing!  Who better to consult with on keeping your man happy than a former professional hooker?  Durex is in the news again with its latest invention known as "Funderwear"!  All that and much more on the latest edition of The Cranial Emissions Show!  Tonight at 9PM!

  • 00:31

    Manscaping, NYC sex parties, and a healthy sex life

    in Romance

    On this week's episode of Naptime Nookie with the Mominatrix, we're covering all sorts of topics from manscaping (can it be too much of a good thing?), the Mominatrix's recent trip to NYC for a Durex sex party, and a question from a listener about trying to convince his spouse that fantasy can be a part of a healthy sex life.

  • 01:00

    Freedom in America - Death by a Thousand Threads

    in US Government

    In 1726, Jonathan Swift wrote “Gulliver’s Travels” which was a story of an English surgeon, named LemuelGulliver, who awakens on a beach after a shipwreck only to find himself immobilized and tied down by thousands of tiny threads woven around him by the very tiny Lilliputians.
    Just like Gulliver, the American people appear to be either asleep or unaware of the growing danger of being incapacitated by America’s own version of the Lilliputians, who are nothing more than well financed traitors to this great country. Communism has been replaced in name only, by the so-called ‘green movement” where the neo-communists use junk science to create a coming environmental crisis to control how and where you live.  This week I am going to talk about this subject and more...............  518-392-7062

  • 01:01

    John Wallace Radio: The Enemies Within Our Own Country

    in US Government

    This week I am going to talk about some of the enemies within our own country - George Soros - Marxists groups - Radical Islamists and our own Federal Government.  I am also going to talk about Mexican trucks rolling again into America under NAFTA; the deaths of young girls from Gardasil - now they want to give it to boys aged 11; the rise of Sharia Law in Lybia, Tunesia and Egypt might lead to war with Israel; all TV and Radio communications in America to be cut off on November 9th for 3.5 minutes as a test; United Nation's Agenda 21 update; Obama administration giving 1/2Billion loan guarantee to build a sports car in Finland; Colorado woman stands firm telling terrorist that Jihad works both ways; Texas students made to recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance and sing their national anthem; the dangers of a Constitutional Convention, and more.........

  • 01:01

    Our Democrat-Socialist Government vs the American People

    in US Government

    This week I will be talking about how President Obama and the Democrat-Socialists in the administration and congress have blamed the Tea Party for the downgrading of the nation's credit rating and the stock market drop. Tea Party activists have been called Terrorists and mean-spirited right-wing extremists. I will reply to them; We will also be talking about the phony debt ceiling agreement and Rep. Connie Mack's (R-FL) “Penny Plan” that will balance the federal budget in 8 years with no gimicks; who made a $1 Billion dollars on the S&P downgrading of America's credit rating; how unrestricted immigration is destroying our country; Anarchy in the UK - could it happen in the USA?; The dangerous rise of Black Flash Mobs attacking white people throughout the country; and more.

    As always, listeners are encouraged to call in and you can listen to the show on the telephone while you are waiting to speak with me.

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