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    Tonight I have edited, for brevity, a show on American Education, our Militaristic Society, and how America has become Prussia. Two Years ago now I did this. And now we have Common Core to underscore my contentions.

    Do you think our “Education System” can be fixed? I disagree, find out why.

    Do you recognize how we are taught the instantly kneel to ‘authority’ be it legitimate in its use against us or not? Why do we tolerate it? Listen and see how that happened.

    This is a one hour presentation and then “Open Mics” should any wish to chime in with their thoughts.

    Please tell you teacher friends to listen in or go to the archives. They may learn why it just gets worse every year regardless of how dedicated they are.

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    The Dumbing Down of America

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    No Child Left Behind:  In 2001 the passage of "No Child Left Behind" tied student test scores to federal education dollars. The Bush Jr. administration implemented this program.  Each state got to MAKE THEIR OWN TESTS (formulate easy questions), and thereby achieve high test scores, and hence receive federal funding.  If a state implemented difficult achievement tests, the students performance was designated as inferior, and the state with the most difficult tests were left out of the federally funded program.  States like Tennessee dumbed down the tests to achieve high test scores, resulting in a misrepresentation of the academic ability of the students, and poorly educated children were tricked into thinking they were smart!

    Problems with America's Educational System:

    Competition:  Public schools do not have to compete for business.  If a public school is performing poorly, they get more money so they can “improve.”  In the private sector, if a school isn’t performing, parents won’t send their children there, and it will go out of business.  In the public school system of America, poor performance is rewarded with money.

    Tenure:  If a public school teacher has been teaching for 3 years (in New York City), then they have tenure and it is just about impossible to fire them.  If the firing process is initiated, it will take 3 years to complete the termination, meanwhile the state will have to pay 100% of his/her wages.

    Propaganda: School officials and teacher’s unions misrepresent, exaggerate or even lie about the performance of children in their school systems.

    The Look-Say Method (“sight reflex”): This replaces “phonics” and actually CAUSES DYSLEXIA, as discovered in the Lincoln School in 1920.

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    Charlotte Iserbyt is to be greatly commended for having put together the most formidable 
    and practical compilation of documentation describing the “deliberate dumbing down” of 
    American children by their education system. Anyone interested in the truth will be shocked 
    by the way American social engineers have systematically gone about destroying the intellect 
    of millions of American children for the purpose of leading the American people into a socialist 
    world government controlled by behavioral and social scientists.

    Mrs. Iserbyt has also documented the gradual transformation of our once academically successful education system into one devoted to training children to become compliant 

    human resources to be used by government and industry for their own purposes. This is how 
    fascist-socialist societies train their children to become servants of their government masters. 
    The successful implementation of this new philosophy of education will spell the end of the 
    American dream of individual freedom and opportunity. The government will plan your life 
    for you, and unless you comply with government restrictions and regulations your ability to 
    pursue a career of your own choice will be severely limited.

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    WAU Depression, Death and the Dumbing Down of America

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    Today Ricky and Denny are gonna be kind of all over the map. From topics on depression and the recent suicide of Robin Williams to the dumbing down of America in the modern eduvational system They will honestly touch on a bit of everything. So tune in live for all this and more. Today on Wake Up America

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    Charlotte Iserbyt: Common Core & The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America

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    Is the controversial American school reform known as #Commoncore simply the latest iteration in corporate America's design to make Americans more ignorant and compliant?

    What is the real function of our public education system and how has it been co-opted by large corporations and politicians to produce the kinds of people they need in order to maintain the status quo?  Are parents losing the battle to educate their own children?

    Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt is an educational insider, a policy influencer who served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first term of U.S. President Ronald Reagan.    

    Iserbyt is best known for writing the book #The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America an eye-opening revelation of the changes gradually brought into the American public education system designed to eliminate parental, religious, and other influences, and mold the child into amember of the proletariat in preparation for the socialist-collectivist world of the future.

    Iserbyt maintains that all so-called school reforms originate from a master plan formulared by Andrew Carnegie's Foundation for the Advancement of Education and Rockefeller's General Education Board. 

    According to Iserbyt, Common Core is simply the latest version of these corporate driven initiatives aimed at influencing and shaping society rather than encouraging intellectual curiousity, creativity, and true learning.

    Iserbyt's findings, while they remain controversial, still provide lots of food for thought as we examine the role of public education in American society and how best to educate our children.

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    Bilderbergs 13! The Dumbing Down of America

    in Spirituality

    Join Patrick as he explores the recent Illuminati Bilderberg gathering with its global agenda to "Dumb Down" America.
    Author, radio host, and paranormal expert, Patrick Meechan broadcasts every Wednesday at 6pm (PST) / 9pm (EST) on the KAPOW Radio Show Network.
    He is the author of the book, "220 Fifth Street," which is a terrifying true story of survival in a haunted house with spiritual warfare learned in the process. 
    "220 Fifth Street" by Patrick Meechan from PatrickMeechan.com.  This is a true story of a haunted house, which engaged the author in serious Spiritual Warfare. 
    "Eyes to See Unseen Enemies" by Paul and Linda is an argument against the cultural Christianity so pervasive today in the church. Using Scripture, dreams and visions, they assist God's people in understanding end-time urgency.  Fifthookmedia.com
    "Demons in My Marriage Bed: a True Story of Spiritual Warfare" by Paul and Linda from FifthookMedia.com.  This is a true story of two haunted people who were delivered from witchcraft through the power of God. 

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    In Today's America with Co-Host Tom (Sunday Smack-down!)

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    We are live till 1PM EST this morning! Common core, the debt, and much more for tody. Tom will be joining me once more to get the discussions going! OPEN LINES call in: 213-943-3426 anything you want to talk about! As always we are discussing trending topics and news of the day! 

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    "THE DUMBING UP EFFECT",,,{The Truth about the Educational system in America} }

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    this show is for the listener who enjoys real topic,real diologue,and real converstion mixed in along with some great music...

    the topic "the dumbing up"is education beneficial for us ?,,,has education help uis reach higher levels of love,compassion,justice and truths,,,has education been helpfiul in the empowering of the weak and helpless?,,,has education been a burden or a blessing? has education prepared us with the tool and the true information needed to continue civilization?...has education helped us today,or has education helped enslave us,,,,is knowledge power???welcome to another edition of fmw live in the studio.

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    Dumbing Down America

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    We will have Jamal L. Burt, M.Ed from EBO Educational Services, LLC on to talk about the fall and fail of education in America today.

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    In Today's America

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    We are live from 7PM-10PM EST! It's Friday so that means OPEN LINES AMERICA! Anything you want to talk about, anything on your mind, call in: 213-943-3426! All feedback is welcome!

    We are discussing trending topics and news of the day! I hope everyone enjoys the show, main topics I have are about the new Sports Illustrated magazine cover, and the economics behind the entertainment industry--Who is actually behind everything we hear and see on the Mainstream media? This question, and more will be answered on tonights show! So stick around for the whole show, I hope you all enjoy it!


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    Tearing Others Down Won't Build a Better America

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    Tearing down others is the American way. In America today, people speak love but America's pass time is the tongue. Bridle the tongue America. Gossip is tearing America down. Speak a better America better. There's home grown and transplanted bottom feeders speaking for and to good people. Americans way of live has become one big cesspool. Falling short of the glory of God. Back biting. It's called talk, excessive talk. Anything less than work, leads to poverty. Work leads to prosperity. If American continues to grow poverty, we lose this land of opportunity into a memory of times gone by. Let us again grow prosperity not poverty! Let us again model for the children hope, peace and charity. Americans lets again do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Evaluate Americas leaders. Are people in power exhibiting love for America? Do high profile Americans express love for others? Does decision making of leaders exhibit love of people, love of land or love of money? Bridle the tongue America. The tongue is mightier than the sword.

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