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    Dumb Sh*t. I can't deal anymore.

    in Radio

    The Level of Dumbassery that I have seen just today alone is mind numbing. Our Nature is to ignore it but NO MORE!  I beg of you my friends, we have to stand up and together stop some of this behavior. It's more infectious than Ebola. It is becoming an Epidemic. Something has to be done now! Please help. Won't you?

  • 01:13

    Standing Firm in the Face of Dumbassery

    in Politics Progressive

    A fun day for all, yesterday in the Westminster Courthouse in Carrol County, Maryland, where Mr. W.J.J. Hoge's peace order against me was thrown out so hard it left a permanent impression on the wall.  Idiot Attorney Aaron Walker and his Stooge Stranahan are spinning it into a victory for them, of course, but anyone who has to go dumpster diving to dredge up my former drug-abusing, adulterous, ex-wife for sympathy deserves none from anyone else. Nor shall he receive any.
    We'll talk about the case and the fate of American Journalism if "Stranahan's Law" ever became the law of the land.
    The Right Wing Media Mafia has had just about enough of me. They have appointed the dimmest bulb in their burned out marquee to file criminal charges against me for telling the truth.
    Their hope? My 13-years with Parkinson's disease have left me unable to deal with the stress and I'll quit. Either that, or the stress will kill me.
    I will not be silenced without being killed.
    If I die, I will stop broadcasting.
    If I am silenced, there will be...

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    Harsh Words with Friends: It's Drafty in Here

    in Comedy

    Dante talks NFL Draft, pre-draft dumbassery and contract ridiculousness. That, plus the daily news roundup. Don't miss it!

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    Episode II: Attack of the Chones!

    in Entertainment

    Hey there friends/family/fans! The Jimmy Ray Show returns tonight @ 8 PM to pick up where we left off last night!
    In Downtown San Luis Obispo, there is a burger amongst burgers... one so hot, it will grow chests on your hairs! Tonight, Mike is going to tell us why they call him The Mid-West Machine! I myself tried to finish this burger... but it took the best of Jimmy Ray! Later on we'll discuss exactly what went into this burger, and what I should do differently to finish the job next time! Call in to listen... really... you can't talk until you press 1, and then I un-mute you. I won't make you talk, and can't make you if you don't press one. You can ear hustle all you want... it's ok. I want you to! ;) lol Join us won't you? 8 PM Tonight!  

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    Episode 95

    in Culture

    Come join us for another all-new episode of the Internet radio juggernaut, Probably Uncalled For! Tonight, Dr. Tom and ppdingles will tackle sex, drugs, and Wal Mart trying to become a cartel, the gentrification of Mount Everest (WTF?), UFOs, drinking binges, the continued dumbassery of Rep. Michelle Bachman, along with the usual topics TBA. Phone lines and chat room open the duration of the broadcast.

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    Episode 86

    in Culture

    Come join me and ppdingles live tomorrow night for an all-new Probably Uncalled For, as we'll be discussing William Shatner talking about a career move into politics, marijuana sayin' don't call it a comeback, the Razzie Awards this last weekend callin' out the absolute worst in Hollywood, and the latest unbelieveable dumbassery from Citibank, among other topics to be determined.

    8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific
    phone lines and chat room open the duration of the broadcast

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    Probably Uncalled For

    in Culture

    Episode 69: Come join us on the international talk radio hit tonight, as we'll be discussing last night's second presidential debate, more dumbassery from Sarah Palin, victories for both voting AND Homeland Security, the usual stupid Britain, Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears, Amy Winehouse, and the possibility of an 85 yr old Indiana Jones cracking whip, among other topics TBA