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  • Mini-Ways To Abundant Living: The Art of Simplicity For Abundant Leaders

    in Lifestyle

    Simplicity is the key to creating and/or living a lifestyle of greater abundance and balance. It is critical for those in leadership to demonstrate this way of living so that they can model it for those in their sphere of influence.

    In this mini tips segment Transformational Leadership Cross Trainer Alicia Nicole Waters! will introduce the new broadcast Mini Ways To Abundant Living Tips Show and focus on the topic of (Less is More) The Art of Simplicity For Abundant Leaders.

    Learn more at www.miniwaystoabundance.com

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    Mini Ways To Abundant Living: Live, Love, Lead From Abundance

    in Lifestyle

    Becoming an abundant leader is more than just about having wealth and a lavish lifestyle, it's about living, loving and leading from a place of wholeness. Emerging abundant leaders must be able to effectively demonstrate abundant living from a holistic approach in order to be truly recognized as an authentic abundant leader.

    In this segment Transformational Leadership Cross Trainer and Cross Industries Authority, Alicia Nicole Waters!, share about the three key areas of lifestyle, love, and leadership from an abundant overflow vantage point. She also shares about her mini master class intensive series Live, Love, Lead From Abundance.

    Learn more at www.miniwaystoabundance.com


  • Mini Ways To Abundant Living: Acknowledging Your Abundance Birthright

    in Lifestyle

    “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune to.” ~ Wayne Dyer

    Abundance is the very fiber of our entire being. It's time to acknowledge and reactivate this truth so that we can begin to access our divine inheritance to live life from the truth of our abundance birthright.

    In this segment, Transformational Leadership Cross Trainer, Alicia Nicole Waters!, shares about the importance of acknowledging your abundance birthright and provides a weekly tip on how to begin reactivating your abundance birthright to create a more abundant lifestyle.

    Concepts shared from Activate Your Abundance Birthright (An Inspirational Journal Guide For Embracing True Abundant Living)

    Learn more at www.miniwaystoabundance.com


  • Mini Ways To Abundant Living: Accessing Your Autumn Abundance

    in Lifestyle

    The season of Autumn is all about harvesting and enjoying the fruits from things you've planted or endeavored over a certain period of time. Unfortunately, when harvest time arrives most are asleep to their blessings and the rewards even though they've worked hard over time to reach a season of reaping.

    The time has come to become more awake to your NOW Harvest and the present moment manifestations. This is extremely important for abundant leaders to master so that they can guide others in learning how to access their NOW Harvest.

    In this segment, Transformational Leadership Cross Trainer, Alicia Nicole Waters! shares about accessing your Autumn abundance in this season and how to usher in the Autumn Equinox to enjoy more of the abundant life.

    Concepts are shared from Awaken To Your Now Harvest (An Inspirational Journal Guide For Accessing Present Manifestations)

    Learn more at www.miniwaystoabundance.com

  • Dumb Shit I See on Facebook & Sports

    in Radio

    Tonight at 11PM ET listen in as we talk about dumb shit we see on Facebook, CALL IN AND TELL US THE DUMB SHIT YOU SEE ON FACEBOOK. !!! LIKE, SHARE OR COMMENT FOR LIVE SHOUTOUT ON AIR.

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    After death Experience? What happens when we die?

    in Spirituality

    What happens to us when we die? I'll share some of my near death experiences. Please call in and share!

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    Americans Aim is the Almighty Dollar, Do or Die

    in Politics

    Americans aim for the almighty dollar, do or die. Everyone is caught up in this system as it exist. This system exist because everyone is not equally involved in a better America every day. The issue is earning dollars based on the lifestyle chosen by us. The issue is Americans who aim for peace, safety and do unto others waits for others to help them make it attain peace, safety and do unto others. Peace, safety and do unto others falls at the bottom of the list of American whose aim is the almighty dollar, do or die. The solutions is yours and mine.

  • Radio Show: Specific Benefits of Five Probiotic Bacteria and the Best Ways to Us

    in Health

    In this show you’ll learn:

    What are ‘probiotic’ bacteria
    Are the same bacteria good for everyone
    What are some examples of bacteria that are particularly helpful for certain people


    For most people, the mention of probiotics conjures up images of yogurt. But don’t dismiss the microbes as a marketing gimmick or food fad. The latest probiotic research suggests that live-active cultures of these friendly bacteria can help to prevent and treat a wide variety of ailments.

    Join Dr. Ritamarie and Steph Jackson as they discuss what bacteria are right for you and the best ways for you to use them.

    If you are ready to go deep with your digestive health and you need more than slippery elm, you will enjoy working with Steph Jackson. Steph loves customizing balancing programs for the microbiome, working with fermented foods and looking at how the body systems work together.

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    PWTR | A Million Ways to Die in WWE

    in Wrestling

    Pro Wrestling Talk Radio (also known as PWTR) is an internet radio podcast founded in March, 2009. The format of PWTR is a panel of wrestling fans discussing the hottest topics in the world of wrestling in an entertaining (and sometimes controversial) fashion.

    In addition to an in-depth roundtable discussion, other segments include taking calls and questions from listeners, and interviews with wrestling personalities (including such headline-making interviews with Joey Ryan, Tough Enough winner Andy Levine, former WWE Superstar Chris Masters , 2010 Miss USA Rima Fakih, and 3x World Champion Diamond Dallas Page).

    After a stint on YouTube for the latter-half of 2014, the webcast version was rebranded with PWTR returning to its podcast roots and becoming a separate entity. Following the departures of longtime hosts Jay and Charlie from the hosting panel, PWTR was re-launched in January, 2015. The current PWTR panel consists of Justin Gordon, Duke Maverick, and Manny Johnson. 

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    E1. Stop Trying to Make 7 Figures

    in Education

    Do you constantly get bombarded with ads on your facebook that promise you dreams of having a 7 Figure Coaching Practice? Have you joined only to see that you are not making 7 figures, and it looks like more like you wasted 7 Hours of your life!

    Join Dumb Coach and author of Lessons From My Coach, Amir Karkouti, as he dispels the myth of the 7 Figure Coach and why that's not what you should be focusing on if you want to be prosperous!

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    Textbooks in Texas, Gun Control, Crminal Justice Reform, Slut Walk, Battle Rap

    in Culture

    Sool, Mikael and Ms. Baaba go in once again! Slaves are migrant workers in Texas textbooks, Hillary Clinton proposes Gun Control, Cory Booker with Criminal Justice Reform, Amber Rose Slut Walk, Battle Rap, Uno Lavoz in Blackface, Omarion cancels appearance @ London Nightclub over their racism.