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    The Playlist Radio Show

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    Happy MONDAY to all! Its The Playlist Radio Show ONLY on Sinncere Radio. Today we dope #INDIE HEAT from Mars The MC, Microwave, Creeps, Bria Noel, Duane Scott, Arch Angel, Dula Mite, Rych, Dre Skuffs, Miilk Bone, Legendary Ent, LinkUp Woodz, Abyss and so many more. Plus we will discuss the NCAA Final between Duke and Wisconsin. The Plies body slam, Baby of Cash Money crumbling empire as well as Straight Talent, No Chaser. PLUS you NEVER know who might call in. Its The Playlist Ya'll!


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    Talk about it Tuesdays-Holistic Natural Birthing versus Conventional Birthing

    in Spirituality

    Thanks for hanging out in the Goddess Suite, Tune in 9pm for Talk about it Tuesday show, sip a cup of conscious tea and get ready for the HOTTEST 2 HOURS of your life!

    Join us as we feature our  special guest Omitola Yejide  Ogunsina, a  Spiritual Holistic Dula and creator of  the NEW eMAGAZINE WOMB MAGICK....INFORMATION ON HEALING MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, SPIRITUALLY, EMOTIONALLY, AND FINANCIALLY.  We will discuss  the Holistic Natural approach to bringing our children into the world. Versus the conventional Clinical approach. Which method is safer and more benefitial for mother and child?  We will also discuss the other important services Sister Omitola provides such as Womb Wellness; to include her Womb Detox Program.  As well as Sister Omitola's eMagazine! Don't miss this Enlightening, Uplifting Talk about it Tuesday show!

    Call in to the Goddess Suite 516-453-9075

    Have a question? Email us @ GoddessSuite@gmail.com

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    Thorough Body Thursday with MAMA OMI CREATOR OF WOMB MAJIC eMAGAZINE

    in Spirituality

    Thanks for hanging out in the Goddess Suite, Tune in 9pm for our THOROUGH BODY Thursday show, sip a cup of CONSCIOUS tea and get ready for the HOTTEST 2 HOURS of your life!

    Join us as we feature our special guest Omitola Yejide Ogunsina, (Mama Omi as she is affectionately called), a Spiritual Holistic Dula and creator of the NEW eMAGAZINE WOMB MAGICK....INFORMATION ON HEALING MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, SPIRITUALLY, EMOTIONALLY, AND FINANCIALLY.

    Join us Tonight as we discuss the Spiritual health of the Yoni. We will go into detail about the importance of making sure that the energy of your partner matches with your energy, before allowing them inside the Divine Yoni. Have you been wondering why your emotions are off balance? Are you displaying emotions that are irregular? You may be carrying the energy and emotions of a partner. Let's go Deep into how this phenomena affects our lives, health, and wellness. We will also discuss the other important services Mama Omi provides such as Womb Wellness; to include her Womb Detox Program. As well as Mama Omi's eMagazine! Don't miss this Enlightening, Uplifting Thorough Body Thursday show!

    To schedule any Womb healing services with Mama Omi, please visit her website at http://divinewaterswombwellness.com
    Divine Waters Womb Wellness | Honoring The Power Of The Womb

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    Another MONDAY and hope everybody was safe during the HOLIDAY WEEKEND. The BOYCOTT caused a DROP in BLACK FRIDAY SALES of 677 million, while people from ALL OVER THE WORLD showed solidarity with Mike Brown. So we will definitely be touching on all of that while featuring music from artists like Jay Smallz, Lavish Jay, Block 100, Dula Mite, Cartier Hugo, Dpone, ETP, Delise, Miss Key and so many more, IT'S THE PLAYLIST YA'LL!!!


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    TGIF and what BETTER way to get the afternoon started than with some DOPE INDIE MUSIC from 6 Sense, Ja Gutta, OG Illa, Slim Bailey, Eastwood, Red Hatchet, Rose Red, Lumi, Miss Key, Bee Moe Slim, Dula Mite, MOP, Flowsicka, Uneek and more! Plus we are going to discuss recent findings that K Michelle lied about the abuse she so called suffered at the hands of producer Memph Hitz, the Secret Service seems to be purposely putting the President in bad situations, Ebola os here in the US with people infected in Atlanta, Dallas and Washington DC so far. Unemployment is at 5.9%, Isis is STILL a problem. It's The Playlist Ya'll!

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    60 Minutes of AFTER WORK heat from some of your favortie INDIE ARTISTS like Lumi, Antonio Slim, Miss Key, Rose Red, Slim Bailey, Red Hatchet, Block 100, Shorty Mack, MOP, Braf, Mars The MC, Microwave, Rych, Reeves, Dula Mite, Jody Breeze, B-Moe-Slim & more. So kick off your shoes and relax a bit after a long day and tune into the hottest show on the net, It's STILL The Playlist Ya'll!!!!

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    It's MONDAY and business as USUAL over here at the Playlist Radio Show. The usual dope music from Lumi, VA Dre, Antonio Slim, Rych, Red Hatchet, Dula Mite, Aja Malone, 6 Sense and what ever is requested. We will also recap the NCAA & NFL action over the weekend as well as all that is the buzz in Urban Culture. Plus you never know who will be stopping by or calling in so same time, same place and same people, It's The Playlist Ya'll!

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    Join us for another fun filled episode of The Playlist Radio Show. Tonight our special guest is Shanae Miller, she owns a desert company called Nae Nae's Treats, we wull also talk about her blog and her incarceration early in her life. We will also be spinning a NEW EXCLUSIVE from Slim Bailey, other hot music by Dre Skuffs, DPone, Rise Rashid, Red Hatchet, Dula Mite, Weight, Bama Aces, Bee Moe Slim, Flowsicka, MOP, Mo Beatz, Biz Da Troof, Rose Red and more! You know have that NFL Sunday recap of all the games highlights and low lights! BET Hiphop Awards Weekend HERE WE COME! It's the Playlist Ya'll!!!

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    Unfortunately schedule conflicts prevented the homie from stopping by out Sunday night show BUT their is ALWAYS another broadcast so Billy Danze will be calling into TONIGHT'S SHOW! We will be discussing the upcoming EP Street Certified, new single 187, M.O.P. contribution to the Domingo Beats Project Same Game New Rules, their We Build Hits venture and more. We also have dope music by Slim Bailey, Red Hatchet, VA Dre, Bama Aces, Mars the Mc, M-Dot, B-Moe-Slim, Dula-Mite, Flowsicka, Lace, Throwed Boy Rambo, Shire, & MORE! So join as as we chop it up with some legends plus spin some dope music! It's The Playlist Ya'll!

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    This week we will take some time to celebrate the LIFE & MUSIC of Late Cali MC Rezzo Sway Giggz who was gunned down with two other men on August 6th in Bakersfield, CA. Rezzo had built a huge fan base and even did a record with none other than Lil Wayne. His Management B&B Management along with family and friends will also be joining us to reflect this precious life & talent cut too short. In the 2nd hour we will feature music from Mars the MC, VA Dre, Flowsicka, Red Hatchet, Eastwood The Grizzly Bear, Dula Mite, B Da MC, TK Da Lyricist, Country Boy, Throwed Boy Rambo, Tonya Rivers, Vardon, Carnage, Jean Dominique, Frosty G and many many more! It's The Playlist Ya'll!

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    Metodo Yuen Modulo 1; que se aprende? Cursos Proximos con el Dr. Yuen

    in Self Help

    ¿Qué se aprende en el curso del nivel 1?
    En este nivel aprenderá a detectar las circunstancias que desencadenan los problemas físicos, mentales, emocionales, psicológicos, psíquicos y espirituales y a hacer correcciones usando el protocolo del Método Yuen. Aprenderá a detectar debilidades energéticas y a hacerse fuerte energéticamente. Este curso abarca el sistema nervioso central y la médula espinal. La alineación estructural. El dolor músculo-esquelético. La eliminación de toxinas a través del sistema linfático. Eliminación del estrés, la ansiedad, las tensiones, así como miedos, fobias y otras emociones negativas. Sesiones a distancia. Efectos de los elementos petroquímicos y otros metales. El ADN, la curación cuántica. Luego podemos hablar del cerebro físico a diferencia de la mente:      INCREMENTA TU POTENCIAL E INTELIGENCIA FÍSICA
    … En cada parte y aspecto de tu cuerpo con tal velocidad  que resuene con la velocidad del universo que te entregará tu  POTENTIAL FÍSICO AL INFINITO. Maestra invitada: Cristina Horvath. Este episodio es traido a ti por el Maestro Certificado Sixto Sanchez. Telefono en E.U. para mayor informacion sobre el Dr. Yuen: (714) 319 0067. skype: sixto.abc; correo electronico: sixto@yuenmethod.com