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  • Don Duff, author of Mill Town and She's Crazy 9:15 hour/ 30 day challenge?

    in Lifestyle

    Sweet Tea With A Chaser Presents - Author Don Duff on Monday, September 14, 2015 at 9:15 p.m. eastern standard time.


    During the 1960s Mill Town was a picture perfect postcard of tranquility and racial harmony, on it surface at least. Roy Adams and Martha Lynn Greene were separated by two major lines of demarcation, skin color and the railroad tracks running down the spine of the tiny Town.  "Mill Town"

    This multilayer story, is about a young black women's perilous journey into adulthood; which is thwarted primarily by her own inner struggles, and a multitude of misfortunes, precipitated, in part by her unquenchable need for love, self-actualization, acceptance and her incessant denial of her own emotional degradation.  "She's Crazy

    Don Duff graduated from Mooresville Senior High in 1974, enlisted in the Army in 1976. Graduated from Methodist College Fayetteville, North Carolina 1982 and commissioned a second lieutenant in the United States Army. He retired as a Major in 2000. A former Real-estate agent and currently is a substitute in Metro Nashville Public Schools. He resides in Smyrna Tennessee. He enjoys reading, songwriting and fitness

    Join us for a revealing conversation about his books.

    9:15 p.m.: Don Duff - Eastern Standard Time

    Call in at 646-478-3527 and joint the conversation

    At the 10:00 p.m. hour - What is your 30 day challenge. What would you be willing to give up to save time and money; TV, Driving, Entertainment, Sugar, Sex, Friends, Family.....join in on the conversation. And are you tired of hearing "I'm Blessed and Highly Favored".........

    Join Sweet Pea, Gemini and Bryan Mac on Sweet Tea With A Chaser
    right date : - )


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    Are You The DUFF.... Designated Ugly Fat Friend

    in Lifestyle

    Designated - to mark or point out; indicate; show; specify.

    The DUFF (Movie)

    Frumpy high-school senior Bianca (Mae Whitman) has a rude awakening when she learns that her classmates secretly know her as the DUFF -- designated ugly fat friend -- to her prettier and more popular pals. Desperate to reinvent herself, Bianca enlists the aid of Wesley (Robbie Amell), a charming joc… Morek. In order to save her senior year from becoming a complete disaster, Bianca must find the confidence to overthrow a judgmental student (Bella Thorne) and revolutionize the school's social order.

    Designated Ugly Fat Friend (Urban Dictionary)

    Two hot chicks at a bar will have a really nasty fat ugly friend hanging out with them, refered to as a "DUFF".

    "Wow that fat DUFF is hanging out with those two attractive ladies, too bad."

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    Episode 74: The DUFF and Other Film-Like Things

    in Entertainment

    Join us, your geeky hosts (Cate and EM) as we discuss Robbie Amell's latest film, The DUFF! We dive into the film and talk everthing from Robbie's dancing pecks to some of the places we felt the film was lacking. Throw in some other film news and trivia and you have our show! Also, keep your ears open for the super secret word to get five bonus points in our Agent Carter/Captain America/S.H.I.E.L.D. giveaway!

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    Situating And Not Doing Well At Home!

    in Entertainment

    Though it has been a few weeks since I moved, in the same building, I am still feeling out of my comfort zone. I can't help wondering if I need to figure out why. I seemed to be learning more about myself. They don't look good; yikes! I think I have to work on my flaws some more. I still suck at creating the Monday segments, of course. Haha!

    Don't forget! It is our awesome Dancing Monday! Yay! ^_^ We got Paul Simon, Aaliyah Keys, Hilary Duff (again, during Disney), and a few others. Grab those shoes and your bottle. It's time to DANCE!

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    OT: EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ Turney Duff,Author of The Buy Side & CNBC Contributor

    in Finance


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    This is one of my most anticipated interviews.  Turney Duff turned the financial world upside down when he wrote The Buy Side.  This is one of the most intimate books on Wall Street ever written and Turney didn't spare any details.It's not an "exposé," it's more of a tell-all book chronicling the amazing rise and subsequent downfall of one of Wall Street's most (in)famous traders and party animals.

    Turney's story will leave you hungry for more ...

    Short bio on Turney Duff:

    Turney Duff is the author of the New York Times bestseller  The Buy Side,  which was one of Amazon’s best business books of that year. Currently he’s a consulting on Showtime’s new financial drama series Billions, a CNBC contributor, featured commentator on CNBC's Primetime show The Filthy Rich Guide, public speaking, and working on his next book.

    Download the audio to hear more ...

    FREE Access to 450+ high-quality interviews and LIVE Radio Shows

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    A Braver and Happier Me Ready To DANCE!

    in Entertainment

    So much has happened in the past two months. In the one and a half weeks I've been in this apartment, though, I'm looking forward to my future more and more excitedly. Oh, I super cannot wait for it. I know it's looking good.

    Since it is our fabulous Dancing Monday, I'm putting on my sneakers and filling my water bottle. You better join me! We got B*Witched, Hilary Duff (during Disney), Cake, Dixie Chicks, and possibly Todd Rundgren. Don't miss it!

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    ScreenPicks Movie Reviews: McFarland USA, Hot Tub Time Machine 2, The Duff

    in Movies

    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review 3 new films. First, we look at the new Kevin Costner cross-country movie McFarland, USA. Then we'll review the new comedy sequel with Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Adam Scott called Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Finally, we'll review the new teen-centric film The Duff, starring Mae Whitman. 

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    The Free American

    in Education

    Gordon Duff Exposed as counter intelligence operative by his attempt to use Veterans Today to undermine the Bundys and Hammonds. and continuing this week DEAD MEN’S SECRETS Available from www.freeamerican.com. Just one of the subjects we talk about. CRD
    Archaelogist Jonathan Gray stumbled upon something that shocked him!...a whole cache of "out of place" items that should not exist. And they weren't just in one place. There was a global pattern to them. This pattern showed a lost science and technology. That's when he knew someone had to speak up. This content was of tremendous value. -MACHINERY: Did you know that the Egyptians bored into granite rock with drills that turned 500 times faster than modern power drills? -ANCIENT AMERICA: Did you know that a Chinese mapping survey of North America in 2200 BC described a sunrise over the Grand Canyon, black opals and gold nuggets in Nevada, and seals frolicking in San Francisco Bay? This is the most amazing archaeology book you'll ever see! Dead Men's Secrets is an assemblage of astonishing discoveries..... A lost super science emerges from the sea floor, jungle and desert sands of our planet... over 1,000 forgotten secrets. It will SHOCK you. SEE this world as you've never seen it before. DISCOVER answers you never had. GAIN a new enjoyment. HAVE FACTS at your fingertips to amaze your friends. www.shop.freeamerican.com

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    NHL On the Ice w/ Bob Duff

    in Sports

    Join Bryan Yates, John Ames, and Alan Zlotorzynski Thursdays 7-9 pm EST for 2 hours of Hockey talk. We cover the NHL, AHL, CHL, College Hockey, Fantasy Hockey and much more.

    Joining us is Bob Duff, Sports Columnist at The Windsor Star/Freelance columnist at The Hockey News/Sports Columnist at Postmedia/NHL columnist at http://MSNBC.com/Published Author. Bob joins us to talk about his new book Original Six Era Wings.

    You can check out On the Ice on facebook at Fantasy Hockey/On the Ice show. You can find us on twitter @NHLOn_the_Ice, @NHLOntheIceAmes and @zlotsports. Also check out our web site for new content everyday at http://nhlontheice.com/

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    celebrity Chef Duff Goldman guest on NBC's "Food Fighters"

    in Entertainment

    Celebrity chef DUFF GOLDMAN, who will be appearing in tonight's episode of NBC’s new cooking competition series “Food Fighters. Chef Duff is the founder of the world famous Charm City Cakes. Duff's hit show ACE OF CAKES, is still popular even in the reruns. After six years and ten seasons, the show is still wildly popular not only in reruns, but in over 40 countries worldwide. 

    Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/film-festival-radio-/2014/08/12/duff-goldman--celebrity-chef-nbcs-food-fighters#ixzz3AD9seTaF


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    Secrets to Success with Founder of Fortune Gazette Magazine Moe Rock part two

    in Spirituality

    Part two 

    Have you ever felt like:
    *There has to be a better way to live....
    *you hit rock bottom?
    *needed to change something in your life, business or career?
    *you have made so much money but your still not satisfied with your life?
    *If I just had a sign that things are going to be better I'd be encouraged
    *I just want to be free, breathe and exhale and test my wings to see what's out there?

    Call in to our studio (646) 478-4001 to listen or ask our guest a question. Press 1 to "raise your hand"

     Join us today with our guest Moe Rock! He is a (Video & Music) Producer, Writer and Entertainment Consultant. He served as a production consultant for the feature film She Wants Me (2012) staringHilary Duff and Charlie Sheen. As a music producer he has collaborated with Grammy nominated and platinum artists, in 2010 he achieved worldwide fame with a string of pop songs that became a staple on international television networks. In 2014 he joined the board of directors of the Regimes Museum which is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving historical artifacts. He is the founder of Now Hip Hop magazine a publication catering to the hip-hop community of U.S and Canada.

    Also known for BET AWARDS 2014, TEEN CHOICE AWARDS 2014 and more 

    This show is brought to you by Chef Anina Radoyce -Your Food Inventor Personal Chef to the stars. To Contact Chef Anina https://www.facebook.com/anna.radoyce

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