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    Straight Talk with Bobby Bass

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    Join us for our debut show as veteran pro wrestler "No Class" Bobby Bass tells stories from his career spanning five decades all over the globe.  Co-Host Jeff Docherty steers the ship and keeps the BassMan in line..if that's possible.  We'll also be taking your phone calls for Bobby on the All Class Hotline!  We look forward to your questions and we hope you'll join us this Saturday night for our debut show!

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    Drum N Bass - (Freight Train Mix) listen @ your own risk

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    Its no secret.  Drum N Bass is the hardest dance music of all time.  It will touch your soul and increase your energy.  Dance rhythms get no rougher.  For all the people out there that listen and dance to drum n bass, this is for you.  Party goers have sprained ankles trying to keep up with the sound of Drum N Bass. Clubs have blown speakers trying to pound the D&B sound.  The beats get no faster and the bass gets no deeper.  Strap yourself in for a dance ride of your life.  Drum N Bass for ever !!! 

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    Drum N Bass II - Hardest Dance Music of all time !!

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    Playing hard drum n bass tonight.  This is part two to last weeks DNB session. Drum and Bass is a genre that ripped up the dance floors like no other sound has before.  The beats are rough, the bass lines are deep and the energy is out of this world.  Every week we bring you hard beats , Dubstep, Hip Hop, Electro House, and tonight - Drum N Bass.  This is not for the average listener.  This music can give you a heart attack if your not careful.  Listen @ your own risk !!!!! 

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    Hard Drum N Bass Mix

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    Drum n Bass is a Genre that rocked the hard dance floors in the 90s and is still heard today.  The ultimate in dance sound.  The beats are rugged and the bass drops hard.  Djs such as Diesel Boy, AK1200, Goldie, Photek are some of the hardcore jockeys that have made this sound popular.  Popular in Europe it made its way to the states and is still being sampled in tracks today.  We have received emails asking when will a drum n bass show be released.. well here it is...  put your seat belts on... its gonna definitely take you for a ride.  If this is your first time hearing drum n bass.. now you know what you've been missing.  For your underground connection always check us out at blogtalkradio.com/drumz  and twitter.com/tcnology  

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    The Low Sodium Show- Giving Bass The Bill

    in Sports

    Join Mark Wheeler as we Give Bass The Bill, IE crank baits!! From the different bill shapes and how they work to gear and areas that make them the most effective. Join us at 8pm for a great show!!

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    The Healing Drum - Music and Healing

    in Health

    The Healing Drum: By Yaya Diallo and Mitchell Hall - Join us as we feature a worldwide best selling book based on a "collaborative project of two spiritually minded men from different cultural backgrounds. This book is noteworthy for its emphasis on the moral significance of music. In this time of unprecedented rapid change,The Healing Drum wisely suggests what music and musicians can do to help create a moral and spiritual world."(Spectrum Review). "Born in Mali, West Africa, and a member of the Minianka (Bamana)tribe, Yaya Diallo was raised in a culture that works,worships,lives, and breathes to the beat of the drum. An instrument for transmitting traditional knowledge among the Minianka, the drum is the focal point of Yaya's life story and his link-through the universl medium of music-with the Western world."-"Exploring the Minianka view of the human being and the cosmos relative to daily work,celebration, herbal medicine, dance,trance initiation and death, in the tradition of the Minianka, music is a remedy for both physical and psychological imbalances, harmonizing the forces of the visible and invisible worlds. Along with excerpts from the book we will discuss the message of The Healing Drum and how it can affect change in the African Diaspora

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    The Bass Man Speaks

    in Hobbies

    The Bass Man in the studio

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    Gair Maxwell - The Voice Of Maritime Wrestling

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    Fans of wrestling in the Maritime provinces of Canada will remember Gair Maxwell as the long-time host and play-by-play man for Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling.  Always in his trademark tuxedo with red bowtie, Maxwell verbally tied together the action in the ring during the golden era of Maritime Wrestling having called the matches of such superstars as Leo Burke, No Class Bobby Bass, Killer Karl Krupp, The Cuban Assassin, Rotten Ron Starr and countless others. 

    Always entertaining and engaging, Gair was always quick-witted on the microphone, which came in handy when he was dealing with the likes of mouthpieces Bass & Brown sitting beside him weekly for commentary.  Never one to shy away from the tongue-in-cheek fun the heels would poke at him, Gair was beloved by Maritime wrestling fans and was the soundtrack to many Saturday afternoon and evenings when AGPW would air on ATV.

    These days, Gair Maxwell is a very successful motivational speaker and author.  He has delivered over 1,000 keynotes,
    seminars and workshops all over North America to many different audiences.  He's spoken at TedTalks in Moncton.  Gair's book, Nuts, Bolt & a Few Loose Screws is formatted as a composition of essays and short stories that connect the dots when it comes to building brands that stick.

    It is indeed an honor and a privlege for Jeff & Bobby to welcome Mr. Gair Maxwell, the voice of Maritime Wrestling to Pure Class on our next show. 

    Please join us for what is sure to be an unforgettable show with the voice we all know and love.

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    Martin Told Us To Have A Drum Major Instinct

    in Moms and Family

    The Rev Martin Luther King had a incredible gift of communication we preachers today need to take note and ask God to enable us to do the same. Dr. Kings timeless messages speak directly to the social ills today and we see that clearly in his sermon "The drum Major Instinct." Certainly theentitlement mentality would be eradicated if those whom are deluded by it would incline their ear to this provocative homily. Dr. King also shows his willingness to be literally a living sacrifice for the cause of civil rights in America. Martin chooses to give instruction about his funeral arrangements and what he would like to be said. This presentation is revelatory to the hearer of what they should find to be significant in life and what we should pursue while yet in the land of the living

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    TONIGHT! A Very Special Mystery Grand Prix Wrestling Legend!

    in Wrestling

    Tonight, we welcome a very special mystery guest to the show!  He's an Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling Legend and we're very excited to have him join us tonight!  You definitely will NOT want to miss this one!  This could be our biggest show yet!  Even the BassMan has no clue who the guest tonight is...he'll find out at the same time you find out!

    We hope you'll call in and speak with our special guest as it's rare opportunity for Maritime wrestling fans  to chat with a true legend of wrestling in Atlantic Canada and around the globe!

    Remember that our call-in number is a US-BASED number and if you do not have a US Long Distance calling plan, it will cost you money to call so please be sure your long-distance plan is eligible to make US calls for free.  As an alternative, you can call us for free on the show page, via SKYPE.

    We look forward to you joining us tonight at 7PM Atlantic Time / 6PM Eastern Time! 

    NEW:  Interact with us on Twitter during the show!  Make comments and ask questions.  Just follow @jeffdoc and use the hashtag #BassMan and we'll read your tweets on the air!! 

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    Tonight's Guest - Maritime Wrestling's Hottest Diva Coco Rose

    in Wrestling

    Join us tonight as we welcome the hottest diva in Atlantic Canadian wrestling, Coco Rose!  Coco has burst onto the scene here in the Maritimes and we're proud to welcome her to "Pure Class" tonight!

    Coco Rose on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/cocorosemarie

    Coco Rose on SoundCloud:  https://soundcloud.com/coco-rose-mariee 

    Call us tonight and talk to us as we welcome Coco Rose!  Our number is (914) 338-0823.  PLEASE NOTE:  This is a US Number and if you do not have a US calling plan, it will cost you LONG DISTANCE CHARGES!  You can also call us via Skype at the link on the show page.

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