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    Drudge Watch Episode #1 5/1/2010

    in Podcasting

    The first official episode for The Conduit Portal's Podcast Drudge Watch! In today's episode we'll be talking about the future of the show, what we plan on doing with it and our hopes for it! So sit back and listen in to what is in store for all you conduit fans!

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    Drudge Watch: Episode #4 - 08/13/2010

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    Tonight's episode of Drudge Watch is a very specail Friday the 13th show! Some things may go down, and we may give out a prize =o thats right you heard me! Listen in to hear what it is!!! The focus point of the show will be what you the fans requested in our Forum as well as some various other news that went down these past few weeks! So get ready and enjoy the latest episode of Drudge Watch!

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    Drudge Watch Episode #6 10/01/10

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    After an extremely long hiatus Drudge Watch is back! So we may be a little late, but we'll be reviewing PAX 2010 as well as letting something out during the show!

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    Drudge Watch: Episode #5 - 08/28/2010

    in Podcasting

    Today we will be talking about what we hope to see at PAX and then our two judges of our Montage Contest will take over the show as The_Noah exits early! So enjoy tonights interesting if not short show.

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    Drudge Watch Episode #2 06/19/2010

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    In today's episode we talk about our E3 impressions of Conduit 2, announce a contest, and talk about getting some customized Conduit Portal swag. So tune in we have a great episode ahead of us, one you won't want to miss.

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    American Freedom Watch Radio - Agenda 2030 and EPA

    in Politics

    Welcome to American Freedom Watch Radio with Karen Schoen and John Estabrooks

    Topic: Agenda 2030 and EPA "I will Bankrupt the coal industry." per Obama

    Guest: M. Lee Hausenaur  Born on a farm and ranch in Nebraska and grew up on values of Christianity and small community.  He moved here to Cheyenne 25 years ago and began looking for a change; that change led him to the Pentecostal church.  His values are based on God, love of country, and honoring that country.  His Dad was a Reagan Democrat who was totally sick of the way the government was heading. He always used to say, “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me,” and that’s when the Hasenauers came to a more conservative Republican type of government. Visit http://hasenauerforcommissioner.com/Home_Page.html

    Get Involved - Take Action

    Constitutional Accountability Coalition http://www.cacfl.us/

    Join the movement.  Join The United Saints of America. Be proactive not reactive.
      http://theunitedsaintsofamerica.us/Beast.html or facebook.com/theuntiedsaintsofamerica

    karenschoen .com

    Like us on Facebook American Freedom Watch Radio and Agenda21enders

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    On Why Yet's Watch with Phoenix Williams

    in Books

    Phoenix Williams is a self-published author based out of Illinois. Her love of writing was born during her early childhood. Creating what she dubs "realistic romance and family dramas with an urban twist," Phoenix spins tales that allows the readers to see glimpses of themselves in the characters.

    Her works consists of several short story collections - Running, Whipped, Screwed and Stripped and Phoenix After Dark- and her series, To Love A No Good Nigga. Phoenix has crafted multiple books that feature severely flawed heroes that everyone falls in love with. You can follow Phoenix on facebook: PhoenixWilliams01 instagram: PhoenixWilliamsBooks and on twitter: Phoenix_William.

    Join me, Why Yet, as I sit with Phoenix and discover how she builds strong but flawed heroes for her stories here On Why Yet's Watch, where I let you know what's going on!

    See ya,

    Why Yet

    Call #773-897-6297

  • On Why Yet's Watch with Ted McCray

    in Comedy

    Ted McCray, whose real name is Theodore Ingram, was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. Coming up Ted always had a way of captivating the people around him with his humor and happy go lucky personality. He is the youngest out of ten children all by the same mother and father who are now deceased. Ted fell in love with acting while attending college to become a teacher. The first play he starred in was "A Street Car Named Desire" in which he played the famous character Stanley Kowalski. After that he realized that acting was his calling. He left college and went on to pursue a professional career in acting. He has been in countless independent films and he recently starred in a web series called "Cases" which received a lot of praise. Today is a part of a new tv show called Comic Energy which is Philadelphia's version of Saturday Night Live.

    Join me, Why Yet, as I sit down with Ted and discuss what triggered his acting bug and how he discovered his love for comedy. On Why Yet's Watch where I let you know what's going on. Call #773-897-6297

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    On Why Yet's Watch with Ceet the Author and Kvn Tajzea

    in Books

    Ceet the Author hails from South Philadelphia, where he began honing his craft as an artist as early as age nine. At age fourteen he wrote a short story for his high school English class titled, Summertime in my Neighborhood. Fifteen years later that story became the basis for Ceet's first official release, 2009's The Whore and The Virgin. The book became an instant hood classic and all of the positive feedback inspired Ceet to release his second effort, A Dog's Day, that very same year.

    Ceet then began pursuing another passion of his, filmmaking and videography in 2010 by writing, producing and directing several independent film projects while releasing several more novels under the imprint of BRP Entertainment and with several projects down the line, Ceet shows no signs of slowing down...

    Kvn Tajzea (Keh-vun Tah- Jhay) is more than your typical R&B singer, songwriter and actor. Kvn began his love affair with music and acting at a very young age. "I was a very sick child growing up and nearly died a few times. I wasn'treally allowed to play outside until the age of 7 because my immune system was so weak." He read, listened to, and watched a plethora of varying artistic expression. Even after becoming healthy enough to lead the normal life of a kid his passion for the arts continued to grow and manifested itself in a variety of ways ranging from poetry, drawing, songwriting and acting. Kvn is an accomplished vocalist with a four octave range whose smooth, syrupy and comforting voice conceals an old school rasp that lets you in on the pain and tribulation that fuels a tone of hope in every note he sings. "The First Return" is Kvn's debut project featuring the production of hit maker Ron Love of MonaRK Productions.

    Join me, Why Yet, as I chat it up with both of these industrious artists. 

    See ya,

    Why Yet

    Call #773-897-6297

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    Awareness Watch Blog Talk Radio Weekly Show

    in Internet

    This program will be featuring my Blog Talk Radio Awareness Watch Radio Show. We will be highlighting the latest and greatest blog talk radio awareness watch shows and resources covering search engines, subject directories, articles, guides and tracers - literally everything needed on the World Wide Web for Blog Talk Radio Awareness Watch shows!!! We will also discussing my latest freely available Awareness Watch Newsletter V13N10 October 2015 featuring my Searching the Internet - A Primer and my freely available October 2015 Zillman Column highlighting my Web Guide for the New Economy. You may call in to ask your questions at (718)508-9839. The show is live and thirty minutes in length starting at 2:00pm EST on Saturday, October 17, 2015 and then archived for easy review and access. Listen, Call and Enjoy!!


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    On Why Yet's Watch with Darryl Carr

    in Books

    Darryl Carr is an author with Passion Publications and with his book, Victim of Love, he is bringing the passion. In his novel, Bruce Johnson was living his dream. Building his business from nothing, he was on the verge of having it all in New York City until the love of his life, Felicia Johnson, shattered that uncrossable line with his best friend and business partner Sean Mitchell. How does Bruce maintain his business and his sanity while he deals with the deepest betrayal he has ever known?

    Well, as you can see Victim of Love is an intriguing tale that you will not be satisfied until you find out what happens. Guess what?! Victim of Love 2 is set to be released on Friday, October 23, 2015! After Darryl sits down with me, Why Yet, to discuss how he creates the world of business and betrayal you will be prepared for Victim of Love 2: Master in My Bed! Don't miss this! On Why Yet's Watch, where I bring you what's going on!

    Call #773-897-6297