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  • 01:52

    Drucilla Pettibone on "From Attorney to Fiber Artist"

    in Education

    Join Kimberly McAlindin and Natalie Redding on Namaste Farms Blogtalk radio as they chat with Drucilla Pettibone about careers changes and her life in the fiber world.  Drucilla is a well known blogger who is known for her love of the spindle and all things fiber.  She will discuss her life and how she got into restoring antique spinning tools.  Join us tonight and call in live to talk to Drucilla!  You can visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/petitbones/about/ and her blog at http://www.drucillapettibone.blogspot.com.  
    This episode is sponsored by OH Kruse Perfection feeds and Janice Rosema.

  • 00:48

    Victoria Rowell (Actress, Author, Producer)

    in Entertainment

    Victoria Rowell is an accomplished actress, dancer, and best-selling author. She played the immensely popular role of Drucilla Barber Winters for 14 years on The Young and the Restless. She also co-starred with Dick Van Dyke in the primetime series, Diagnosis Murder, and had a recurring role on The Cosby Show. Her latest project is a television series, The Rich and the Ruthless, a comedy/soap opera about what goes on behind the scenes of a daytime drama.  Please donate any amount to the Kickstarter campaign to get the show the funding it needs to be produced. Many fans will be delighted to see this beautiful, talented actress on screen again.

  • 00:29

    Actress & Author, Victoria Rowell

    in Entertainment

    Victoria Rowell is returning to "On-Air with Douglas" to promote her new web series and kickstarter campaign for "The Rich and the Ruthless," based on her latest book by the same title.  

  • 01:05

    The Soap Series: Victoria Rowell

    in Television

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce we found Drucilla still hanging off that cliff after all these years and Victoria Rowell will be joining our show, don't miss this chance to talk to Dru herself.

  • 02:05

    Change of Schedule, Disaste; lol

    in Education

    Please join Natalie Redding and Drucilla Pettibone for a night of yarn talk with Jacey Stringham Boggs.  
    Jacey is probably the most recognizable name in the art yarn world and one of my favorite humans.  She is a teacher, author, mentor, mother and all around genius.  She will be available live for questions.  Please follow her on Facebook, Ravelry and connect with her on her blog www.insubordinknit.com
    Thursday nights 6:00 pm pacific, follow Namaste Farms on Blogtalk and join the lively chat room.
    Sponsored by OH Kruse Perfection Feeds www.ohkruse.com and Janice Rosema at www.excavations.etsy.com; www.janicerosema.etsy.com

  • 02:07

    Comedy of Yesteryear and "THE SECRET" Revealed

    in Education

    In this episode of Namaste Farms Blogtalk, Drucilla Pettibone and Natalie Redding will discuss traditional dogmas relating to farming, fiber, manners, and even knitting.  The information was garnished from books written as early as the late 1800's.  It is really interesting to find out  information like: 1. The census on horses from 1910 2. Why you shouldn't eat a fruitcake and drink beer at the same time 3. Why you shouldn't knit Continental style.
    There will be much humor and a lot of learning in tonights episode!  
    Also, Natalie will reveal the new commercial industry product for removing VM.
    Sponsored by OH Kruse and their Perfection line of Feeds at www.ohkruse.com and Janice Rosema at www.janicerosema.etsy.com and www.excavations.etsy.com

  • 02:08

    Motivation, Fear, ADHD, Post Traumatic Stress; The Brain

    in Education

    All about the brain... REALLY.  Learn about the lobes and what part governs what part of your emotions and responses.  Brain Trivia AND learn about what we know about the brain in relation to motivation, ADHD, PTSD and much more.  We really will discuss the brain tonight on Namaste Farms Blogtalk with Drucilla Pettibone and Natalie Redding.
    As usual, we will be giving away some free links to a new video; be one of the first to know how to make "Monkey balls", and craft butterfly yarn.
    Sponsored by Janice Rosema at www.janicerosema.etsy.com and www.excavations.etsy.com and Oh Kruse at www.ohkruse.com

  • 02:01

    Josh Bennett; Knitwear Designer, Vogue Knitting Favorite

    in Education

    Josh Bennett is an amazing designer highly touted by Vogue Knitting Editor, Trish Malcom.  Josh is an FIT graduate and has a new collection with Rowan yarns as well as a feature In Magazine 51.  Josh is also designing a new hand knit collection for Michael Bastian in NYC, and instructs at Vogue Knitting LIve. Please join Namaste Farms Blogtalk for a live interview with this handsome, young and talented designer.  He will be available for call in questions from listeners.  Kimberly McAlindin will join Drucilla Pettibone and Natalie Redding 

  • 02:09

    Deepak Chopra; Demystified... Heal Yourself

    in Education

    Join Natalie Redding and Drucilla Pettibone on Thursday.  We will demystify doshas and their relation to health.  Further, we will discuss Deepak Chopra and his book; "Training the Mind, Healing the Body."  We will offer this information to people in a VERY understandable format AND share personal stories.  We welcome callers.
    At the end of the show, I will give a private Youtube extension to teach you some techniques of spinning.  I will make the video this week and anyone in the chat or online will get the URL. You will all be the first to view it for two weeks; then I will make it public.
    So, we will be on LIVE Thursday night at 6:00 pm pacific.
    This show is sponsored by OH Kruse www.OHkruse.com and Janice Rosema at www.janicerosema.etsy.com and www.excavations.etsy.com Also, special thanks to Ricky Brincat www.etsy.com/shop/BingFibers for gifting me the Chopra books.  Check him out on Facebook and Etsy for his beautiful yarns.

  • 02:30

    Dr. Zail Khalsa; The Wellness Revolution LIVE!

    in Education

    Join Drucilla Pettibone and Natalie Redding for a night with Dr. Zail Khalsa a highly regarded Beverly HIlls wellness practitioner who promotes health using many different mechanisms with Chiropractic care at the central core.  He is an Ayurvedic practitioner with a Molecular Biology degree and uses his science background combining neurophysiology in his methodology.
    Dr. Khalsa has an amazing biography including being a 40 year cancer survivor.   His service is to inspire others to identify with a consciousness of health and make healthier lifestyle choices,  He is highly knowledgeable and intelligent and will be available live for questions.
    Thursday night; Sept. 6th 6:00 pm Pacific
    Hosted by OH Kruse Perfection feeds www.ohkruse.com and Janice Rosema at www.excavations.etsy.com and www.janicerosema.etsy.com

  • 02:01

    Sheep Judge and Feed Nutrition Expert; Clint Cummings

    in Education

    Join Natalie Redding and Drucilla Pettibone for a live interview with Clint Cummings market lamb judge and ruminant nutrition expert.  Clint will tell use new trends in feeds and feeding and common misconceptions about the feed industry.  Join us Thursday night, 6:00 pm Pacific.
    Sponsored by OH Kruse Perfection feeds and Janice Rosema excavations.etsy.com
    Next week we will have Chiropractor and Ayurvedic practitioner. Zail Khalsa.