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    The Fantasy Drill - Week 3

    in Sports

    Due to BTR being down last night, The Fantasy Drill will be air live tonight, Saturday, September 25, 2010, at 8:30 PM Eastern Time. Join Boat and Steve for analysis of all things Fantasy Football Week 3!

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    The Fantasy Drill - Week 4

    in Sports

    Join Boat and Steve for all things Fantasy Football Week 4. Special guests include Steel Chop with The Steeler Nation Update and Nat King, the Waiver Wire King. Join us through our online chat, facebook account, or call in at 760-888-5749. If you want to win, you have to drill!

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    Prayer and More - Revival is Here Live

    in Christianity

    During this time in the Lord we will be praying and also talking about different things in the bible. I pray you listen and get encourged. We are suppost to encourge one another in the Lord and build each other up. God wants to touch you in a powerful way. Let Him overwhelm you. 

    The main church website is http://revivalishere.org

    The Network website is http://revivalishere.net

    For the church phone number to the the main church website. 

    You can also put your prayer request on the church prayer wall on the main church website. 


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    Healing Hearts - Revival is Here

    in Christianity

    Thank you for listening and being apart of what God is doing. This is show is about healing hearts. Our hearts need to be healed inorder for us to be the overcoming christian we are called to be. If we want to prosper and be in health out insides need to be working correctly, meaning our emotions and mind. 

    I pray you get blessed.

    for the church site go to


    For the network go to



    Let God touch you in a powerful way and heal you of all your hurts.


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    REQUEST LINE (713) 955-0560

    SATELITTE STATION :  http://tunein.com/radio/3KMGRADIO-p571813/




  • God is moving - Revival is Here

    in Christianity

    We will be talking about in the episode how God is moving in the land. Personal testimony is also shared. This will be a great time in the Lord.

    Chan talks about his recent trip Nashville TN to a conference and how he got radically touched and changed. The confence had all the great revivalists around the world. Gold Dust even showed up several times. Praise God for that. God is moving. 

    The main church website is http://revivalishere.org

    The Network website is http://revivalishere.net


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    Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson: Sleep

    in Health

    Good morning and welcome to Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson, founder of Miclknight, where health and wellness are one. I am an educator, speaker, author, fitness trainer and passionate about healthy living.

    Gift: at the end

    Topic: Sleep

    What exactly is sleep? What is it's definition? (Wikipedia)

    How much sleep do we need to feel good the next morning?

    Rule of thumb:

    Newborns (0-3months)  14-17 hours

    Infants (4-11 months)   12 - 15 hours

    Toddlers (1-2 years)     11 - 14 hours

    Preschoolers (3-5 years)  10 - 13 hours

    School-age children (6-13 years)   9 - 11 hours

    Teenagers (14-17 years)      8 - 10 hours

    Young Adults (18-25 years) & Adults (26-64 years)   7 - 9 hours

    Older Adults (65 and over)    7 - 8 hours.

    Why is sleep so important in our lives?

    ~60% of waste products produced during sleep, body recovers, skin restores, 

    Lack of sleep: slows down healing process, motor skills are slower, tremors from lack of sleep or too much caffeine....

    Why does good sleep improve our health?

    Where do you sleep the best, your own bed or anywhere? Why? Mattress, pillow, blanket, different bed, unfamiliar room, ...

    Who decides on whether or not we sleep well?

    For children it's the parents......

    For adults..... they decide.....

    Good, deep, and solid sleeps makes you feel so good that you can say upon waking up in the morning:

    "Today is the best day of my life again!!!"


    Answer the above questions for yourself and see where you can improve.

    Gift: download free ebook about health   thomson.enagicweb.com

    Contact info:




    Until next week!

    Stay healthy and be empowered!

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    Now is New

    in Energy

    This is about learning, or rather remembering and practicing what we have forgotten a long time ago, to be fully present

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    3kmgradio 87.9fm w/ DRILL DJS (A-TRE & 910) "THE MOVE"

    in Radio

    REQUEST LINE (713) 955-0560

    SATELITTE STATION :  http://tunein.com/radio/3KMGRADIO-p571813/



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    Sacred Introverts: Okay, I'm Here. Now What?

    in Spirituality

    Lisa Avebury of Sacred Introverts and Circleseeker, Healing and Bodyworks returns for another interview on introverts, highly spiritual people (HSP) and spirituality.

    If you listened to our last program, which by no fault of ours ened up on podcast - visit our home page for more information, www.kwave6radio.tk - you'll understand the transition from that show to this one.  Using Lisa's own words, "I started the tours with the belief that people will have a transformational experience. I never pushed that as I didn’t want to frighten people off, but my hope is by energetically putting the call out the right people would be drawn to coming. And honestly this happened. It was quite amazing."

    Here is more of what we'll be discussing with Lisa:  "My belief has always been, because of my own personal experiences, that introverts and HSP’s naturally have a spiritual inclination because of our inward nature. We are always asking deep questions like “why am I here and what is my purpose”. We are also naturally more sensitive to the world around us and dare I say a bit “psychic” about things so we are always focusing on the larger picture of how our actions effect the world. 

    My own life has been informed by my spiritual journey and it is what guides ever facet of what I do...  We can also talk a bit about why it’s important for introverts (and everyone) to have a... “Spiritual practice”. This can be very individual to the person and their own beliefs but having a connection to something larger then your own life can be very grounding."

    Lisa is a very wonderful person and one which you'll want to hear.

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    Author Susana Tuya Sarmiento on Write Now Radio!

    in Writing

    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)

    Viki Winterton interviews Susana Tuya Sarmiento! 

    Susana is an international celebrity speaker, TV presenter and #1 Best-Selling Author. With women’s interests at heart and over twenty-five years of background experience in Body and Self-Image Psychology, Fashion, Styling, Personal Branding and Holistic Wellbeing, Susana delivers cutting-edge, life-enhancing tools and techniques.

    Susana’s life in 2013 came to a total halt. After increasingly becoming chronically ill and being later diagnosed with ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), she experienced a complete body lockdown for a year, unable to move due to the intensity of muscle and nerve pain.

    Susana’s entire journey was documented so she could later transform the lives of others and gift us with her life-changing pearls of wisdom. From the hidden signs that we are ignoring daily that led to a healthy, happy and high energy woman to contract an autoimmune disease (amongst the top 10 leading causes of death in women), has come her knowledge of how to break the odds, NOT self-abandon, nor ignore the messages from inner guidance, heart and body and how it is only ‘us’ who hold the key to our self- healing.

    Susana lives her message and it is a true testament to her life-calling experience to lead and inspire women to look, feel and thrive to their greatness.