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    Building Dreams To Come True

    in Spirituality

    Join The Gregory and Me to share wisdom on Building your dreams and manifesting those dreams into physical reality.  Then ask your questions and get personal readings to move you more powerfully into the dreams of your life.

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    Dreams: Awakening to your Nightly Messages

    in Spirituality

    Have you had a crazy dream that you can't understand why you would dreamed such a story? What about a scary dream where you cannot move?  Or what about a dream where you are aware you are dreaming?

    Join your hosts, Melissa & Grant Virtue as they discuss dream messages and how you can connect to your nighty guidance. 

    Melissa teached dream interpretation; interprets dreams for clients; and has written several books on dreams as well as created the Angel Dreams Oracle cards.

    Join in the live chat room or call into the show.


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    The Formula for Joy!

    in Motivation

    Counselor Mandy Eppley speaks with mother and teacher Maritza Ortiz about how, as a child from a Puerto Rican family living in New York City, she was marginalized as a minority in many different ways. She was judged by her skin color, by the way she talked, and by the way her hair looked. This caused her to feel much shame and developed low self-esteem. In her adult life she found a training program called The Institute for Life-Leadership and Coaching (ILC) that changed her life. In this program she learned how to honor the authentic nature of her spirit and started falling in love with herself. She also learned about the “6 Keys” – created by Chris Saade - which are a tool for discovering your authentic self and can also be used as a formula for joy. She and Mandy are currently writing a book about the 6 Keys that will be published in 2016. They also talked about the importance of service and how it is a key for healing.

    Currently Maritza Ortiz is a mother, teacher, mentor and volunteer in her community. Maritza is a part-time Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System Homebound Teacher, works as an organizer, and is in the process of co-creating a book. Maritza was on the journey to self-actualization when adversity catapulted her to enter the rooms of Al-anon, and she has followed the bunny trail ever since without looking back. She was rebirthed when she entered the rooms of the Institute for Life-Leadership & Coaching. From her experiences she began a women’s group in order to have a space where women could stop wearing masks and share and honor the paradox of life. She also serves in the world by tutoring Hispanic children who are in similar situations to what she was in as a child.

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    Cambered Corner - SCCA Formula 4 with Paul Charsley

    in Professional

    Early last fall, the Sports Car Club of America announced a new entry-level pro formula car program, Formula 4. When most people think of junior formula programs in the US, the Mazda Road to Indy is the first to come to mind. While the combination of USF2000, Pro Mazda and Indy Lights makes for an excellent program for those seeking a career in IndyCar, it's lack of inclusion in the Super License program makes it a challenging path for those seeking a career in Formula 1.

    Paul gives us the complete details on the origins of the Formula 4 program, how it fits into the SCCA Pro Racing program, and into the larger American junior formula car racing landscape.

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    The Guts to Live Your Dreams w/Jordannah Elizabeth

    in Motivation

    Baltimore and San Francisco based author, journalist, model, radio personality and feminist and civil rights commentator, Jordannah Elizabeth will be embarking on the first leg of her book tour for her debut book, "Don't Lose Track Vol. 1: 40 Selected Articles, Essays and Q&As," released January 29, 2016 via Zero Books!

    I met this gutsy young woman about two years ago when I was an Executive Producer at WEAA 88.9FM radio station. Jordannah, 29, is living her dreams. She's grounded, bodacious and wise beyond her years so I am thrilled to have her on She Struts Radio to share how she's finding her voice, travels the world and lives life on her terms, unapologetically.  Thursday, February 4, 2016, 6:30pm ET/5:30pm CT. You don't want to miss this show. 

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    Look Hughs Talking feat. Mike Dreams

    in Music

    Young Pharohe Monch?

    Kanye's cousins's best friend?

    Or Minneapolis' Own...

    Mike Dreams

    Since 2007, Mike Dreams has been releasing and performing original music. His music and material have gained local, national and international exposure through some of the world’s largest urban media outlets




    Since 2007, Mike Dreams has been releasing and performing original music. His music and material have gained local, national and international exposure.

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    The Marilyn Fraser Show! Welcome to Understand THE POWER of your DREAMS & VISION

    in Spirituality

    My Friends; Did you DREAM or have a VISION last night? The Marilyn Fraser show is all about sharing your Dreams, Visions or Testimonies of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. DREAMS are one of the major ways GOD communicates with men, women & children upon the earth. True Dreams reveals the unforeseen and our future that will surely come to pass. So my friends, be prepared to tell me what you dreamt last night & we shall interpret what will happen in your life tomorrow or there after!!! Stop Ignoring your DREAMS & VISIONS, they are your WORLD!

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    Totally Whole Presents - "Rediscovering Your Dreams Part II"

    in Self Help

    Are there dreams inside of you that have not been fulfilled?  Has life shut down your hope and ability to dream?  Today's episode is the second part of a series on helping you to rediscover your dreams and pursue your passion.  Dr. Cook will interview Dr. Patty Fitzhugh CEO and founder of It's a New Day, Midlife Resource Center and It's a New Day Ministries.  Dr. Patty is the host of two Talk Shows "Morning Coffee" and "Managing Midlife."  She is an author of the book The Move: Memoirs of a Mid Life Crisis which will be released Spring 2016. Tune in and be inspired.

    Dial 646-929-0630 to listen in.  To ask a question or comment hit "1". 

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    Dreams and Visions with April Popplewell-Walker

    in The Bible

    On Lets Fish, Out of the Box radio, we discuss up to date worldly topics and headlines as it relates to the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Tune in to see if you’re having similar dreams, visions and/or experiences that God has been giving to our guess.  In addition, if you have news you would like to share or a brief testimony of what God is doing in your life, let us know and we will do our best to either get you on the show or read your testimony to our listening audience.

    As always Thanks for listening and spread the WORD!

    The opinions of our guest(s) are not always that of Lets Fish, Out of the Box radio and we accept NO responsibility as to their views


  • 01:01

    Totally Whole Presents - Rediscovering Your Dreams

    in Self Help

    Are there dreams inside of you that have not been fulfilled?  Has life shut down your hope and ability to dream?  Today's episode will help you to rediscover your dreams and pursue your passion.  Dr. Cook will host Rev. Dr. Mankekolo Ngcobo as she discusses her experiences as a leader in the movement with Nelson Mandella against Aparthied.  Dr. Ngcobio is a social justice advocate, educator, liberator, author, pastor and visionary. Listen in and be resotored. 

    Dial 646-929-0630 to listen in.  To ask a question or comment hit "1".  


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    Nick Coyle and Jon Nova of Death Valley Dreams on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Music

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes Nick Coyle and Jon Nova of Death Valley Dreams to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss their musical journey, what it's been like to come together and form a great that creates music the fans enjoy and what they hope people take away from their new project.