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    Event Review with Dr. Wright

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    Dr Wright gives you a review of the 72 hour retreat event presented by Che Brown and Trevor Otts 


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    New Classes Online with Dr. Wright

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    Dr. Wright shares the new classes you can take online for free. 


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    Dr. Wright Presents the Business and Book Summit

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    Dr. Wright shares about her newest event, the business and book summit

    on March 15, 2014 

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    Dr wright

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    Proudly NOT made in China.org or PNMIC.org. It's an online service that lists products not made in China and allows US manufacturers to sell directly to the public. Certain this is something that any red blooded American would love.



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    Dr. Wright speaks with JF Garrard

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    JF Garrard is the author of the Undead Sorceress- A Multicultural Urban Fantasy. This book has raised over $2,300 on Kickstarter. Learn about this new book and how you can support her. 


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    Dr Letitia Wright talks with Leanne Babcock

    in Management

     Surprising Tips for Being More Successful in Your Business or Career That Don't Have Anything to Do with Marketing or Sales - Dr. Letitia Wright Interview With Author Leanne Babcock
    Leanne Babcock is a Transformation Expert and Author who is trained in Behavioural Psychology, Accelerated Learning, and Transactional Analysis.  
    Also a certified master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypno-Therapy, Leanne integrates all of her leading edge training with her own personal experiences to create a powerful source of transformation and upliftment for her clients.  
    Leanne has been coaching personal and professional transformations through group workshops and individual coaching sessions since 1972 and is now finishing her first book,  “Open Says Me: The Journey from Unconscious Discontent to Authentic Freedom." 

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    Dr Wright Presents Deanna Wharwood

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    Veterans' Coach because she helps military veterans and their dependents transition from military life to their dream life. She's a U.S. Air Force Military Brat that went on active duty in the United States Navy. She is the owner of Capital Business Consulting and Coaching and leads the three teams there: Team Go To It, Team Phoenix, transition assistance team and Team Scorpion, the veteran owned small business development team. She states that she "knew nothing of civilian life, really, until aged 35. And, then, she found that she had "a lot to learn" Now she and several others train, coach and mentor other veterans and their spouses through the transition process and into small business ownership.

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    We have a Contract with GOD Online Radio by Dr Craig Wright

    in Spirituality

    Peace and Blessings! Whether your a regular listener or if your new to the show, tonight at 7 pm I will be answering your questions. Please click, call or email your birth date to be featured on tonight's broacast.

    Tonight I will also be explaining the HEART"S DESIRE NUMBER. The hearts desire number (also called the soul number, soul urge, motivation or the ideality number) is determined by adding together the converted numerical values of the vowels in the birth name. Javane and Bunker (1979:23) reason, if one embraces the theory of reincarnation, the soul number indicates what you have been in previous life times. Not easily Rev. Craig E. Wright Ph. D. 
    recognized by others, the soul number is what you, in 
    your inner secret self, desire to be. Sometimes this urge 
    can be so strong that it can over come all other 
    vibrations and when this happens, according to 
    Lagerquest and Lenard (1999:239), your soul number 
    will call you to people and places that resonate with 
    your own energy. Understanding the hearts desire or 
    soul number provides insight into what will motivate 
    others as well as the true inner nature of the person you 
    are dealing with, regardless of how they appear on the 
    outside. Goodwin (1991:37) says the heart's desire 
    number is concerned with deep inner longings. These 
    longings express those matters which seem most 
    important to the person, and these important matters 
    are influential in determining the person's point of 
    view, the principles on which they act and their general 
    approach to life. 

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    Dr. Wright Talks To George Tran

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    Talks about his book on Social Mobile Marketing!

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    We have a Contract with GOD Online Radio by Dr Craig Wright | BlogTalkRadio

    in Spirituality

    Like the prophet Jerimiah, each of us has a conract with God before we are formed in the womb. That's right, the letters in our name reveal what we promissed and the numbers in our birthdate reveal what GOD promissed. Have you been trying to speak with Dr. Craig Fridays at 8:45 on 88.9 fm but just cant get through? Are you curious about getting a reading or forecast and you want a sample before you decide? Do you want to get a sample consultation? Well, here's your chance to get an enlightened spiritual perspective from Master Numerologist Dr. Craig Wright. This week we also continue with our on line class regarding the significance of the day of birth. 

    Dr. Craig is an ordained metaphysical minister who holds an under grad degree in Psycology, a Masters degree in Metaphysics and a Ph D in Philosophy. He will be answering any questions you have every Tuesday at 7pm so tune in and tell a friend.  

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    Dr. Wright Presents Sarantos

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    Sarantos unique sound has been best described by industry insiders as "an emotionally powerful vocal style masterfully united with music that is a fusion of classic 80s rock blended with modern soft rock and pop music!"



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