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    Ask Dr. Applewhite about Handling Stress from Wars and Disability

    in Education

    Adult Students, who are also working parents and Veterans, ASK Dr. Applewhite and guests about ways to minimize the impact of stress at school and work. The very thought of WAR may increase Emotional Disabilities (depression, anxiety PTSD, MST and more). Many report that hearing about dailyconflictsaround the world (e.g Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Israel, North Korea, some African countries) has a negative impact on their performance. This episode may help minimize stress and encourage us to seek resources to avoid dropping out of classes, work, and/or life!

    To learn more about us how you can support Veterans and other disabled adult students achieve their education and workforce goals visit http://www.whiteappleinstitute.org . Please make a tax-deductible donation so we can continue this work. Thank you. This is a rerun of a broadcast aired as The Impact of tress As It Relates to War, School, and work on 8-30-2014.



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    NABWIC Talks with Gladys Keith

    in Women

    NABWIC Member Spotlight:
    By JC Burton, NABWIC Member, Woodline Solutions of North America

    Gladys Keith is the President and Chief Executive Officer of FSB Agency, Inc., a bonding brokerage firm located in the Miami, Ft. Lauderdale Florida area.and surety services for clients across the state of Florida and Female owned bonding agencies, everyday Mrs. Keith blazes trails for others to follow.

    Vested in the construction industry for several  decades, Mrs. Keith finds a unique kinship and compatibility with the women of the National Association of Black Women in Construction.  
    (NABWIC). She lives the NABWIC mission to advocate for black women in the construction

    Mrs. Keith found her way to the construction industry after she received her Bachelor degree economics from the University of Miami. Mrs. Keith has been a featured speaker at several events and bonding workshops.  She has been more notably featured as a speaker for the Florida A&M University Small Business Development Center.

    In addition to the recognition she has received from the National Association of Professional
    Women and honored, as Volunteer of the Decade for the Family Christian Association of
    America, Inc., her most significant professional achievement to date is her influence national surety company to support the Florida A&M University Bond Program.

    Mrs. Keith is a founding member of NABWIC and serves as the treasurer for the Organization. She is a member of Florida Small Business Development Center, National Association of Minority Contractors and National Association of Minority Business Enterprise, Inc. In her spare time, she enjoys playing a round of golf, reading and volunteering with the Family Christian
    Association of America.

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    The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio To Thrive By!

    in Spirituality

    Lucid Planet Radio with Dr. Kelly: Understanding the Hidden Causes of Mystery Illnesses, world renowned Medical Medium Anthony William for fascinating alternative look at healing, mystery illness & how medical practice might not be exactly what it seems. Today we discuss the hidden causes of chronic illnesses like auto-immune disease, chronic fatigue, thyroid problems and more. We will be revealing some shocking and surprising possibilities, including that these conditions are actually caused by viruses like Epstein-Barr and Shingles, that have yet to be fully explored and understood by mainstream medicine. Anthony William also recommends the BEST steps you can take to heal your body RIGHT NOW!
    Anthony William was born with the unique ability to converse with a high-level spirit who provides him with extraordinarily accurate health information that’s often far ahead of its time. Since age four, when he shocked his family by announcing that his symptom-free grandmother had lung cancer (which medical testing soon confirmed), Anthony has been using his gift to “read” people’s conditions and tell them how to recover their health. His unprecedented accuracy and success rate as the Medical Medium have earned him the trust and love of thousands worldwide, among them movie stars, rock stars, billionaires, professional athletes, best-selling authors, and countless other people from all walks of life who couldn’t find a way to heal until he provided them with insights from Spirit. Anthony has also become an invaluable resource to doctors who need help solving their most difficult cases.

    Energy Works Radio with Ataana - Activating Self-Healing & Awakening Your Potential: Exactly How Do Healing Crystals Work? How does energy healing work? It almost seems like Magic, but it's not! You'll hear Dr. Pat & Ataana discuss in simple terms how everyone can benefit from healing crystals and energy work.

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    Ask Dr. Applewhite About Support for Learning Disabilities

    in Education

    Most teachers, from elementary to college levels, are able to identify when students have difficulty learning, within the first weeks of a semester. However, employers and co-workers are not able or qualified to identify employees with Learning Disabilities unless the person is willing to ask for an accommodation. Your donation supports our radio broadcasts, and allow us to continue helping Veterans who are Adult Learners/Students  with disabilities reach their education and workforce goals? Visit http://whiteappleinstitute.org and click on DONATE. Click on RADIO to listen to episodes of the Ask Dr. Applewhite Radio Talk Show anytime 24/7.

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    The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Spirituality

    Becoming Nature - A Guide to Animal Communication Through Mindfulness with Tamarack Song. Animals and plants are in constant communication with the world around them. To join the conversation, we need only to connect with our primal mind and recognize that we, too, are Nature. Once in this state, we can communicate with animals as effortlessly as talking with friends. The songs of birds and the calls of animals start to make sense. We begin to see the reasons for their actions and discover that we can feel what they feel. We can sense the hidden animals around us, then get close enough to look into their eyes and touch them. Immersed in Nature, we are no longer intruders, but fellow beings moving in symphony with the Dance of Life.

    The Questionable Parent ~ Dr. Glenna Rice MPT: What if You Woke Up to a New Body Everyday? with Co-hosts Dr. Glenna Rice and Dr. Pat Baccili. What if You Woke Up to a New Body Everyday?    with Co-hosts Dr. Glenna Rice and Dr. Pat Baccili

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    The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Spirituality

    GET INTOIT - WINNING at the Game of LIFE with Host Lynn Brown: The Internal and External Transition to Our New Consciousness.  Join Dr. Pat and Co-host Lynn M. Brown as they discuss how we are shifting from our current limited state, to a higher vibration and level of consciousness – a more spiritually evolved state, free from many of the individual and collective problems of our present existence. We are evolving beyond the state in which fear, violence, struggle, and strife can thrive. We are growing into a more enlightened state of being, which will be characterized by unity, peace, cooperation, compassion, harmony and freedom from many of our current limitations.

    Change Your Aura - Change Your Life with Dimitri Moraitis.  Everything you think, feel, and do radiates a spiritual energy that comes through in various colors and hues: This is your aura. The aura is your spiritual blueprint. By changing the quality of your aura, you can automatically change the quality of your life.

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    Focus Change with Dr Ed

    in Lifestyle

    This is a show designed to get you on your road to a potent and successful life. We have helped scores of people and busnesses world wide!  The show is usually co hosted by my good friend and a marvelous coach  Larkin Sell of  http://mypowerfulchoices.com

    My sites are http://attractingabetterlife.com and  http://jointalkfusion.com/1294476

    I am conducting a survey to determine the types of businesses our listeners are in:  Please shoot me an email to let me know. Your info will be kept confidential.

    semd to: emoloney@bellsouth.net

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    The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Spirituality

    The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Gentle Energy Touch: The Beginner’s Guide to Hands-On Healing with Barbara E. Savin. In Gentle Energy Touch readers will learn some of Savin’s basic, hands-on techniques for assisting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The beauty of G.E.T. is that it can produce results on its own but it also complements all medical treatments and modalities, often shortening treatment and speeding healing. It is particularly effective for pain management and has also been used successfully to treat many other ailments. Numerous exercises demonstrate the effects of G.E.T. with over 50 photographs showing readers the proper positioning for hands-on healing.

    For the Love of Money: A Spiritual Perspective with Christine Upchurch.  Although money may be a necessary part of living in this material world, many consider it to be unspiritual in nature. Yet is it possible that this negative perspective about money is all wrong? Join self-empowerment leader and radio talk show host Christine Upchurch as she dispels some common myths about money and reveals how embracing the spiritual nature of money can help improve your life and create better balance on our planet.

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    Divine Inspiration - by Paul Sampson

    in Poetry

    Dedicated to a dear friend Carol Trammel, and all of our loved ones who have passed away before we were able to express our love or to make ammends is our topic join us for our 774th episode of BevNat w / Divine Inspiration - by Paul Sampson tonight @ 9:30pm www.blogtalkradio.com @ BevNat also dial in @ 347-202-0392 & press one to join the conversation

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    The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio To Thrive By!

    in Spirituality

    Leaving Your Corporate Job to Pursue Your Dreams with Deb Acker.  So many of us have a dream we'd like to go after but are scared to pursue our truth. We stay stuck in our 9-5, hoping something will change, though it never does. In today's episode, we'll discuss the top secrets and tools you can use to pursue your dreams to move into more truth and why you don't necessarily have to leave your corporate job to pursue your dreams. (The reason here might be different than you think!) You'll leave the show inspired and motivated to take action!

    Guest Host Dr. Jenn Royster - What is a Soul Healthy Relationship? Dr. Jenn is back filling in for Dr Pat this hour to discuss soul healthy relationships. What are they and how are they relevant in today’s world? Tune in and join the conversation.

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    Empowered To Succeed With Dr Margo

    in Business

    Empowered To Succeed With Dr Margo With Your Host, Dr Margo Hollady!

    ****PREMIERE EPISODE****** The Singletary Network NY Is Very Proud To Welcome Dr Margo Holladay To The Network Family With Her CAN DO Attitude Which Inspires Everyone Globally To Reach Greater Heights In Their Career Pursuits!  Please Join Her Every Friday At 12 Noon CST \ 1:00pm EST!

    Margo Holladay knows how to generate vision for increase in every area of your life.  Specializing in empowering women to dream big and live big Margo will help you see your purpose, live big and create wealth. She is an expert in teaching the proper tools and proper education for achieving uncommon success. Dr. Margo is an authority in the Industry of Book Publishing where she has published everyone from successful entrepreneurs, television personalities, celebrities, network marketing gurus, professional and public speakers, writers and novelist. She has assisted in the development and production of an ABC affiliate television show, published and produced three books for film and television. Margo will empower you to think bigger, build bigger, and dream bigger in order to go where you have never gone before, and do what you have never done before. “I believe that the way we have been taught to do business is mathematically flawed, and with the proper tools and the proper education you can build the business and lifestyle of your dreams. I want to woman see the true value they have been born with and empower them through a step-by-step plan to build what matters most. Self-worth equals your net worth, and I want to help others get results,” says Margo.

    As a very  passionate professional and public speaker, and Dean of Harrison Christian University Margo believes in your success Margo is passionate about music and movies in her spare time, mother of two boys and proud mother-in-law of a very talented singer, songwriter daughter-in-law!