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    Optimize Your Brain Dr. Vie Dr. Gray Part 3

    in Health

    Dr. Vie chats with her good friend Dr. John Gray in this part  3/3 part series on how to restore the health of the brain and rejuvenate the mind, making the difference between inner peace or frustration. Both Dr. Vie and Dr. Gray are authors, scientists and natural health specialists, with a strong connection to India, talk about the key guidelines in their books Taming The Female Impostor, Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity and Staying Focused in a Hyper World..where chores of life become the burden of life….how women can restore balance to their lives…and help not only themselves and the ones they care about but the entire of humanity….learn about this movement to rescue humanity from the disastrous path it is on right now where the healthy brain size is decreasing leading to rise in violence, lack of empathy, frustrations, lack of love for others, addiction to medications, drugs…rise in autism, mental illness, depression, and early onset of aging, Parkinsons, dementia and Alzheimers…why are men over 40 losing testosterone much faster? Discover how to balance work, family time, and time with your true self. Win natural health gifts at DrVie.com and sign up, or subscribe to the show, or  take the free tour of Dr. Vie’s Change Your Lifeand begin to awaken your inner self from today...practiced by Dr. Vie who has lived in many countries and cities around the globe on her own. Missed previous 2 episodes? Check our archived shows. Congrats to Ashton winner of the go water flask last month.

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    Elevate Your Mindset for Success with Dr. Saundra Williams

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Saundra Wall Williams is the CEO of SWW Unlimited, LLC and the founder of the Momentum Institute and the Unlimited Momentum System™.

    Known as the Momentum Strategist, Dr. Saundra works with clients to create life balance while moving forward in their life calling and professional career. Her passion is in mentoring those looking to maximize their giftings in life, ministry or the marketplace.

    Dr. Saundra giftings in instructional design allow her to consult with life coaches and ministers to take their many thoughts and ideas and create signature speeches/messages and then translate them into products (i.e. coaching systems, courses, webinars, and workshops).

    Dr. Saundra believes that

    Women should have goals and vision and have the ability to reach them.
    Women have gifts and that those gifts should be perfected (even monetized) and used to help others.
    God has a plan for every woman and although it may take time, women should maximize His plan for their lives.
    God has blessings for every woman that are exceedingly and abundantly more than one could think or imagine and those blessings will come from her gifts.
    We can do all things through Christ and He will give you the strength to operate in both your career and your calling.
    Women should look for what is needed in their communities and somehow be the solution to those needs.

    Her beliefs have allowed Dr. Saundra to operate both in her calling and career as she balances life, family, ministry and a position as a full time C-Level executive. She has turned her passion for women who are in both the ministry and the marketplace into an enterprise as an author, speaker, calling and career mentor, higher education executive, and entrepreneur. 

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    Prevent Autism Brain-Dr. Vie & Dr. John Gray Part 1

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    In this 3-part series about protecting your brain and preventing brain disorders like autism, aspergers, mental illness, parkinsons, ADHD, depression, alzheimers...with Dr. John Gray and Dr. Vie talking about the key areas in their research, teachings and newly released books, Staying Focused in a Hyper World and Taming The Female Impostor. Discover how pain medication can damage your brain and cause autism in babies. Rethink stress, fever, finding balance. Why kids vaccinated in Cuba are less prone to autism than kids in USA? Discover how you can access your inner life energy, become self aware, differentiate yourself from the animal kingdom and rejuvenate your life and strengthen your body and brain naturally and free.  Access Dr. Gray's works at MarsVenus.com   and Dr. Vie's works at DrVie.com.  Susbcribe to Dr. Vie's shows by clicking here and win naturally healthy gifts each month. Ashton from OK, USA won the on-the-go water flask in August.  So join us and benefit wherever you sign up at  DrVie.com

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    Welcome to the Gray Leopard Cove with Gary Norris Gray Speaking Sports

    in Sports

    The Last Show for 2014. Hope you enjoyed the year of the Cove and return next year on Jan 10th. The Martin Luther King Jr. Show with guest from different shows. 

    Today its The Greatest College Football game of the year. Army vs. Navy as we salute our arm forces

    The National Football League moves into playoff drive mood.

    Hockey and NBA close to their halfway point.

    Soul Tree Radio in the Raw, Pad Nation, and The Batchelor Pad and Cowboy Reggie Howell of WCLM 1450 Richmond Va., The Mighty O-ba of WUFO 1080 Buffalo New York and the 707 with the 609.

    call in 646-727-3649 with your questions and yours thoughts THIS IS A DISABLED FRIENDLY SHOW onwww.blogtalkradio.com THE GRAY LEOPARD COVE THIS SAT. 1 PAC 4 EASTERN TIME

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    Power Women Friday-Julie Gray

    in Entertainment

    U.S. set to blame North Korea for Sony hack- The U.S. is ready to blame North Korea for the crippling hack attack at Sony Pictures, as the studio said Wednesday it would cancel next week's planned release of its controversial comedy "The Interview."

     Live from Tel Aviv, Israel.  The best reporter Julie Gray- Is fired up about the Sony Scandal.You have seen her writings on the subject in social media. Julie will talk live on The Brian The Hammer Show about her true feelings without censorship.

     -Just returned from the London Screenwriter's Festival where I was a featured speaker. Very popular class about Writing With Purpose -My website: www.rswriters.com -Jim Morgan and the Door at the Edge of the World - YA novel I story edited will be released on Amazon on December 3rd Sponsor Loretta sweet potato cookie

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    Welcome to the Gray Leopard Cove with Gary Norris Gray SPEAKING SPORTS

    in Sports

    Martin Brodeur returns to the ice with the St. Louis Blues ... The Golden State Warriors are on Fire and lighting up the Western Division.

    Check out the winners and losers of major football Conferences.Florida State University cannot get any love from anybody. Congrats to the Virgina State Trojans winning the CIAA Championship. The mess created by the North Carolina A & T Aggies created by losing to the North Carolina Central Eagles. Hope to have Dr. Cavil to figure this out. 

    The National Football League moves into week 14 of the season. The Last quarter of the season The San Fran 49ers play the Oakland Raiders and are primed for a upset with the mess going on in Santa Clara. The Seattle Seahawks could catch the Ariz. Cardinals as they battle for the NFC West Title while the Phila. Eagles and Dallas Cowboys Battle for the NFC East Title. in the AFC the road to the Superbowl goes through Denver.

    Soul Tree Radio in the Raw, Pad Nation, and The Batchelor Pad and Cowboy Reggie Howell of WCLM 1450 Richmond Va., The Mighty O-ba of WUFO 1080 Buffalo New York and the 707 with the 609.

    call in 646-727-3649 with your questions and yours thoughts THIS IS A DISABLED FRIENDLY SHOW onwww.blogtalkradio.com THE GRAY LEOPARD COVE THIS SAT. 1 PAC 4 EASTERN TIME

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    A Look Back at 2014 and Prophetic Insight of 2015

    in Spirituality

    We are taking a look back at 2014 and the lesson learned during the year.   Many could say that 2014 was the most challenging year of their life and others will say the most successful.  We have seen everything from social injustice heightened with the murders of Mike Brown and Eric Gardner to spiritual lethargy in the church.

    Joining Apostle Norma Gray this week on the Gray Matter Show for a roundtable discussion are two anointed women - Pastor Sheila Ashley of Total Agape Healing and Deliverance International Ministries in Warren Robbins Georgia and Apostle BJ Relefourd of Vision Life Ministries in Lawrenceville, GA as they share prophetically a retrospective view of 2014 and insight for 2015.  

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    Ask Dr Auset

    in Spirituality

    Free readings

  • The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Entertainment

    The Christine Upchurch Show:  The PlantPlus Diet Solution: Personalized Nutrition for Life with guest Dr. Joan Borysenko.

    One diet does not fit all but there are a few smart food choices that most people can benefit from.  Join Christine and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Joan Borysenko as Joan looks at the confusion surrounding low fat diets and explains the biology behind our individual dietary needs.

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    Dr. Arlene Meets Fascinating People with Intriguing Brands!

    in Jobs

    On the WIN Without Competing! show Dr. Arlene recalls Joan Rivers who interviewed her on Rodeo Drive for her television show How’d You Get So Rich?; Former President Jimmy Carter who became very upset when Dr. Arlene mentioned Donald Trump; Dr. Jonas Salk, renowned medical researcher who developed the polio vaccine, met with Dr. Arlene in his office in La Jolla which shocked medical oncologists; Brian Stokes Mitchell, Tony Award Winner, dubbed “the last leading man” by The New York Times, spoke with Dr. Arlene after his performance of Simply Broadway at the Geffen Playhouse, and Anne Edwards, celebrity biographer and Pulitzer Prize nominee, whose family owned the legendary Chasen’s Restaurant in Beverly Hills where as a child she listened, learned, and met celebrities including Judy Garland, who left her private papers to Edwards to write her biography.  You can listen to Dr. Arlene’s interview of Edwards on WIN Without Competing!  

    And there’s more!  Legendary actress Leslie Caron “Gigi” who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; Rabbi Gerald Wolpe, beloved and charismatic Rabbi, highly praised by the New York Times, Washington Post, and Boston Globe. Wolpe is the subject of The New Rabbi, an award winning book by Stephen Fried.  

    Stephen Citron, a product of the Juilliard School of Music, is a composer, lyricist, author, and an authority on musical theatre.   Citron’s renowned book Songwriting: A Complete Guide to the Craft.  His three dual musical biographies including Noel and Cole set the standard for dual biographies.  You can listen to Dr. Arlene’s interview of Citron on WIN Without Competing!  

    To find out who else Dr. Arlene will discuss on the show, tune in.  A clue: She lived in a bottle!

    Meeting Fascinating People with Intriguing Brands sets the stage for your brand creation!

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    Dr. Brad Radio - The Future of Medicine is Now!

    in Health

    Dr. Bradley Nelson is the developer of the most advanced form of energy healing on the planet. A holistic Chiropractic Physician and Medical Intuitive, Dr. Nelson is one of the world’s foremost experts in the emerging fields of Bioenergetic Medicine and Energy Psychology.

    Dr. Nelson has been a guest on countless radio and television shows, and has presented his very timely healing message to tens of millions around the world.

    Now is your chance to have Dr. Bradley Nelson work on you live on the air, with fans from around the world tuning-in. Dr. Brad will also be answering your questions. Don't miss this chance to learn from the author of The Emotion Code and The Body Code.

    Call in to speak with Dr. Brad (347) 857-3622

    Listen to past replays by Clicking Here!

    For more information about The Emotion Code and The Body Code, visit http://www.healerslibrary.com

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