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    Stress Management Solutions For Entrepreneurs with Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson

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    Dr. Daphne’s presence goes way beyond a nationally-recognized empowerment Specialist and professional keynote presenter. Sure, she’s also an insightful author with multiple accredited works, an award-winning – and vibrant – TV and radio personality and a certified transformational coach (with over 20 years’ experience helping others create the lives they envision). Yes, she brings a whole world of insight to any table.But more importantly, Dr. Daphne is a warm, bright inspiration: a powerful visionary who guides today’s leaders true and empowers tomorrow’s to fulfill their life purpose with hope, enthusiasm and resilience.

    Today, Dr. Daphne is a true force to behold – an engaging mentor and role model who helps people unlock their full potential and triumph over adversity. To live life empowered and never look back.But things weren’t always this way…Like any good story, Daphne’s took some unexpected twists. 


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    Finding Success While in Your Valley Of Life...Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson

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    Life is not fair as we often says! however there are many valuable lessons during our time of adversity.

    Hope you find some value in this epidode.

    Daphne is a nationally recognized empowerment specialist, inspirational speaker, author & certified coach. Connect with her here -http://m.pgtb.me/9CbvWW


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    Heart Centered Entrepreneurship.......Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson

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    Have you ever thought why here are some people who don’t just put up business for the sake of making money?

    There are also a  large number of business owners who provide products and services with the end goal of inspiring,helping and improving the lives of thousand throughout the World with their creativity, generosity and passion .Those entrepreneurs are considered as " Heart -Centered"

    Please join me as we explore ways ,we can use "Heart Centered Focus" To Build Our businesses and be very profitable while making a big difference...

    Heart-based entrepreneurs are able to enjoy more the profit that they generate from their businesses. Monetary compensation comes secondary to them, so they don’t end up being workaholic. They make sure they set aside time to truly take pleasure from the money that they get from the business.


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    Success !! What's Your Definition? with Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson

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    Success !! What's Your Definition?

    As entrepreneurs we all seek success in all that we do, however do we really define success for ourself?

    Is success wealth?

    Is success health?

    Is success spirituality?

    Is success relationships?

    For me success is ALL of the above.





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    Amber van der Wiel Spiritual Business Coach and Teacher

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    Amber van der Wiel is An international Spiritual Business Coach and teach entrepeneurs how to combine practical spiritual tools with easy marketing strategies, so that they grow with grace and easy to a 6 figure business or more.

    Amber is Founder of BeautyMinds, international instutute for Spiritual Business Coaching.


    www.GoFundMe.com/1g4m38   Please help us stamp out hunger one Child at a time.

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    Stand Up Hudson Valley #18

    in Politics

    Join hosts John Allegro and Emily Convers for "Stand Up Hudson Valley" episode 18.

    We have breaking news this week - a Woodbury to Kiryas Joel annexation plan is in the works.  It was reported in the latest "Hakiryah" - the local Kiryas Joel newspaper.

    We are working on obtaining more translated details, and hope to have them by showtime.


    The last Monroe Town Board meeting was chock full o' legendary Peter Martin quotes and calculations regarding the former Monroe Cinema, now affectionately referred to as TWACC

    Tune in tonight!  

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    "CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke"

    in Paranormal


    Please join host and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, LESLEY MITCHELL-CLARKE and Co-Host/Experiencer/Contactee, WES ROBERTS as they welcome to the programme Spiritual Medium and author, GORDON ELLISON (www.gordonellison.com).  As always, we will be taking Listener calls in the second half of the programme, and the CONTACT CHAT ROOM will be open!

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    Empowering Kids with Life Coach Tanya Clarke-Marinelli

    in Self Help

    On this episode, I'm joined by life coach Tanya Clarke-Marinelli. We'll be discussing her empowering kids program and how our self talk affects us more than we know.

    Tanya Clarke-Marinelli is the Creator of the Empowering Kids Camp and CoCreator of the Invest in Yourself classes for women. She has been featured on CTV morning Live, Breakfast TV and numerous news paper articles. She is currently running her Empowering kids program through schools and workshops. 

    You can find more information about Tanya and her programs on her website www.livewell-ness.com.

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    Staying Hungry with Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson

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     Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson is an author certified coach, nationally recognized empowerment specialist, inspirational  and transformation coach and professional speaker,Having more than 20 years  experience helping others to lead purpose-driven, authentic and empowered lives, Dr. Daphne continues to bring insight, hope and solutions to our current and future leaders. As a role model she demonstrates the ability for people to overcome adversity. Dr. Daphne began her life’s journey in Jamaica, daughter of dedicated, loving parents.Her mother had dreams of her obtaining a quality education, but passed before Daphne was 14 years old. Even without much money or formal education, she was determined to lead a purpose-driven life. Daphne found opportunities to shine time after time, eventually becoming a nurse then a career coach and program director.She knew there was more for her to accomplish and launched a new career in the United States as a professional in sales, management and coaching, finally earning her PhD .Throughout every position she holds,Daphne always finds time to counsel and guide others.She creates these needed platforms for growth and change through facilitation, retreats, coaching engagements and training sessions.  As the first Certified Michael E. Gerber Dreaming Room Facilitator in Connecticut, she also works with entrepreneurs to create visions that guide their businesses.  http://www.daphneclarkehudson.com 


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    Coach K and Joe Show

    in Sports

    Coach K and Joe Show

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    #134 Teacher Tuesday!

    in Education

    Our second Teacher Tuesday!

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