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    John Carver Show - Power of Your Mind (Dr. Ben Carson)

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    Dr. Ben Carson, from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland, operated on brains for more than twenty years.  He knows a little something about the mind.

    In my experience, I have noticed how few of us really understand how much potential we have between our ears.  Check out these few minutes of wisdom from Dr. Carson.

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    Birgit Fladager brings political trials to court and fails to prosecute legitimate crime.

    For example, there are 58 unsolved cold murder cases in Stanislaus County.

    The Dist. Atty.'s office has 14 deputy investigatorsbut obviously not enough attorneys.

    While these investigators conduct SWAT team raids and create fairytale cases against selected individuals the community remains at risk.

    The nine defendants arrested in the alleged murder of a tweeker called Korey Kaufman are innocent and the DA's office is becoming aware

    that they can't win.




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    Presidential Chatter 2016 : Dr. Ben Carson, ISIS in Garland & Free Speech

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    Time for Grassroots activists to sound off on a few key topics tonight.  First, Dr. Ben Carson's announcement as a candidate for President, then we'll share some thoughts on the ISIS in Garland situation.  We'll be taking calls and digging deep into the root of many of these problems regarding Muslim Extremism.

    Free Speech is under attack, and foreign invaders threaten us for our speech.  What's happening in America?  Call in and voice your opinion!

  • Ben Carson, Islamic Law & the U.S. Constitution; Compatibility and Conflict

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    There's been a lot scurrying and "clarifying", in response to comments made by Dr. Ben Carson, regarding his concern about supporting a Muslim for president of the United States, based on the notion that "Sharia Law" is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution. .

    As expected, the reaction from some Muslims was one of immediate outrage, with some calling for Carson to withdraw his candidacy. 

    In the aftermath, besides Dr. Carson stating that he wouldn't support a Christian who wanted theocracy (Christian Sharia), as this would put him at odds with the same Constitution.

    One of the Muslim respondents has gone on record to defend Dr. Carson, saying that "a Sharia promoting Muslim cannot be the President of the USA, with its wonderful Constitution".

    Hold on,we haven't even put a candidate out there, and already, we're dictating what that candidate can or cannot do!

    A few thoughts come to mind, when I try to assess these statements and positions:

    1) Does anyone of us here, know the Constitution from a scholarly standpoint, to qualify that this and Islamic Sharia are by design, incompatible?

    2) If a believer, be he or she Muslim or Christian, avers that their Books are the irrefutable words and mandates from God, why would that person defer to the Constitution, outright?

    3) What is Sharia in the first place? Are the images we've seen of "Sharia" in action, much less the penal aspects of it, fair and accurate examples?

    4) Are Muslims conceding that the Qur'an and Sunnah are not consistent with the Constitution, which would support Dr. Carson's arguement? 

    5) Does the Constitution provide an opportunity for "Sharia Law" to be woven into its fabric?

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Bill Saracino, Ben Carson 2016 Campaign

    in Politics Conservative

    All the political pundits are wondering: How is it possible that little known neurosurgeon and political outsider Ben Carson keeps showing up at the top of the presidential polls and is now tied for first place with Donald Trump?

    Now two years later, with $20 million total raised, 147,000 individual donors, 31,000 volunteers and full-time staffed offices in Iowa and New Hampshire, a Carson spokesman put it best recently when he said:

    [Carson} is benefitting from the "Run Ben Run" 2016 Committee that has been building support on the activist level for over a year.

    "What is magical about them is they got an 18 month start over practically everyone else in the race with the exception of Hillary Clinton. It is sort of a silent surprise for us and from what I have seen they have put together a pretty effective organization.

    2016 Committee National Director Bill Saracino will talk tonight about this incredible story and the large grassroots "Win Ben Win" support network they have built across America to propel Ben Carson to the White House.



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    Dist. Atty. phones into conference call in the Frank Carson State Bar discussion. She claims that she had a right to call him but the question is who gave her the phone number.

    The Dist. Atty. was told by the judge to hang up it was not a public meeting it was the same as a discussion in judge's chambers.

    The judge continues the case until September 15 in regard to report of clients who would still like to be represented by Mr. Carson. Mr. Carson is in the Stanislaus County jail awaiting the next hearing on September 14 he has indicated that he will be cocounsel if the case should proceed the trial.

  • Mike Carson - Carson Classic Motors

    in Automotive

    Our guest this week will be Mike Carson of Carson Classics who has been collecting antique motorcycles for 19 years. Located just north of Houston, Texas, CCM is a private museum collection of more than 90 vintage, veteran, and century-era motorcycles owned by the father and son team of Mike and Buck Carson. Over more than 15 years, Mike and Buck have collected, restored, showed and ridden antique motorcycles of all different marquees in numerous unique events across the United States. In 2012, CCM entered the second running of the Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance run and rode that event again in 2014. Mike likes to step back and allow his son to shine in many ways but don’t let him fool you, Mike’s personality is as big as Texas! 

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    Ben Carson surge, Marco Rubio holding Steady, Trump releases Tax Plan

    in Politics Conservative

    Tune in for a recap of today's events and political analysis.  Dr. Ben Carson is surging in the polls.  Some say it's because of his position recently on whether a Muslim should ever be President.  His response has drawn some criticism, but his defense has drawn even more support.  Marco Rubio in the news.  Reports showing he has gained support from Establishment Tycoons, Koch brothers.  What does this mean for Rubio's campaign?  Also, Donald Trump has released a few details about his new tax plan.  He claims it is a tax break on the middle class.  Who does he classify as middle class?  All this and we're taking LIVE calls.   Should be an interesting show! 

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    Vernon Robinson Promotes Dr. Ben Carson for President

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    We are pleased and honored to have Mr. Vernon Robinson, conservative political activist and former U.S. Air Force Captain, as our guest.  Mr. Robinson is on our program to detail why he is actively promoting Dr. Ben Carson for President.  Please join us live and call in with your questions and comments.  Look forward to hearing from you. 


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    the District Attorney's Office has lost many cases to Frank Carson partly because the cases are all manufactured fairytales presented to a jury who says "the Dist. Atty. thought we were stupid"

    the actions of law enforcement in this community have now resulted in tremendous damage to the perception of our County and city as a civilized system.

  • Show #11- Guest: Dawn Carson-"Beaten The Odds"

    in Self Help

    Dawn Carson has beaten the odds and is ready and willing to share her inspiring experiences with all who will hear. After the hospitalization from a complete mental breakdown Dawn threw her bag of doctor appointed drugs in the trash and set out to find another way. She began investigating more non-traditional methods and here found what she had been searching for all along… Joy! She shares all in her podcast “A Radiant Mind” and her book “Positive Practice”.