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    Hard Starboard Radio: One Day In The Life Of Douglas V. Gibbs

    in Politics Conservative

    Constitution Radio host and American Daily Review regular Doug Gibbs joins JASmius to discuss this morning's visit to a government office, the preceding description of which doesn't come remotely close to describing how good a radio segment this story truly is; plus CNN's discovery that Michelle Obama is the real POTUS, the Black Klan discovers the Isla Vista shootings, and further fruits of the host's fertile brain.

  • EVERYDAY PEOPLE with host Monica Douglas Davis

    in Self Help

    EVERYDAY PEOPLE with host Monica Douglas Davis

    With all of the pesticides and chemical used to process our foods, organic foods have become popular. Join us  .  on EVERYDAY PEOPLE as we discuss growing organic vegetables with guest Mary Kirby. Dial 914-205-5909 to listen in live Monday at 9pm EST

  • EVERYDAY PEOPLE with host Monica Douglas Davis

    in Self Help

    EVERYDAY PEOPLE with host Monica Douglas Davis

    Death is a topic most people dread to discuss, but it is a reality we must all face. join us on Everyday People as we talk about how to prepare for this with mortician,  Sharon Davis.

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    #243 Returning Guest Kris Gibbs, Gifted Intuitive and Archangel Channel

    in Spirituality

    Please join Dave the Mystic on Monday, September 21st at 8PM MDT with returning guest intuitive and channel Kris Gibbs.  Kris offers clear, accurate guidance through angelic-channeled tarot readings and consultations. She has a background in education and has been a teacher of metaphysics for over 23 years. She is a Reiki Master and a clairaudient, clairvoyant, and  clairsentient channel.  Her channeled sessions with the Archangels address your soul’s purpose and the relevance to what is occurring in your life today. Her warm, engaging, and playful manner assists you in obtaining answers.
    Kris has read for me and I found her accuracy and insights to be very helpful.  Kris will be providing five minute Angel mini-readings in the latter part of the show.   We will take callers in the order they arrived in the phone queue.  Thanks for your understanding.
    Dave the Mystic

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    Artificial Intelligence by Author Keith Douglas

    in Lifestyle

    Join me and my guest Minister Keith Douglas for a thrilling talk show this Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 8pm on Blog Talk Radio, LIFE REFLECTION programming.Minister Keith is the owner at RKD Talent Management and author of the book entitled "THE POWER TO GET WEALTH, NO MONEY REQUIRED". If you had a chance to listen to our previous interview with him hi-lighting that book then you will enjoy this show as we feature his new book "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE". Tune in this Wednesday. You don't want to miss it.



  • EVERYDAY PEOPLE with host Monica Douglas Davis

    in Self Help

    EVERYDAY PEOPLE with host Monica Douglas Davis

    We make many plans in our lives, but have we planned for our death? It is a reality. join us on EVERYDAY PEOPLE. as we discuss life insurance with Carolyn Lane from American Family Insurance. 914-205-5909 at 9pm EST.

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    That Demon JEZEBEL and her 30 TRAITS--with Chief Apostle Douglas Hopson

    in Spirituality

    Demonology is SO HUGE!!!  These demons "Ain" playin'!!! Neither are WE on "BonaFide Talk"! 

    To effectively fight in Spiritual Warfare...one MUST know their ADVERSARY!!!  

    Chief Apostle Douglas Hopson is "TAKING US TO SCHOOL" on the JEZEBEL DEMON! 

    Wow!  This is going to be SOMETHING TO BEHOLD! 

    30 TRAITS of the JEZEBEL DEMON! 

    On "BonaFide Talk" 

  • EVERYDAY PEOPLE with host Monica Douglas Davis

    in Self Help

    EVERYDAY PEOPLE with host Monica Douglas Davis

    Violent behaviors is a daily occurrence. in our society. Unfortunately, many of these crimes or acts of violence are committed by young people under the age of 25. Join us on EVERYDAY. PEOPLE. where we will weigh in on this. topic. Are we setting good examples for our youth today?

  • 3 New 'Batman V Superman' Trailers Coming!

    in Film


    In this news episode we discuss:

    WB Interactive Says They'll Be Making More Batman Games After 'Arkham Knight'
    Rocksteady May Be Working on Superman
    Warner Bros. Quebec Looking to Make Games Based on Wonder Woman, Shazam, and Green Lantern
    Upcoming Arkham Knight DLC Packs and Skins
    Arkham Knight PC to be Re-released
    Television Trailers for 'Batman V Superman' to Air During 'Gotham' and 'Supergirl' + 1 New theatrical Trailer By End of November!
    'Batman V Superman' Gets an MPAA Rating
    Jesse Eisenberg Turns 32
    Ezra Miller Turns 23
    David Ayer on Jared Leto's Joker
    'The Flash' Gets a Director!
    'Batman Begins', 'The Flash' Season 1, 'Arrow' Season 3, and 'LEGO DC Comics: Batman Beleaguered' Gets Netflix Release Dates
    Zack Snyder in Talks With HBO to Make 'Watchmen' TV Series
    Robbie Amell Wants to Star in 'Batman Beyond'
    'Arrow' Promos
    Hawkman Confirmed for 'Arrow'
    'The Flash' Season 2 Promos
    Vanessa Williams Joins 'The Flash' Cast
    Franz Drameh Confirmed as Firestorm in 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow'
    Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin to Wed
    Marilyn Manson Wants to Be on Gotham
    'Supergirl' Star Mehcad Brooks Says His Version Of DC Comics' Jimmy Olsen Is 'Not A Bumbler'
    Supergirl See Never Before Seen Footage Trailer released.
    Iddo Goldberg is set to play Red Tornado in Winter’s “Supergirl
    David Harewood says big things may be in store for his character Hank Henshaw, saying that Cyborg Superman may be “Down the line”

  • American Daily Review: The Most Immediate Slice Of The Past

    in Politics Conservative

    Welcome to the pre-game show for Constitution Radio on the Political Pistachio Radio Network through our new flagship station, KMET AM 1490 Smart Talk Radio....except for today, when Constitution Radio is once again preempted by "exciting" University of Redlands football on and by KMET 1490AM, and Mr. Gibbs is elsewhere and unable to appear on ADR.  So, in lieu of "fundamentally transforming" this program into an extention of the Hard Starboard Radio Network - which, given all the live podcasts JASmius has missed the past four weeks, wouldn't be such a bad thing, but we've got to pay attention to branding - and to give his voice more time for rest and recovery, we bring you the September 26th and October 3rd editions of Constitution Radio back-to-back, just to rub in what you'll be once again missing on KMET 1490-AM.

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    Ask Ms. V Sports

    Ask Ms. V about anything about Sports? 

    Do you have a sports Fantasy? Ask Ms. V 

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    You don’t have to reveal who you are just ask James, Cobra, or Ms. V and They'll answer your questions and give you real information.  Also join us in the chatroom

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