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    SF #204 - Doubt

    in Motivation

    On this episode of Success Freaks, Mordant & McFall tackle Doubt and how it can affect us all... but never should.  Remember, working your way past Doubt is where "the magic" happens - so, press on, Doubting Thomases & Thominas!


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    Intro and Break Music: By Jason Shaw @ audionautix.com

    End Bumper Music:  Keep Your Head Up - Andy Grammer


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    End of Day Believer and The Good Report on Sound the Shofar

    in Christianity

    Tonight we begin a study on the End of Day Believer and the Good Report. Here we begin with the twelve spies sent into Canaan. Would we be any different upon entering the land and then seeing it filled with giants so big we looked like grasshoppers in their eyes. It was a traumatic experience for the newly delivered Israelites. The report they came back with caused over forty years of trouble for them. What happens when you step out in faith and find giants in your path?


    The study is paramount in these end of days. We face many things daily and will face even more in the future. For we are that generation upon whom the end is written. There will be no other generation to see and experience what we will. In light of this, make no mistake the challenges and the giants are waiting out there. What will your report be?

    WIBR/WARN Radio sites:  www.warn-radio.com www.warn-usa.com  www.wingswatchman.org  www.dday4america.com

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    The Fear of Failing; Overcoming the Self-Doubt with EFT

    in Self Help

    The Fear of Failing; Overcoming Self-Doubt with EFT

    Are you plagued by Atychiphobia? (aka the fear of failing) Why is it that most of us have had experiences of both failing and succeeding in our lives and yet the fear of the first can become so overwhelmingly large that it can paralyze us from moving forward, even in the pursuits of our greatest passions? As EFT Business Coaches we see all the time, EFT coaches who are following their dream to make a living while helping others to transform their lives. Despite that bright light of possibility for being a change-maker and despite their clarity of having used to EFT to transform some aspect of their own lives, nearly every single practitioner at some point hits that wall...the Big Fat Hobgobling of Fearing Failure....

    "What will happen if there is a client I can't help?' "What if I go for it in my practice and can't make a liveable wage?' What if I choose a business niche and then find out I don't like it as much as I thought?" "What if clients don't refer others to me?" What if I look like an idiot and break down or start crying when I am working with a client?" "What if I find out that I am not as good at this as I thought I was?"

    These are all real examples of just some of the business fears that EFT practitioners (and almost any type of practitioner) experience.

    Tune into the EFT Marketing and Business Academy podcast hosts, Alina Frank and Craig Weiner as they provide useful insights and tips on how to resolve this key issue.

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    Need More Confidence? How to Banish Your Doubt and Believe in Your Dreams!

    in Spirituality

    The number one question that I get when I am conducting readings and coaching sessions with clients is "How to I stop doubting myself and get more confidence?"

    Most feel that there is a magic switch that certain people flip and feel confident or that some people are just born more confident than others. 

    Neither of these is true. In fact getting confident is a process and one that ANYONE can master. 

    On this show I am going to share the top 5 ways that you can manage and ultimately eliminate doubt, gain confidence and apply alot more action and focus to your dreams!

    If you are ready to drop the baggage and jump forward to your happy place, join us!

    We will be doing a few readings to so be sure to call in early!

    347 215 9485


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    Nix Doubt + Sabotage to the Curb

    in Entrepreneur

    The Prosperous Leader Radio Show - one gold-thought, one gold-gram at a time

    This week, our regular guest co-host Dr. Sydney Scott will address doubt and sabotage which minimizes growing into a prosperous leader.

    To connect directly with host Christine Monaghan, email her at ckmoyp@gmail.com

    To get "Your Why Check-up" FREE 30 minute session, go to http://dailylifemastery.com/30minute

    This show is brought to you by http://karatgroupteam.com






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    Whispers Wednesday w/ Shady & Steve: Fear N Doubt Edition

    in Television

    Every Wednesday Night Shady & Steve bring to you Whispers Wednesdays.This one of the last preseason shows as the cast will be revealed this Sunday at 9 pm est! We will discuss the new season, the new DT & the new twists that have been announced that may effect the game in ways that no one could ever imagine. Steve, one of the new DT members, will talk about what he could see as being the biggest twists and turns in the game! Last Season Steve & I worked side by side in Legion, and now he is in DT and Shady is still playing, join us as two men with two different point of views discuss the game that is about to begin! Join us as we discuss Big Brother Whispers: Fear & Doubt! 

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    Be Goodness Over Doubt Radio (BGOD) with Sylvianne, Monica Dee, and Friends

    in Spirituality

    Hello From My Heart, This Sylvianne and I would like to invite you to listen to Monica Dee, Lynette Sportsman, Garner Cowan and myself, Monday May 18th at 8pm to !0pm est. On Be Goodness Over Doubt Radio (BGOD) Radio. Due to the high listening and Call in we had last week we will be expanding the show from 1 hr. to 2 hrs, for you listening pleasure! If you have a question that needs to be answered please don't hesitate to call. We are here help you and make you feel better. Be God to yourself and Be God to others! 

    Call in at: 646-929-1371

    To Contact Garner:http://https://www.facebook.com/garner.cowan1?fref=ts

    To Contact Lynette: https://www.facebook.com/Lynette.Sp?fref=ts

    To Contact Monica: https://www.facebook.com/monica.dee?fref=ts

    To Contact Sylvianne: https://www.facebook.com/sylvianne.tuggle?fref=ts

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    Whispers TWednesday w/ Shady & Steve: Fear N Doubt Edition

    in Television

    Every Wednesday Night, this week TWednesday, Shady & Steve bring to you Whispers Wednesdays, this week TWednesday.This one is the 3rd of many for the upcoming season of Big Brother Whispers Fear and Doubt! We will discuss the new season, the new DT & the new twists that have been announced that may effect the game in ways that no one could ever imagine. Steve, one of the new DT members, will be here as the co-host and maybe he will have some secret info he is allowed to talk about this week, or maybe he will let something slip, or maybe he will dangle something off of a chain... Last Season Steve & I worked side by side in Legion, and now he is in DT and Shady is still playing. Join us as we discuss Big Brother Whispers: Fear & Doubt! 

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    in Prayer

         The original Christian usage referred to any believer who is "in Christ" and in whom Christ dwells, whether in Heaven or in earth. The designation of being a saint once you're in CHRIST and HE dwells in you is Biblical. We must own that fact. Atheists are coming out and boldly displaying their godlessness. Their are even Pastors that are revealing their doubts concerning GOD. JESUS is truley a stumbling block for those who do not posses HIS LIGHT. Be greatful for HIS salvation. Join us for powerful, live prayer Mon.-Fri. at 6:00 AM. Dial 714.459.3963  

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    Whispers Wednesday: Big Brother Fear N Doubt Edition Hosted by Jim & The DT

    in Television

    Welcome to Whispers Wednesday: Big Brother Whispers Fear N Doubt Edition. Hosted by Jim, and the Dream Team. Join them weekly as they talk about the game. Every week who knows what may be revealed. Will we learn of a new twist? Will we hear of a new turn? Will we have fear put into us? Will hearing this podcast make us start to doubt? This is part of the game, this is part of your life, this is part of Big Brother Whispers Fear N Doubt Edition!

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    Be Goodness Over Doubt Radio (BGOD): Personal Spiritual Experiences

    in Spirituality

    Hello From My Heart,

    Please join me, Rev. Sylvianne Tuggle, Rev. Monica Dee, Rev. Lynnette Sportsman tonight on Be Goodness Over Doubt  radio. We will be telling you our personal stories with encounters we have all had with Spirits, Spooks, Ghost, Crossed Over, entites, Energies and No-Bodies! Call in and tell us your experiences too and maybe we can get a reading on it for you and us! Yeah! 

    Our Special Guest Reader will be: Stacey Stephens

    Be Goodness Over Doubt Radio (BGOD): Personal Spiritual Experiences

    Lamplight Group presents:

    Be Goodness Over Doubt Radio: Free Card Readings and Spiritual Advice on Soul Talk Radio Show

    Monday; June 29th from: 8 PM till 10 PM, EST.

    Call in at: 646-929-1371


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