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    Kaitlin Bell Barnett Book Dosed

    in Health

    Kaitlin Bell Barnett is a journalist and blogger based in Brooklyn. Her first book,  Dosed: The Medication Generation Grows Up, comes out in April from Beacon Press.  It examines the experiences of young adults who came of age taking psychiatric meds. She also blogs on the subject at PsychCentral.
    Her work has appeared in The New York Observer, Parents, The Huffington Post, Berkshire Living, Gastronomica, Prevention, InTheFray, Hungry, The Brooklyn Rail, and The Boston Globe, among other publications.
    Kaitlin grew up in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and attended Columbia Journalism School and Dartmouth College, where she served as executive editor of the independent daily student newspaper. From 2005 to 2007, she worked as a reporter at The Monitor, a daily newspaper in McAllen, Texas, on the Mexico border. There, she covered city government, politics, schools, crime and general assignments.

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    ArrowTalk Podcast - Episode 60 - S3 Ep 13 CANARIES

    in Television

    While being transported from prison, Werner Zytle orchestrates an escape by poisoning a guard with Vertigo. As Oliver tries to keep Laurel off the streets as a vigilante, Malcolm arrives at the hideout to inform Oliver that to beat Ra's al Ghul he will need to bring Thea into the team. Oliver decides to reveal the truth to Thea who accepts and praises him for the work he has been doing as the Arrow. Laurel tracks down Zytle and takes him on herself, only to be poisoned with Vertigo. Laurel begins to hallucinate images of Sara, who confirms all of Laurel's self doubts. Oliver and Roy arrive in time to save her and get her back to the base for treatment. Later, Oliver brings Laurel along to take down Zytle. Laurel is dosed with Vertigo again, but overcomes her fears to stop Werner. Meanwhile, DJ Chase attempts to kill Thea, but Roy and Malcolm show up; Chase commits suicide when it is clear he has lost. Based on Malcolm's advice, Oliver takes Thea to Lian Yu for training. Laurel meets with Quentin and finally tells him the truth about Sara. In flashbacks, Oliver attempts to contact his family but is captured by A.R.G.U.S. and interrogated for the location of Maseo and Tatsu. Amanda Waller brings Oliver and Maseo to Starling City to find China White.

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    Transdermal Delivery – A Game Changer in Medical Marijuana

    in Health

    Join us today and meet a pioneer with ground breaking news on health and wellness.

    Nicole Smith has created solutions for hundreds of companies across the nation in many diverse industries from startup to Fortune 500. An accomplished entrepreneur and marketer, she has worked globally to evolve ideas and grow businesses for the past twenty years.

    Nicole's entrepreneurial spirit has catapulted Mary's Medicinals to the forefront as the producer of accurately dosed, cleanly delivered cannabis products.  Her experience in research and development has led her to discovering transdermal applications for cannabis including patches, gels, and balms. She pioneered and was first-to-market the useful benefits of THC-a and CBN; discovered harvesting techniques for the isolation of CBC and continues to develop new cutting edge ideas in isolating, manufacturing and marketing cannabis and its medicinal benefits.

    Learn today what cannabis can do for you!

    Contact Nicole and her team:


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    Special Cancer Prayer Broadcast

    in Religion

    I missed last nights  cajcer prayyer on unstoppable60  cause I dosed off sleeping  off a cluster headache this was the earilest I could get to it today so doin it now will still be having the 12:30 over there too

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    The Brony Talk Show Episode #1

    in Radio

    Today Tyler talks about the episode of My Little Pony and some of the Things that 2014 impacted tons of Gaming Websites got DOSED! And thats at 1:30pm Dont Miss it.

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    The Sexy Party Show: Homosexuality in Main Stream Media

    in Self Help

     An audio thrill ride that takes on issues of sex, dating, relationships and more with Mr. Locario, aka The Bad Boy of Dating and his right hand man Miles Cunningham

    We will discuss the phenomena that the Book "How to Have Sex With 2 Women a Day". This books is for sale on mrlocario.com and amazon.com It is selling like hot cakes! A lot of young men are out there dating multiple women. With the knowledge in this book they are gaining confidence, valuing themselves as men, and developing into something that these women of today can work with to build a great life.

    George Zimmerman is trying to  do a celebrity boxing matching. Zimmerman propositioned The Game, Kanye West,  Earl Simmons a.k.a. DMX. Zimmerman said it is for charity, but it may be all about money.

    Phillip Seymour Hoffman was found dead having over dosed on herion. He has done some great movies like Mission Impossible 3 and Before the Devil Knows You're Dead.

    The Denver Broncos lost to the Sea Hawks in Super Bowl 38. Bruno Mars has a great performance which featured the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Bruno was dancing like James Brown.

    Amina talks about guys attraction to crazy women in her Foreplay segment.

    Anita gives more information about her pleasure addictions business. She desribes her events and how discuss how toys and lingerie enhance the experience in the bedroom. She discusses how her business has an effect on her dating life.

    During the Dirty Sexy Truth segement we talk with guest Chauvet Bishop. Chauvet who is a Homosexual, Lesbian, Skopen Word artist, and Massage therapist, explains that she doesn't care much for Macklemore as she is tired of all white saviors. The discussion explores different views about homoseuxality in society and the media.

    Chauvet also performs a spoken word piece about an intimate encounter she expeienced during Hurricane Sandy. 



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    Nightly Bible Starting Special Time

    in Religion

    Its march  and still  doin bible study this month we are still in mark  goin backwards to forward started in rev  and working our way to gen.  I'm too tired tonight  to do this  I just dosed off  a vcouple  hours ago and just got up  so I'm goin to do this at my 4pm broadcast same time 4pm c  its on Peters Denbial  

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    The Sensational Brandi D. Debut New Single “LOVE IT”

    in Pop Culture

    Brandi D of the platinum selling girl-group "Blaque" excitedly announces the release
    New Single “LOVE IT” released on October 4th, one day before her birthday. The highly anticipated
    solo debut from Brandi D. is going to heat up the winter with a diverse collection of
    powerhouse hits, club-ready anthems, and sexy R&B-dosed jams.
    Brandi’s album will feature collaborations with a myriad of A-list talent. She hit the
    studio with R Kelly, Trina and Cassius D Kalb whom has written for Bruno Mars and Lupe
    Fiasco. “LOVE IT” produced by the Platinum Brothers, is a slow sexy rhythm, mixed with
    a perfect electric guitar break. Brandi D. explains, “The lyrics of “LOVE IT” came from a
    space of being in love . . . it’s about the mind and not the physical and how someone can
    really get into you without even touching you.”
    Brandi D. achieved global pop stardom when she first joined forces with Shamari Fears-
    Devoe, and Natina Reed in taking the music scene by storm in " Blaque". The group's
    debut album sold more than 1.5 million copies and was certified Platinum with songs
    such as “808”,“Bring It All To Me”, “I Do” and “I’m Good”.

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    in Radio

    Another junkie is dead.Amy Winhouse has joined the junkie club at 27,where the admission is death. Other members who joined the club at the tender age of 27 are, Janis-Joplin,Jimi Hendrick, and Curt Cobain. They all over-dosed from their drug addiction. Are some celebrities exempt from rehab, jail, or facing the consequences due to their addiction ? Amy Winehouse thought she was,she even sang a song about it "Rehab". Me and my co-host Rhea will be discussing these and other celebs addictions.I will also discuss when I battled addiction,how I over came it and have been drug free for nearly 30 years. If you suffer from a drug addiction, or know of someone who is,this is one show you don't want to miss.Log in and chat in the chat room. Call in if you have a question or a comment 1-646-652-2877