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    http://amzn.to/17wATFN DEMON OPEN PORTALS How does a person open "doorways" into their lives that allows demons to possess or afflict? When these evil powers take dominion, what will the outward result be? Christians open these demonic doorways by becoming lukewarm in their faith in Jesus. They also step into sin. The result is shown listed below.
    Demonic Problems: Resentment, hatred, anger, fear, rejection, jealousy, depression, worry or insecurity.
    Social Problems: Procrastination, indecision, doubt, confusion, compromise or loss of memory.
    Language Problems: Lying, cursing blasphemy, criticism, mockery, railing or gossip.
    Sex Problems: Fantasy Sex, masturbation, lust, perversions, fornication, incest, harlotry or child, conceived out of wedlock.
    Addictions: Nicotine, alcohol, drugs, medicines, caffeine or food,
    Occult Involvement or false Religious; Witchcraft, spirit guides, horoscopes, eastern religions, minds sciences, doctrines of devils, yoga, martial arts, yoga, reincarnation.
    Physical Infirmities: diseases and physical infirmities are due to, unclean spirits to loment and ancestral bloodline spirits. Satan

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    Kit Burns of Doorways Villa Vacations

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    Doorways, Ltd., has been renting vacation villas and apartments in Europe since 1994, when president and founder Kit Burns launched the company's Italian division from the living room of her Bryn Mawr home. Since that day, Doorways has expanded its services to include rentals in France, Spain and a few top villas in London and the Caribbean as well. Our staff, too, has grown — and we have moved to a more spacious office— just down the street from the original. But Doorways' most essential and definitive characteristic remains unchanged: our staff is still committed to offering a uniquely personal touch in helping you plan your ideal independent travel vacation. We are proud of this commitment to first-rate personal service and believe it sets us apart, among rental agents.

    Doorways caters first and foremost to travelers who are thrilled by the prospect of "living as the locals do" in a delightful European locale — enjoying the novelties of a foreign climate and culture while making independent choices on a day-to-day basis about where to go and what to see or do. This is the essence of the "independent travel" tradition, also referred to as the "self-catering" vacation. (For travelers seeking full-service accommodations, including housekeeping and chef services, Doorways offers a number of very special serviced properties; please inform us of this preference when you first contact us.) Years of experience have shown us that the most precious service anyone can offer the independent traveler is information — information about every aspect of the travel and rental experience, including the minute details of what to expect at the villa, the train station, the museum, or car rental office. We also tell you what to look forward to: the breathtaking botanical garden, tucked away and overlooked behind a crumbling wall, or that amazing gelato shop just around the corner.

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    Stargates, Portals, & Doorways

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    I don't know about you but I am a HUGE Stargate SG1 Fan! I also love to listen to interviews with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. This show will be all about the question of are there real Stargates and portals to other planets and other realms? For me I believe that of course there are and I also believe the veil to other realms is getting thinner as our spiritual consciousness is awakening in masses and evolving to higher vibrations. Our DNA is also changing through all of this, so much is happening rather quickly that it can sometimes feel a bit shocking to our physical and emotional well-being but let me tell you it is only for the better! Tune in and call in for this exciting topic about Stargates, Portals & Doorways to other dimensions!

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    3 Amazing Apartments in Florence with Doorways LTD

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    Kit Burns of Doorways LTD joins us to share three wonderful apartments available for rent in the heart of Florence.

    The Balestra is only steps away from the Uffizi and is luxurious with all the amenities you'll need while in Florence.

    The Vespucci overlooks the Arno and Ponte Vecchio with an outdoor patio that will be the envy of anyone that enjoys dining al fresco.

    The Santa Croce is filled with frescoed walls and sits in a wonderful area near the famous church and piazza.

    You can't miss with any of these wonderful apartments.  If you  want to live like a local in total comfort with access to the whole of Florence these three apartments need to make your list.

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    11:11 STARGATE 2014

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    Come Listen with your heart and soul to 2 goddesses that have spiritual food for thought. Join Gillian MacBeth and CharlaineJones on www.blogtalkradio.com this Tuesday 11/11/2014 at 11:00 as they walk you thru this 11:11 doorway. Broadcasting Live from an 11:11 Attunement Class in Knoxville, TN.

    Everything on earth is defined by a numerical configuration. All life can be explained by numbers. The currents of these numerical sequences bring into alignment a series of new understandings that will help Heal every human. 

    11:11 is The Gateway to all that is riding within a hair of instantaneous manifestation. Letting go of man-made manifestation and coming into Christed Creation. Doorways open doorways close and you are in-between all. Conscious creation with micro second intervals of thought.

    .Within the vibration and sequence of the number eleven and the 11:11 Gateway lives abundant experiences.  Tools for transformation are not always what they seem as one stumbles through the Light to find a friendly shade of gray. 11:11 in all of its glory is an Initiation. It demands 100% of your attention as it makes its way through your veins and every cell of your being. All gates of 11:11 depart at the same time since linear time is neither here nor there. 

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    Bonnie Albers On Air: Bonnie with James & Cynthia McNabb!

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    Bonnie Albers RN LNC CLC Spirit Medium specializes in Romance, Love, Relationships and Sexual Issues with a TWIST of SPIRIT. Find Bonnie on Facebook at: Bonnie Mozenter Albers,or email her at balbers714@aol.com to book a private session.

    First hour today we have a husband/wife team, James and Cynthia McNabb, who are Paranormal Investigators and eradicators! "Ninety nine percent of the calls we receive are to remove imposing presences. When people call us, they know that they have a problem. We have never received a call saying, "Please come see what we have." Instead, it is "Get it out of here!"

    Our team has over 25 years of experience with the validation and elimination of paranormal anomalies. We scientifically investigate the presence of unexplained activity using the latest in technology to validate or refute active forces. We also use psychic impressions to verify presences. If the results show positive, we engage the expertise of our Intuitive team, one of whom is a Shaman with the skills of an Exorcist, to remove the presences and bring the environment or person(s) back to a normal state.

    We have encountered and removed apparitions, ghosts, poltergeists, Malevolent Inhuman Spirits (MIS, harmful dark shadow beings), demons, suicide entities (referred to as Suicide Angels), evil spirits bound to Earth, attachments, possessions and cleared haunted buildings. We have discovered and removed inter-dimensional beings, inter-dimensional cracks, doorways and vortexes used for the transportation of inter-dimensional beings. We have also successfully helped people who have had spirits conjured and sent to them. We have also removed the affects of spells and generational curses."

    Check out the McNabbs Two websites:  http://www.pimsuccess1.com/ ; and - http://www.jamesshaman.com/ 

    "Who you gonna call? The McNabbs!"


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    A Beautiful You - Jamé Scott

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    Jamé H. Scott is a native of San Francisco, California, where she grew up in the foster care system. She was taken from her biological mother who had experienced many drug related adversities. She was exposed to everything related to drugs imaginable, to include, but not limited to prostitution and molestation. She’s lived in rat and roach infested hotels, abandoned buildings and doorways. She was homeless at times and often wondered where her next meal was coming from, or if there’d even be one. She was taught to steal, lie and beg. When Jamé went into foster care she was happy to know she no longer had to worry about being homeless, panhandling, or being inappropriately touched….by her own mother. Her foster mother, Donna Smith, completely turned her life around, she had given Jamé hope. Mrs. Smith assured Jamé the past was not her fault, but to never forget where she came from so that she would respect and appreciate where she was going She went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from LeMoyne-Owen College in 2004, an MBA in Management from Strayer University in 2008 and she’s currently pursuing her Masters in Social Work from the University of Memphis. She has a diverse background in the Social Work field and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She is currently the Foster Care Department Manager at Goodwill Homes Community Services, Inc. in Memphis.

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    New Orleans Voodoo Secrets and Recipes: Hoodoo - Obeah - Bokor

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    What they do not tell you about Readings and Divination

    Doorways Portals Spirit Gateways Interdimensional Spaces Does God alone hold the power over Destiny?  Can Destiny be affected by Human involvement?

    We will discuss Dream Interpretation and Prophetic Vision.

    The Role of Personal Will in Divination. Can a Man truly see or fortell the past or the future?

    Spirit Intervention: Can anyone give an authentic prophetic or Psychic Reading or Divination without Spirit Intervention?

    My website, where I can be reached utilizing various means almost 24/hrs a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year, operating in 360 degrees of power and understanding: http://www.HouseoftheDivinePrince.com/

    I Specialize in Results! - All else is Foolishness.


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    Harold W Becker, PBS Special "Unconditional Love- A Guide to Personal Freedom

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    Our Host: Svetlana Kim, Speaker, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, a columnist for ALIST magazine and PERREAULT Global Digital magazine; Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt), EFT, Deep Yoga Teacher Training 200 (2014-2015) at Piedmont Yoga, Consultant, and  Community Advocate.

    Our Guest: Harold W. Becker has dedicated his life to living and sharing the practical application of unconditional love. Since 1990, his consulting company, Internal Insights, has had its focus to “empower people through self awareness and unconditional love.”  In 2000 he founded the globally recognized non-profit, The Love Foundation, Inc., with the intent to “inspire people to love unconditionally.”  He blends incredible insight and intuition with humor, compassion and kindness for a strong inspirational and motivational vision in all of his endeavors which also include business, writing, speaking and personal guidance.

    Harold’s success and powerful understanding about life is evident in his collective published work including, Internal Power: Seven Doorways To Self Discovery, (White Fire 2008/New World Library 1993), Unconditional Love – An Unlimited Way of Being (White Fire 2007) Unconditional Love Is... Appreciating Aspects of Life, (White Fire 2010) Inspiring Unconditional Love – Reflections from the Heart (White Fire 2010), Inspiring Unconditional Love 2 – More Reflections from the Heart (White Fire 2011) and a PBS special entitled, Unconditional Love - A Guide to Personal Freedom (1997, DVD 2007) along with numerous articles and short stories. 


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    4th Watch: Relics Antiquities of Evil

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    In this episode Justen excavates ancient and modern relics of antiquity that have demonic attachments. The adventure explores the haunted history and stories of these cursed objects that have plagued many who have possessed them, some even paid with their lives. Are you at risk? Are you opening demonic doorways in your home? Join us tonight for these and much more! This is one broadcast you won't want to miss!

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