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    Pot Eating Abusive Cops Raid Dispensary & Patients Storm California Capitol

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    “California cops eat marijuana edibles, play darts, joke about kicking amputee’s ‘f---ing nub’ during Santa Ana pot shop raid” blared the headline in the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. UPI, CBS, NBC and FOX News issued stories of pot brownie eating verbally abusive and castigating cops caught on video. The story broke June 12 when Orange County Voice and attorney Matt Pappas released a video tape of the raid by a camera the police overlooked when they stormed into the Sky High Dispensary and dismantled what they thought were all the video cameras.

    The show’s first guest is Marla James, a volunteer at the dispensary who is a legally blind amputee, who was there when the cops burst in with masks on, guns drawn and ordered members and employees to the ground. The brouhaha that has ensued with nationwide attention over the abusive pot eating cops has triggered an internal investigation. Hear the story behind the story as Marla recounts what happened that fateful day.

    Citizen Lobbyists for medical marijuana is the name of the game in Sacramento on June 15 as Americans for Safe Access brings hundreds of medical marijuana patients and advocates from all over the state of California to lobby their state legislators for safe, reliable and local access to their medicine. With 13 bills touching almost every aspect of medical marijuana, patients want to let their lawmakers know how these bills will affect their lives.

    Every year the Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project rents a 15 passenger van to bring patients to ASAs Citizen Lobby Day. For this show the second guest are six of these patients in a free-spirited discussion on why they are in Sacramento, what it’s like to be there and what they hope to accomplish.

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    McKinney Pool Party Raid Reignites Movement Against Police Brutality

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    The video of the McKinney pool party raid has gone viral and got the attention of the world. It has also reignited the movement against police brutality seen in Ferguson, New York, Cleveland and Baltimore. Many are calling for the firing of Corporal Eric Casebolt, the officer seen in the video. His actions have been described by some as unbecoming a peace officer, and showed an officer out of contol.  Outraged is the only way to describe the way many feel about the manner in which he pulled his weapon on a group of teenagers and man-handled 13 year old Jahda Bakari . This young lady along with her father Jahi Bakari and her god-sister Ladariene McKever, will be our guests.

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    Play~ John Brown's Raid, Only Black Survivor, author Osborne P. Anderson!

    in Education

    “The Journals of Osborne P. Anderson” is about John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry in 1859 in an attempt to free the slaves of Virginia and the black men who fought alongside him. Harper’s Ferry is considered by many to be the catalyst for Southern secession which ultimately led to the Civil War.  The play combines Lange’s signature drama and comedy as it peels away traditional stereotypes prevalent in the South before the Civil War. He educates audiences with vivid characters and historical facts from the rarely told black perspective.

    Actor Ted Lange is most often recognized for starring as Isaac Washington, the lovable bartender on the hit series “The Love Boat” for ten seasons but he is also an award-winning theatre director and  playwright. Ted’s new play which he wrote and directed
    “The Journals of Osborne P. Anderson,” is currently performing in Los Angeles through June 28th.  This is the third play in Ted’s historical trilogy, which includes “George Washington’s Boy” and “Lady Patriot.”
    “The Journals of Osborne P. Anderson” is about John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry in 1859 in an attempt to free the slaves of Virginia and the black men who fought alongside him. Harper’s Ferry is considered by many to be the catalyst for Southern secession which ultimately led to the Civil War.  The play combines Lange’s signature drama and comedy as it peels away traditional stereotypes prevalent in the South before the Civil War. He educates audiences with vivid characters and historical facts from the rarely told black perspective.



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    The Air Raid with Brian Griffiths

    in Politics Conservative

    Brian talks about the relationship between the parable of the mustard seed and the significance of life, both born and unborn.

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    Testing with Wes

    in Sports

    testing with wes

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    Shocking Expose of Operation Extortion 17

    in News

    PLEASE SHARE: Episode #318: Lt. Commander Don Brown former U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General (JAG) prosecutor has literally written the book "Call Sign Extortion 17: The Shoot-Down of SEAL Team Six".  Brown has written the definitive expose exposing the suspicious circumstances surrounding the single largest loss of U.S. Special Operations forces in U.S. history.  The pre-recorded show will air on Saturday June 27, 2015 at 4pm PDST.  

    Don't miss Brown's detailed expose of this notorious alleged setup and clear continuous coverup,  The shocking expose by Lt. Commander Brown investigative attorney and best selling author details the sacrificies of lives so you and I may live free.

    Some of these SEALS in this suspicious shootdown were members of the Gold Squadron that conducted the raid that killled Osama Bin Laden (the master mind of the 9/11 attacks that killed over 3,000 innocent victims) a mere 93 days before operation Extortion 17.

    "The jaw-dropping publication of the shocking facts of the Bin Laden raid and Extortion 17 will far overshadow Benghazi" Said Janorama, Founding Editor in Chief of the Magnified View magazine.

    Don't miss this lively, high energy, entertaining, informative show covering current threats to our liberty, actionable tactics and strategies to survive and thrive in these dangerous troubled times.  

    Voices of Global Freedom Archives



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    SIDETRACKED Episode 127: Rachael Dolezal (aka - the white black lady)

    in Fun

    Main Topic:  Rachael Dolezal (aka - the white black lady)

    Side Topics:  Iowa Republicans end the straw poll tradition.  Chimps in USA are about to get legislative protection.... from medical researchers.  Real life Fallout Vault-tec bunkers going to the highest bidder.  Lets have another Climate Change prediction flashback.  Cops raid Pot Shop & eat the edibles.

    All This in 30 Minutes!!

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    The Bully Effect

    in Family

    Bill Ballenger, founder of Break the Grey in 2005, has dedicated his life to be a catalyst for
    change in the lives of youth who live a “grey” existence in a culture of uncertainty, a culture that
    fosters a “whatever” lifestyle that can destroy. Troubled and bullied as a child, Ballenger grew
    into a violent teenager, and became a young married father addicted to drugs and alcohol. Local
    burglaries prompted a SWAT team to raid his home where he and his wife were arrested.
    Ultimately their nine-month-old daughter was taken from them and they were each sentenced to
    six years in prison with the Indiana Department of Corrections. It was there that Bill’s life
    changed. Two years into his sentence, Ballenger and his wife were inexplicably released from
    prison and their daughter returned to them. With a passion for helping others, Ballenger shares
    his story challenging students to avoid the choices he made and take their lives and futures
    seriously. Break the Grey is the fulfillment of Ballenger’s vow to give something positive back
    to society.



    Host: Penny Jean 

    Be a voice heard around the world! 

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    Promo - Remembering the Doolittle Raid

    in Military

    Welcome to the Remembering the Battle of Midway, a four-part series spanning from the Doolittle Raid, to the Battle of Coral Sea and ending with the Battle of Midway. In each segment of this four-part series, you will hear from participants such as Gen. James Doolittle, Vice Adm. Paul Stroop, Rear Adm. Roy Benson, and many more. We will also speak with present-day historians that will speak about these events in naval, army and air force history. Tune in Thursday, April 16 to listen to Gen. Doolittle recount, in his own words, his involvement in the Doolittle Raid. Courtesy of U.S. Naval Institute Oral History Program.

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    The Republic of Texas Radio June 21 2015

    in Politics

    Hosts: Steve OBrien and Dr Dave Kroupa

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    Tonights guest Mr. Bob Wilson Senator district 8 of the State for the Republic of Texas.

    Exploring “The Republic of Texas” thetexasrepublic.com and the people Involved in the creation of Texas and its rebirth. Weekly “Republic Of Texas” news, Host Steve OBrien discusses Texas as a nation in the past and where we are today. Do you believe Texas can be free again? Perhaps its time to start, listen live Sunday nights as we talk Texas.

    The republic of Texas website


    To listen to Doc Kroupa's show


    Listen to Bob wilson on FBGlive

    Listen to Raging Elephant Radio


    TPO talks about the republic of Texas, the raid current events on the doc green show.


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    Gay Lives Matter - Major Issues facing LGTBQ people at home and abroad.

    in Spirituality

    On June 28, 1969  a police raid of the Stonewall Inn (a gay club located on New York City’s Christopher Street ) led to a riot followed by several days of demonstrations in New York and was the impetus for the formation of the Gay Liberation Front as well as other gay, lesbian, and bisexual civil rights organizations.  It's almost 50 years later and we've come a long way it terms of gay rights, but the fight is not over.  While America and other European nations are embracing the gay population, sadly in many countries around the world this is not the case.  In 37 of 53 countries in Africa same-sex relationships are illegal.  In Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, and Mauriatania homosexual relations may even be punishable by death.   Russia also has been in the news lately taking many legal actions under the regional anti-LGBT propaganda laws. What can we do to help our gay brothers and sisters?

    In this episode we will explore some of the major issues facing the LGBT population, including:

    The evolution of Gay Rights
    Gay marriage
    Violence and Bullying 
    Anti-gay laws world wide.
    Donating blood
    HIV / AIDS
    Suicide and Homelessness (particularly in youth)
    Adoption and Parenting

    I hope you will call in to this episode and share your thoughts and opinions about what we can do to heal, and if you have any othe issues you would like to discuss please do so.  

    About me:  Iam an Angel Intuitive, a Certified Angel Card Reader, Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Healer, Teacher, and Friend. For more information please visit my website: www.ascensionmagic.com   

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