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    Southern Warrior Sis' Launch their Candid Talk on Overcoming Homelessness &Abuse

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    EP. 2: Princess Fumi & Her Southern Warrior Sisters Talk Candidly with Ms. Paulina Johnson, Author of Achieving Against All Odds.  HOSTS: Marlas Triplett Sells, Dawn T Totty, Laura Dood, Maxine Holt Donaldson, Kim Duke Neal & Princess Fumi S Hancock, RN, DNP.

    On this episode:
    Find Out How Paulina Johnson overcame, homelessness, pregnancy at age 16, poverty, and abuse to become a successful asset in her community.
    Paulina Johnson, a native of Gary, Indiana, a native of Gary, Indiana, believes that despite any obstacles one may face, they too can “ACHIEVE AGAINST ALL ODDS”.

    Watching her parents’ battle drug addiction and violence, she found herself taking on adult responsibility as a child. After a number of bad decisions and her life headed for destruction, she became a teenage mother at the age of sixteen.

    As a young girl, she had dreams of “making a positive difference” in her family and community.  Although she was met with many challenges before she turned eighteen years old, one becoming separated from her mother at the age of thirteen, and another becoming a teenage mother at the age of sixteen, she refused to allow those challenges to hinder her from pursuing the goals she set for her life. 
    HER BOOK: I AM YOU - Achieving Against All Odds is a thought provoking memoir of a young woman who shares how she turned her trials into a triumphant victory! Read more & Subscribe to our BLOG: http://www.southernwarriorsistertribe.com/southern-warrior-sisters-candid-talk-overcoming-homelessness-abuse/


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    The Celebrity Link- Reggae Foundation Roy Panton & Yvonne Harrison

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    Roy & Yvonne
    Roy Panton & Yvonne Harrison were one of the first duets in the Jamaican ska and rocksteady scenes, both singing together or as solo vocalists.

    Roy Panton started his musical career at an early age, and after finishing school, decided to take his passion for music and the stage more seriously. In late 1950, Roy and Stranger Cole auditioned for Duke Reid. They subsequently recorded their first work titled “Freedom Land / Adam & Eve” under the name “The Rovers”, a name that they would not be using again given that, after the recording, each went their separate ways. Unfortunately, the recording never saw the light of day.

    Roy recorded some songs with Monty Morris in the studio of C.C. Dood. So, by suggestion of “Sir Coxone”, Roy Panton and Millie Small started singing together and became one of the most prolific duos of the island, leaving behind many recordings under the name “Roy and Millie”. Some of these you can find on this LP. Unfortunately, after Millie’s departure to England under the management of Chris Blackwell, Roy found himself without a partner. However, this should not be for long.

    In the autumn of 1962, discovered by TIP TOP Label’s Lynden Pottinger, Yvonne and Roy met for the first time at the West Indies Studios (WIRL) of Edward Seaga and recorded their first ever single, “Two Roads” with the B-side “Join together”.

    The magnificent performance of both, and perfect compatibility of their voices “joint together” Roy and Yvonne in what would be one of the most requested duets in the country (continues in the record).

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    Goden Archetypen en de Dood

    in Spirituality

    We hebben een mooie Onkenbaar vanavond, met 3 audioclips van Almine. We beginnen een discussie over de onechtheid van vorm; Rogier deelt een ervaring over het loslaten van verwachtingen; Else deelt een verhaal over hoe je een ander gevangen kan houden of kan bevrijden, door vooroordelen te laten gaan. We bespreken de eerste 6 Goden Archetypen en we ronden de uitzending af door te praten over de dood.
    vind meer achtergrond informatie over deze en andere shows op Onkenbaar.nl.

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    Sterven is het einde niet.

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    In deze uitzending besteden we aandacht aan het sterven en de dood. We praten met Yvonne van der Zalm over rouw- en verliesverwerking vanuit een holistisch perspectief. Zij gaat ons uitleggen hoe je zin kunt geven aan iets dat zinloos lijkt.

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    Meet Dan O'Brien. Author and Editor

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    This is from Dan's page.  It kind of says it all.  Can't wait to speak with him.  "Home for Amalgam Publishing and its regional anthologies. A blog for readers, writers, thinkers, and artists of all kinds juxtaposed with the musings of an northern Californian independent author and literary consultant. Seeking frothing-at-the-mouth fans."

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    Helen en Ontwaken, intervieuw Cees Slot

    in Spirituality

    In deze uitzending willen we weten wat paragnost en mysticus Cees Slot beweegt en hoe hij dingen ervaart.
    Cees is tijdens een bijna-dood ervaring ingewijd in de Mediamieke Transformatie en verteld over zijn ervaringen daarmee.

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    Deze week hadden we weer wat technische problemen, maar laat dat jullie zeker niet tegenhouden om te luisteren, want er zitten pareltjes van onderwerpen in de show die het wachten meer dan waard zijn.

    Onsterfelijkheid. Voorbehouden tot fabels en mythen. Maar onsterfelijkheid kan daadwerkelijk een onderdeel zijn van het natuurlijke ontwikkelingsproces van jou, van mij. Onkenbaar waagt deze week de sprong in het diepe en praat over het voorbij gaan aan menselijke grenzen, het overwinnen van de dood en de zin en onzin van onsterfelijkheid.

    Na aanleiding van Else’s verhaal over de Imlakee van vorige week zullen we ook het fascinerende concept van ik weet niets onderzoeken; hoe diepe nederigheid je tot grote hoogtes kan brengen.

    Verder alles wat je van ons gewend bent: een audioclip van Almine, soundelixers en natuurlijk intrigerende discussies. Aan het einde van de show deelt Almine haar persoonlijke ervaringen met feeën en elven en spreekt zelfs hun taal. Het was weer een vol uurtje! Luister mee in de archieven of volgende week live!

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    Skull and Bones, the uniquely build empire will air its first show. Promising to bring heated discussion and battles. Got beef with a dood, air him out lyrically right here. YESSSUR, Its time to push a Dood mic around.

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    **Baby Di's Radio Show** 8th Show

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    My 8th show. **TECHNICAL DIFFICULITES ARE BECAUSE OF THE WEBSITE** Have a great show comming up...of course the LATEST gossip and music from UPCOMMING artists!! MY Myspace-www.myspace.com/1ndonlibabydi MY AIM-BabyDiRadio MY Email-babydi93@yahoo.com HARMONY'S Myspace-www.myspace.com/itsharmony2u Dat DooD Race'S Myspace-www.myspace.com/datdoodracemg BABY QUISE'S Myspace-www.myspace.com/babyquise PATRONE'S Myspace-www.myspace.com/patroneiau