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    Inside MLB - Dodgers' Elite Youth Stabilizes Present Uncertainty

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    Today on Inside MLB your host Benson Fechter will be discussing many topics including Dodgers' Elite Youth Stabalizes Present Uncertainty, Predicting MLB Offseason's All-Bust Team, Ranking Every Team on Homegrown Talent, and more! Fans remember you too can be a part of the show if you give us a call at (713) 955-0677 and make sure to head over to our website today at mlbinside.com for the latest MLB news as well as our very own Inside MLB merchandise, don't forget the Inside MLB documentary comes out April 3rd. 

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    Episode 1601: Kenta Maeda, Scott Kazmir contracts, who plays 2B for Dodgers

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    On our first 2016 edition of the True Blue LA podcast, Jacob Burch and I talk pitching, specifically the additions ofScott Kazmir (officially) and Kenta Maeda (unofficially), as well as trying to decipher the details of each rather unconventional contract.

    We also delve into the mailbag for questions, including who will play second base for the Dodgers, some thoughts on the bullpen, prospects, and starting rotations in both Los Angeles and Triple-A Oklahoma City.

    You can send any and all questions to us at tblapodcast@gmail.com, or contact us on Twitter at @truebluela or@jacobburch.

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    Dodgers pitchers lost and pursued, plus Christmas songs & movies

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    After a one-week break, Jacob Burch and I are back for a Christmas episode of the True Blue LA podcast. We talked about one free agent Japanese pitcher that got away (Hisashi Iwakuma) and another who is currently on the Dodgers' radar (Kenta Maeda), and the team's relative starting pitching needs.

    With Christmas just two days away (we recorded on Wednesday), Jacob and I discussed our favorite Christmas movies (including Die Hard, which is really in its own special category) and our favorite Christmas songs, and we successfully outlined the exact dates when it is acceptable to play Christmas music.

    And as always, we answered questions as well.


    You can send any and all questions to us at tblapodcast@gmail.com, or contact us on Twitter at @truebluela or @jacobburch.

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    Dodgers managerial search, back in the saddle

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    Were baaaaaack. Jacob Burch and I dusted off the cobwebs from the microphones, and recorded our first episode of the podcast in over a year. We talked hot stove season, the Dodgers' managerial search, some Cy Young Award talk (this was recorded before the results were announced on Thursday).

    You can send any and all questions to us at tblapodcast@gmail.com, or contact us on Twitter at @truebluela or @jacobburch

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    Inside MLB - Dodgers' Next Move Could Be Acquiring Ace

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    Today on Inside MLB your host Benson Fechter will be discussing many topics including Dodgers' Next Move Could Be Acquiring Ace, Dombrowski Built a New Evil Empire in 25 Days, Royals Already Changing How MLB Teams Are Built, Frazier Could Provide Donaldson-Like Trade Impact, The Market Is for High-Priced OFs Is Disappearing, and more! Fans remember yout too can be a part of the show if you give us a call at 713-955-0677 and make sure to check our webiste today at mlbinside.com. Also check out cognitoys.com if you're a parent to give your a child a once in a lifetime interactive toy. It's available for pre-order today, I personally love the product and believe that you will too.

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    in Military

    William Dallas Burgess is a freelance indie filmmaker from Austin, TX.Following September 11, 2001,Dallas enlisted into the Army and spent 10 yrs as an infantry paratrooper with multiple combat deployments. Following his career in the Army, he transitioned into the private sector. Dallas' involvement in film happened by chance while working with an independent film group from north Texas.

    Mat Vance served in the Army as a Cav Scout for 6 yrs and finished at the rank of Sergeant.He experienced combat in Iraq during a total of 27 months deployed. Mat graduated from Christopher Newport University in 2004, served in the military until 2010, currently resides in Virginia and works as a contractor

    Retired Sgt Bill Ciccone lost his son James to PTSD upon his return from Iraq on 26th Nov, 2012.It was when he made his sons Memorial Page on Facebook that he met Davud Waters a Navy Vet that has struggled with Cronic depression and survived 2 suicide attemps.It was the writings on the FB Page that made David reach out to Bill and his family telling them Thank You for what they write as it has helped him deal with his own struggles and gives him the motivation to move forward.As time moved on Bill and David learned from each other and have depended on each other for answers from the 2 different sides they stood on.David explained to Bill the dark place his son was in when he took his life and Bill explained the grief and hurt a family goes through.Both have learned from one another and they decided to do something to help others in that dark place in life and the families that are left behind.Spring/Summer 2016 they will set out on an around the US End 22 Tour to bring awareness to PTSD and Suicide.They will be stopping to talk to Service members at installations across the US.They will include stops for fundraisers like 5K Runs and Poker Runs to get the word out to the civilian population.The money raised will go directly into the Spartyka Foundation

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    Rockies and D-Backs trades, Howie Kendrick and a little about Andruw Jones

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    Hello baseball fans. Welcome back to another edition of The Rosterbatorical, the official MLB Daily Dish podcast. Episode 18 is a news-filled episode. Chris Schubert is joined by Matt Goldman and Mike Bates once again to talk about all of these news.  The NL West took most of the headlines, with both the Rockies and Diamondbacks making trades and the Dodgers signing Howie Kendrick. The guys get into all of that this week.

    Key time-stamps:

    0:00- Mike talks TwinsFest and being in Iowa during this time of year

    1:59- Rockies trade

    11:18- Dodgers sign Howie Kendrick/CBA talk

    20:04- D-Backs trade

    Make sure your subscribe to The Rosterbatorical on iTunes so you know when the latest episode is released.

    And as always, make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter @MLBDailyDish, @ChrisRSchubert, @TheOriginalBull and @MikeBatesSBN. We want your questions for next week's episode.

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    ~ Today I found out the difference between a Mule and a Jackass ~!

    in Higher Education

    Mules, are a cross between a female horse and a male donkey or “jack” (hence the word “jackass”).   In contrast, a male horse and a female donkey bred together produces a “hinny”; the name coming from the fact that a female donkey is called a “jenny”, bred with a h-orse.  The offspring of this breeding is very similar to a mule, as you might expect, though generally slightly smaller, which is thought to be because of the smaller womb in a donkey over a horse.

    If you ever wondered why anyone in an agricultural setting would want an animal like the mule that can’t reproduce, it’s simply because, in a lot of ways, a mule is superior to both a donkey and a horse, taking many of the best traits of each.

    The U.S. army still uses mules to carry supplies in Afghanistan in places where the terrain is particularly rugged.

    “Mule” comes from the Old French “mul”, which in turn comes from the Latin “mulus”, both meaning “mule”.  As to where that Latin word came from, nobody knows. ~huh~?

    Zebras and donkeys can breed together, creating a “zonkey”.  Generally such breeding takes place between female donkeys and male zebras as domestic female zebras’ breeding schedules tend to be booked for creating purebred zebras, unlike female donkeys who are much more numerous.
    While mules are almost always sterile, they have been successfully cloned, the first of which was in 2003 at the University of Idaho in conjunction with Utah State University.

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    Episode 1604: Non-roster invitees, second base & soup

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    This week's edition of the podcast gets into the nitty gritty of non-roster invitees, including the ones just announced by the Dodgers this week.

    Jacob Burch and Eric Stephen also talked about the infield, including second base, and what might come in the three weeks before spring training starts. We also took several questions, in which Jacob took the food shame baton from me in revealing he doesn't care much for soup.

    You can send any and all questions to us at tblapodcast@gmail.com, or contact us on Twitter at @truebluela or@jacobburch.

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    Celebrity DAVE FOLEY Who Plays Pat Hein on ABC’s “Dr. Ken”

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Celebrity DAVE FOLEY Who Plays  Pat Hein on ABC’s “Dr. Ken”.

    Dave Foley – actor, comedian, writer, director and producer -- is best known for his roles on “NewsRadio” and “The Kids in the Hall.”


    Foley began his career in comedy doing stand-up. His early roles in television included “Anne of Avonlea,” then he and his friend Kevin McDonald formed the original “Kids in the Hall” which debuted on TV in 1988. Some of Foley’s most famous characters were “Hecubus,” one of the “Sizzler” sisters, “Bruno Putz Jones” and “Mr. Heavyfoot.”  


    His credits for the big screen include “The Wrong Guy,” “A Bug’s Life” (as the voice of Flik) and “On the Line.” Additional credits for television include “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “The Middle” and “Hot in Cleveland” -- plus his own stand-up comedy special “Relatively Well” aired in 2013. He was also the celebrity host of “Celebrity Poker Showdown” on Bravo.


    Aside from acting and comedy, Foley co-wrote the Stripper’s Union single “Give Up and Go Away.” 


         He is a father of three: Edmund, Basil and Alina.

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    Episode 312 - "What the heck are the Dodgers doing?"

    in Sports

    Show Topics:

    A. The Dodgers and their plan?

    B. Signings and Trades

    C. 30 Fantasy Questions continue with the NL Central