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    Donald Trump and the Establishment

    in Politics Conservative

    So it's back to politics on today's show.   I felt like doing that today and who knows what I'll come up with next week.  It could be an interview with a dinosaur remembering fondly his days playing with Bernie Sanders.  Okay, I kid.  But today's show, something interesting happened this week a couple of days ago and it really was once again eye opening as it puts people on certain sides whether they willingly go to that side or by default wind up there.  Taking a look at the fallout from John Boehner's comments and who agrees and is in the camp with John Boehner and who opposes and is offended by what he says, how can we at this point call Donald Trump an "outsider", "antiestablishment", or even a conservative?  Many of us already did not and have not.  Many who are true believers will likely continue to cling to that belief.  But regardless, we once again had a separating for all to see who can see, and I'll talk about that on today's show.

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    The Story of Mike Adams

    in Higher Education

    In this episode of Pot Talk Radio we share the Story of Mike Adams.

    Mike Adams is a literary slop zombie, a mutt breed of surrealism and violence, a man who likes his metal heavy and his rock southern. Adams isn’t some uppity velvet hipster publishing dead horse vomit on the perils of love, terminal cancer, or vampires. He’s not going try to impress you with an extensive vocabulary or a goddamn fedora… And no, Adams doesn’t write poetry and he damn sure doesn’t want to read yours! 

    In May of 2007 he boldly published a book of maniacal short stories entitled "Toilet Bowl Soup: Redneck Tales from the Armpit of America", selling more than 10,000 copies worldwide. With an America tour under his belt, Adams’ book has been well on its way to achieving cult-classic status, attracting both traditional literary minds as well as non-traditional readers with its absurd and immoral content. 

    Mike Adams also co-stars in the films “Watch Out”, Phone Sex”, “Wamego: Ultimatum”, and “Trust Me”. He has also contributed music to the movie “It Came from Trafalgar” staring Hank Williams III and Gunnar Hansen.

    After a good old fashion trip to rehab last year, Adams has resurfaced in 2011 with his second installment of the Toilet Bowl Soup series entitled The Holy Sh*t.

    Mike Adams currently resides in Southern Indiana where he claims to be more of a drinker than a writer. Yet, he does continue to document his deviant tales every chance he gets. Legend has it that if you drive by his house just after sundown, you might catch him during a flashback, sitting on his rooftop screaming at the top of his lungs, simply waiting for the time to come when he can finally rest in peace.

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    donald trump and the illumiti

    in History

    are the illumnti going to kill or assanted donald trump d

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    Metaphysical Insights with Dr. Ayin Adams

    in Spirituality

    Ayin Adams, PHD. is a holistic teacher of self development and consciousness. Dr. Adams uses cell memory techniques to attain balance and growth of being. She perpetuates love and spiritual truth and uses principles through development of being. Dr. Adams began healing at age 2 when she taught herself how to read and write. As an inspirational and motivational spirit guide, Dr. Adams work is deeply set in her tonality; the quickening of each individual.
    Dr. Adams has learned from sacred teachings as a Walk-In. She documents our passage in time through mythology, performance poetry, spiritual sessions, and tonality of voice that helps one break out of the current constraints and fragmentation. She facilitates folks to co-create their future especially as now many of the established structures of society are falling apart. Books include For the Love of Black Men,Good Orderly Direction,Kwanzaa in Hawai`i,For Ladies Only: Dedicated to the Color Pink, African Americans in Hawaii: A Search for Identity


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    The Jeff Adams Show go Fund me

    in Entertainment

    To get new gear and continue The Jeff Adams Show and other podcasts. We need certain items to carry on with the Broadcast. We just need $1500 to keep going!  If you have enjoyed the show over the last three years maybe think about  helping the cause!


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    1DimitriRadio: Exclusive interview with the Donald Trump wall architect!

    in News

    Dimitri’s Opening Monologue 
    (at the intersection of Freedom & Fun™ from the LifePedigree.com studio)

    We simulcast 9pm ET weekdays!
    To listen: BlogTalk Radio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/1dimitriradio
    To watch: Facebook Live https://www.facebook.com/dimitri.vassilaros

    Exclusive interview tonight with the architect designing Donald Trump's Mexican wall! Hear the latest details!

    Also, the mainstream media, including Fox News, are saying that Donald Trump is alienating female voters by daring to accuse Hillary Clinton of playing the "woman card." But Trump is right, and by not pandering to women, he will win their votes.

    And one more thing ... spanking. Many of my Facebook friends have strong opinions about parents who beat their kids in order to make them behave. I'll tell you why I think it is child abuse.

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    Next on the Tee: Matt Adams & Shaun Micheel

    in Golf

    Next on the Tee with Chris Mascaro this week is the host of the Fairway of Life show on the Sirius/XM PGA Channel and the Golf Channel, Matt Adams and 2003 PGA Champion Shaun Micheel. 

    Matt Adams -  Matt shares his insights into Jordan Spieth's collapse at the Masters and how Danny Willett's future will decide if we look back on this as Jordan's Spieth's collapse or Danny Willett's ascent. The result is similar to Gary Player's win in 1961 when Arnold Palmer double bogeyed 18 to lose by a stroke yet people don't talk as much about Palmer's collapse as they do Players' win. Matt also shared his insights in why players are starting to pull out of the Olympics, and Bryson DeChambeau's one length club set. Will it become popular? Hear Matt's thoughts...

    Shaun Micheel - Talked about what it was like sleeping on the lead for 2 nights at the 2003 PGA Championship. What did that pressure feel like? What was it like answering questions from the media and having everyone doubt that he could actually win that tournament? Hear Shaun's story plus what it's like for him dealing with a doubting social media to this day.

    Join Chris Mascaro every Saturday starting at 10:00 AM Eastern Time as he talks with PGA & LPGA Tour legends, today's players, equipment manufacturers, course Superintendants, media members and all those influencing the great game of golf...on Next On The Tee.

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    Author Donald Altman discusses Clearing Emotional Clutter on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Books

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back author Donald Altman to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his new book CLEARING EMOTIONAL CLUTTER.

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         A musical maze of magic, a show of hands, but the ears seem to be quicker.  The new blend, jazz fusion and segues so unique your mind will be spinning in joy. Couple that with the right delicacies, the perfect beverage for your taste buds, then your promise will be melody equity - soothing concoctions and the potion of soul and blues too, if you want.  Toss it around like a soul salad, and see if you are not robbed of your tensions and anguish, because music sooths the savage beast, and the funky rhythm connection (FRC) sooths every nerve ending to romantic and melodic elation.  Are you ready?  Donald Grammer is your conductor.

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    1DimitriRadio: Donald Trump is right that Hillary plays the woman card!

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    Dimitri’s Opening Monologue 
    (at the intersection of Freedom & Fun™ from the LifePedigree.com studio)

    The show is simulcast live 9pm ET weekdays!
    To listen: BlogTalk Radio http://www.blogtalkradio.com/1dimitriradio
    To watch: Facebook Live https://www.facebook.com/dimitri.vassilaros

    Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton plays her woman card. 

    First Segment
    Conservative comic and TV show host Michael Loftus mocks and belittles progressives!

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    Donald Trump/Are his new campaign ads over the top?

    in Politics

    Does Donald Trump need campaign TV spots to finally knock out the competion? Trump has been a media master at getting free advertising across the media specrtrum. Join us as we take a closer look at what Trump is really up too in these mega packed 30 second ad blitz.