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    #AnIndependentScotland? #DomesticViolence #EbolaUpdates

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    Rounding off the weekend with Sunday, DB will discuss the domestic violence and abuse charges given to the NFL players recently, as well as updates of the Ebola outbreak and Scotland voting for independence from the UK.  Will Great Britain remain "great" without Scotland?

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    Domestic Violence

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    Tune into The Relationship Handbook Live as we discuss the topic Domestic Violence. Our special guest is a domestic violence survivor R. Nikki Chaney, Founder of Heel My Heart. The goal of Heel My Heart is to help rebuild victims of domestic violence and abuse self-esteem. The 6 week program provides women with the tools and resources they need to further their education including help with college applications, resumes & cover letter, job training and interview preparation; a makeover provided by a Certified hair stylist and makeup artist, giving them a professional look and confidence to move forward with their lives, and of course, a nice pair of heels. They help women with all aspects of the recovery process, including filing for divorce and placing protective orders against their attackers. The Heel My Heart goal is to help rebuild women's self-esteem enabling them to become more productive in society, as they reestablish their lives after suffering through domestic violence.  They strive to raise awareness about the dangers of domestic violence throughout the community, while "heeling" one heart at a time. Upon exiting our program, they will reveal a new woman, with higher expectations and high self-esteem. Be sure to call in and press 1 to speak with the hosts and our special guest.

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    Domestic Violence Pt.2

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    2/26/2015: On the show today we continue our discussion with the staff at the Sarah's Refuge Inc. Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center in Warsaw, NC.  I am talking with Mrs. Victoria Grey-Allen, Executive Director, Mrs. Martha Becton, Shelter Manager and Mrs. Shavonia West, Community Educator and Outreach Coordinator about the subject of Domestic Violence and how they are educating and helping others in Duplin County on the issue.

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    Domestic Violence Pt. 1

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    2/19/2015: On the show today i am at the Sarah's Refuge Inc. Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center in Warsaw, NC.  I am talking with Ms. Victoria Grey-Allen, Executive Director, Mrs. Martha Becton, Shelter Manager and Mrs. Shavonia West, Community Educator and Outreach Coordinator about the subject of Domestic Violence and how they are educating and helping others in Duplin County on the issue.

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    100% with Eye Am Bless

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    Black History Month My Birthday Feb 18,2013 - Feb 18,2014 Brain Disease

    March 4,2014 Craniotomy

    Teen Dating Awareness Month

    Domestic Violence

    Checkout you tube ch mike pain tv

    French Kiss Mike Pain fea Kenny Wray

    video touches on DV video shot by James Enis  asst by Tonya Jackson

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    100% with Trisha Mann-Grant

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    Chicagoan, Trisha Mann-Grant, attended Roosevelt University for Music Education with a scholarship in Voice Performance. While there, Trisha became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and was crowned Miss Black Chicago. She reached many students through motivational speaking at graduations and assemblies; while being a positive role model in her community as well. Trisha was a print model in Ebony and Jet magazines, Raveen and Fashion Fair and toured the country doing hair shows, national billboards and commercials for Luster Hair products. She lovingly said farewell to the “Windy City” to pursue a career in acting and writing in L.A., California. Within a month, Trisha booked her first TV appearance with the late Lou Rawls and sports talk show host Terry Bradshaw. She then explored the world of theater in The Great Women of Color, portraying the Civil rights activist Ida B. Wells. The Drama-logue said, “Trisha’s performance was anger-personified”. This theatrical experience led to many more including, The Visit, An Evening of Shakespeare with Charles Dutton where Trisha played opposite Mr. Dutton as Lady Mac Beth, The NAACP award winning Jeffery’s Plan in which Trisha was the over-bearing boss of Kellita Smith and then the wife of soulful, crooner Howard Hewett in Say Amen.

    Hear more Thursday at 6:00 PM Central Call in and chat with us (347) 857 2383

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    Evangelist/Executive Producer Katie Jenkins stops by Good Deeds w/Dr. Renee Sund

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    Evangelist, Author, Motivational Speaker, Conference Speaker, Executive Producer, Wife, Mother, and Grandmother. She does it all through the Grace, and Wisdom of God. She has traveled the last ten years as an encourager to everyone she lays eyes on; also known to be one the funniest women in the Gospel. 

    Evangelist: Jenkins and her husband serves under the leadership of Pastor: Geraldine & Glenn  Sanders, Pastors of Lift Him Up Ministries, located in Pensacola, Florida. She’s currently attends Grace Bible College, obtaining her B.S in Bible & Theology Multidisciplinary.  

    Evangelist: Jenkins is the Founder of No More Ugly Jessica!!!! And makes it her mission to reach broken women affected by Rape, Molestation, Physical abuse, and Low- Self Esteem.  She has does it through her own personal testimony, of how God delivered her from years of abuse. She authored the book, Who is This Ugly Jessica?  Now this book has become the movie, No More Ugly Jessica, due to be released March 21, 2015.

    Evangelist: Jenkins - No More Ugly Jessica outreach ministry is hope for those who have been affected by rape, molestation, rejection, physical abuse, and Low-Self Esteem.  

    Evangelist: Jenkins's Womens Conference - Women with the Leap Affect. She feels within her Spirit that every woman should be able to impart into another woman’s life, and it causes her Spiritual baby to leaps in her womb, when the women of God come together, she believe it should be an impartation taking place, according to Luke1.41 Not afraid to deal with hard relevant issues, she preaches in your face messages, which has drawn hundreds of women out to hear her speak powerfully about ungodly- Soul ties, and Sex outside the will of God. Her life will speak for her, anything else is ineffective if it’s not being used by God.

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    Spotlight Interview- Pastor Ketrenea Owens

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    We will discuss her new book Battered Bruised but not Broken.

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    Mary "Unique" Spears of Detroit, MI was killed a month ago, and it's still baffling as to why this beautiful girl isn't here living her life; kissing, holding and hugging her children.

    Known to friends and family as “Unique,” the 27 year-old mother had recently left the funeral of another family member and decided to celebrate his life at a cabaret located on Detroit's east side.

    It was there that a 38-year-old man approached her asking for her name and number. Mary politely responded that she was already involved.

    Around 2 a.m., Mary proceeded to leave the event, the suspect grabbed her and hit her prompting her fiancé, who was also at the event, to confront him at which point the suspect pulled out a gun and began shooting.

    In the event, "Unique" was shot and killed. She leaves behind 3 beautiful boys and a host of people around the world who are affected by her senseless death.

    We are Mary Spears. We have EVERY right to say "yes or no" to ANYONE who has an interest in us.

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    Time with Tinnie: Love Does Not Hurt

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    What is love and why does people seem to think that love should hurt? There are so many different reasons. Tonight, Valerie Williams and I will be discussing why Love Does NOT Hurt. Valerie Williams is a woman on a mission. Her mission is to empower people to understand that domestic violence is not the way. Using her own personal story, she captures the attention of the individuals listening and forces their spirit to second guess how they perceive domestic violence. I am speaking from personal experience. I had the pleasure of hearing her story and meeting her and just being in awe of her courage. Tonights show is dedicated to those who have lost their lives to domestic violence and those who are in a domestic violence situation. 

    Trust me you do not want to miss this show. 

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    Author/ Entrepreneur /Leader Joyce Reed stops by Good Deeds w/ Dr. Renee Sunday

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    Good Deeds presents Author, entrepreneur and Leader Joyce Reed- REAL TALK ABOUT ALL FORMS VIOLENCE!

    In the early 80's a young girl was born into a family that left her heartless, helpless and emotionless allowing her to always fin for herself; alone and barely loved. She grew up and experienced so many things that eventually allowed her to learn, forgive, forget and grow. Sharing my story to touch hearts of others that can relate to struggle, life's disappointments, abuse, deaths, and or betrayal; and come out with a positive attitude.

    Using the words I recorded in journals and notebooks I kept as a young girl, I now bare my soul within these pages by sharing my truth. I share my personal struggles with the world to help others and give them the support and love I never felt as a young girl. I don’t want anyone to ever feel, what I felt growing up, but in my years of healing I realize that I am certainly not the only one. It was a lot of hurt and pain but there are ways to get through it, to do more than just survive. Reclaim your worth, your dignity, your SELF.  He will see you through it, and He will put people in your path that will help along the way.

    I am sharing my story with you, so others, who have judged me without knowing the silent pain that I carried, will finally understand. “Never judge a book by its cover, first open it and read it.” So as the Bible says, I am making it plain, and writing it on tablets--making my life that open book; a book that includes a vision of hope, faith and victory that many desire, but few have claimed. 

    At the end of my story, you will have cried, laughed, had chills or even gotten upset, feel hurt or feel loved. But at the very end of it all I want you to take my words, then write your own story, or rewrite your story with a new path of healing, love, and faith. 

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