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    Jennifer Kemple Born and Raised in the PacificNorthwest. Started singing at a very early age, was Raised in the church. her father played bass and sang as well, her Mom was a nurse and a singer also, her oldest brother started the whole thing. She Was in Star Fire Express I. 1975-79. Played funk. her influences are Vast. And Range from Etta James to Twisted Insane and Everything in between." By the time I was 14.. I was blackballed from talent shows. At age 16 I became the singer for a band Called Mr Lucky. at18. Sang for a Reggae Band Called Raggs and Bush Doktor. Was discovered at Chan's dragon inn.. By Rhonda Mongee.. And Michael Mentzer, I Became the Singer of Big Mumbo blues Band. Played for The Staple singers at the 2010 Winthrop Blues festival. 2008.2009.2010.." says Jennifer Kemple In 2014 Sept 27th, she was inducted into the national blues hall of fame. April 2012.. Won the X factor pass Contest . Went to N.C. for an Audition for the x factor. Made it to the producers Round. 2013 Went to Seattle for the AGT auditions. Made it to the producers Round. 2012 Flew to New Orleans. Played With Gaynielle Neville. Of The Legendary Neville Family. 2012. Met Rittz. Started working with Twisted Insane and Brainsick. Began Working with the Firing Squad. Became close with Tech 9 and Rittz. 2014 opened for Rittz on The OD Tour...

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    Talk About Reggae Music with Raggs Gustaffe and Bush Doktor

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    Talk About with Rez and Andy: A LIVE 45 minute special interest show on RST & Blog Talk Radio.

    Today's guest is long-time Reggae musician "Raggs" Gustaffe.  

    Raggs began singing in church in Jamaica at 8 years old. In 1975 he heard the Bob Marley and The Wailers album Catch a Fire and decided he wanted to play Reggae for a living.  He was also influenced by other great Reggae artists like Dennis Brown, Third World, The Heptones, Culture, Beres Hammond, Israel Vibration, The Mighty Diamonds, Big Youth, Burning Spear, and Black Uhuru. 

    Raggs started his career as a singer/drummer in the parks of Kingston, Jamaica in 1979.  He then went on to play with a band that entertained the hotel circuit. From there he moved to Germany to experiment with his musical talents with the Berlin based Reggae band, International Rockers.  While with them, he toured England, Belgium, Amsterdam, and Paris.

    Talk About hosts Rez and Andy welcome callers.

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    Racks and Razors

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    On this special earlier in the month edition of Racks and Razors join Greg Russell Tiderington, Derek Young, and Doktor Strange as they welcome actress Laurene Landon (Maniac Cop). Also they will have a Horror Hound Review and a movie review of the film Haunting of the Innocent and Derek has a special review of the comedy Son of Ghostman....

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    Racks and Razors

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    Join Greg Russell Tiderington, Doktor Strange, and Derek Young as their interview of the month is cult writer/director/producer Kenneth J. Hall. They will be discussing his work on the films such as The Tomb, Evil Spawn, Nightmare Sisters, Puppet Master and the Halfway House. Plus discussing with him on his work in the Monsterpalooza Conventions in Burbank, California. Greg, Derek and Doktor Strange reviews a new 2014 flick titled Stitch starring Shirly Brener and Edward Furlong which is out on DVD nationwide. Greg and Derek discusses the new Horrorhound Magazine Review which the topic on that magazine is about the 30th Anniversary on the Toxic Avenger as well as discussing Troma movies in general including a chapter on an interview with Lloyd Kaufman himself. So Fun Fun Fun...

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    Racks and Razors

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    Join Greg Russell Tiderington, and Derek Young as they welcome newcomers to the show whom were involved with the Crypticon Seattle Convention Brent Page, Stephania Rakas and Kelly Hughes

    *An interview with Tony Todd.

    *Song of the Month: Alice Cooper - "He's Back the Man Behind the Mask"

    *Headlines from the Crypt by Stephania Rakas

    *New Movie Review: "Camp Dread"

    *Horrorhound Review: "Special Edition" , "Godzilla"

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    ...i iz..the...doktor....

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    ...Mental Ward Superstar...
    ..will be....brainwashing...
    ..alzo....krying over..
    ..hiz troll patientz/girlfriend(z)...

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    Al Diaz and co-host Ray Doktor share their insights on “The Feminine & Masculine Dance”

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    Ray Doktor, Psy. D. is a clinical hypnotherapist, spiritual counselor, and
    life coach. He has a bachelors degree in human behavior, a masters degree in
    counseling psychology, and a doctorate in clinical psychology. He combines
    the Western model with Eastern philosophy providing a bridge between
    metaphysics, spirituality, neurobiology, clinical psychology, science, and
    quantum physics. www.wholeminds.com

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    ....honey..and..dirt....trail mix.....

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    .....the "greatest BTR host.....alive"...
    .........explainez...why...he iz...alzo......
    ......the "greatest blogTV host....alive"....

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    Does it matter if you are BLACK or WHITE? HISPANIC, ARAB or ASIAN or INDIAN even--when you get SICK?! As CORNELL WEST said in a different butt Relevant context: RACE MATTERS! Yassuh it sho does! In fact, it MATTERS for Any SPECIES of BEING (including ANIMALS) when SICKNESS or ILLNESS visits. And its at that partikular critical time that YOU need to UNDERSTAND & OVERSTAND how your BODY BEAUTIFUL is set to function due to your RACE; or better yet: Due to your ETHNICITY!! Of course, this is nothing new. Its ANCIENT. Yet mostly forgotten or overlooked--even scorned! However, its one of the Main reasons peeple continue to be SICK--they are suffering from MISDIAGNOSIS, which leads to the Rong PROGNOSIS due to lack of Rite GNOSIS! Join me in exploring how the MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX has woefully failed the PEEPLE via decades of MISTREATMENT because they refuse to recognize in toto HOW we are the SAME yet DIFFERENT when it cums to HEALING the HUMAN PLANT.
    -Dr. MooTwahz (folk doktor)-
    (this information is only for your edification and education. Use it how you see fit in helping you co-partner with whatever medical doctor  you choose for your healing journey).

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    ........front desk.........

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    ....Adam explainez  the chek in process.....

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    Possessions, Tributes and Thrills

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    For this month of May both hosts Greg Tiderington and Doktor Strange discuss the new movie review which is "Insidious" a flick very much like a paying tribute to "The Amityville Horror" and "The Exorcist" which is riding in theatre's and being very successful at the box office.
    The song of the month is "Prom Night" by Paul Zaza
    Greg also does a review on Horrorhound Magazine in which they have a main discussion on a tribute to the 1981 slasher films discussing the gore, the effects, the posters and the music. This is for the issue of May and June as he goes through the first half of the magazine in which there's topics like an interview by scream queen Tiffany Shepis and the Video Invasion as there's a discussion on Embassy Home Video.