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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: Grandmaster Mark Shuey of "CaneMasters"

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    Tune in to Dynamic Dojo Talkradio Sunday August 9th, 6:00 PM Pacific Time, as Restita and Bob feature Grandmaster Mark Shuey, best known for his cane fighting techniques and custom self defense canes. 

    Starting Martial Arts in 1970 in the Chuck Norris System of Tang Soo Do, Grand Master Shuey received his 1st degree Black Belt in 1978 under Master Harold Gross, Master Dennis Itchakawa and Master Neil Citron, and started teaching the martial arts in 1979. In September of 1999 he was promoted to 7th degree by the USMA and ICHF.

    Mark has degrees in Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, and Hapkido. He has a Master's Certification with USNKA (United States National Karate Assoc.), ATAMA (American Teacher's Assoc. of the Martial Arts), USMA (United States Martial Arts Association), as well as the Independent Karate School Association. Mark is also the Head of Cane Instruction and Nevada State Director for the International Combat Hapkido Federation.

    In 1998, he was inducted into the Martial Arts Masters, Pioneers, and Legends Hall of Fame as a "Master Instructor", as well as 1999. The year 2000 saw Shuey inducted into the USMA Hall of Fame, as well as the prestigious World Head of Family Sokeship Hall of Fame. In 2001, he was honored by induction to the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame, International Association of Karate, Kobudo, Puerto Rico Hall of Fame and USMA. Also in 2001, Mark was appointed to the Board on the World Sokeship.  In 2003, Mark was inducted into the Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame as "Weapons Instructor of the Year".

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    Dynamic Dojo TalkRadio : Rant, Rave, & Rap

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    Join us sunday August 23rd for open mic night! (347) 677-0699

    Talk about anything related to martial arts, fitness, health, running a studio, your arts, etc. Let's talk about anything! Well, almost anything. ...no politics or religion, please.

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    Dynamic Dojo TalkRadio: Masters Hall Of Fame Recap

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    Call in number (347) 677-0699

    The Masters Hall Of Fame Awards was this past Saturday, June 6th. Join Restita and Robert as they speak with several attendees/inductees to get their impressions of the event. All inductees and attendees are welcome to join the conversation, as well as the public who are curious about the Masters Hall of Fame.

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: Dr. Robert Goldman

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    Tune in this sunday June 21st at 11:00 Pacific Time, as Restita DeJesus and  Robert Deahl welcome Dr. Robert Goldman to the Dynamic Dojo! We'll start taking calls at 11:30 am, at (347) 677-0699, so call in to speak with this skilled Doctor, athlete, and martial artist!

    Dr. Goldman is a black belt in karate, Chinese weapons expert, and world champion athlete with over 20 world strength records, he has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Some of his past performance records include 13,500 consecutive situps and 321 consecutive handstand pushups. He is an inductee of the Masters Hall of Fame, in recognition for his contributions to the martial arts and to the public.

    "Dr. Bob" has spearheaded the development of numerous international medical organizations and corporations. He co-founded and served as Chairman of the Board of Life Science Holdings, a biomedical research company which has had over 150 medical patents under development in the areas of brain resuscitation, trauma and emergency medicine, organ transplant and blood preservation technologies. He has overseen cooperative research agreement development programs in conjunction with the American National Red Cross, NASA, the Department of Defense, and the FDA's Center for Devices & Radiological Health.   Full biography here:  http://www.drbobgoldman.info/#!biography/c1ktj

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    ‘Inside The Ghost Host Studio’ on-air LIVE, Saturday 8/29!!!:)

    in Paranormal

    Go ‘Inside The Ghost Host Studio’ LIVE with The Ghost Host Sophia Temperilli on LiveParanormal.com; as she details her work as a teenage broadcaster and investigator and in the field of the paranormal, SATURDAY, 8/29 -- 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm U.K. primetime GMT!!!  Listen, call-in and chat LIVE!!!

    LIVE broadcast location – LiveParanormal.com

    Live chat room and your call-ins welcome – (619) 639-4606. 

    NOTE:  The time posted is Pacific Standard.  The Ghost Host show is 3pm EST, 2pm Central, 1pm Mountain, 8pm U.K. GMT.

    --UPCOMING –


    Psychic JILL MARIE MORRIS, 9/12!!

    4th Annual Peter James’ Birthday Tribute Show Spectacular on-air LIVE (Special 2 hr.) – Paranormal field expert call-ins LIVE, 9/19!!

    U.K.’s paranormal investigator and ‘The Ghost Hunting TV’ talk show host LEE STEER, 9/26!! 

    COMING SOON -- Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” AARON GOODWIN, “Dead Files” law enforcement co-investigative researcher, STEVE DI SCHIAVI, SyFy Channel’s “Destination Truth” chief medic / adventurer REX WILLIAMS, and A&E’s “Psychic Kids” psychic TRAVIS HILL:)

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    GUTS (Givers United to Serve) On Location

    in Radio

    Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina. Power to Prosper Conference. We will be there live with Dr. Michael Chitwood and his staff.

  • NFI Radio Gospel Network

    in Christianity

    Good Morning, it's Friday August 28, 2015 LIVE 8:00AM TIL 11:00AM from the STUDIO of the NFI Radio Gospel Network, in HD2 sound. 7 days a week, setting in for the CC COUNTRY BOY it's TV and Radio Host The ANOINTED 13 hour of gosp best LIVE today. and at 11:00am it's more gospel music til 2:00pm and at 12:00 Noon it's our NFI reporter on location with various groups around the world. Miss Angela Breedlove.today guest is Mr. CW Washington catch the WAVE.

    TUNE in tonight on Time Warner Caboe 22 for the NFI Television Broadcast on Time Warner Cable 22 ART 9:00PMtil 10:00pm for the Top 10 VIDE count down of the Month, catch the WAVE.

    CATCH the WAVE Monday August the 31, 2015 at 11:00am on the NFI Radio Gospel Network, it's a talk discussion with 3 powerful men of God on a topic that is shaking America it's on same SEX Marriage dont miss it LIVE Monday August 31, 2015 at 11:00am catch the WAVE.

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    Are You At The Crossroads in Your Life?&Psychic Questions

    in Spirituality

    Are you at the crossroads in your life?  Do you not know what to do?  I read for many people who are at the crossroads and it is very difficult for these people to know which path to take.  We all are the crossroads at sometime in our life and it happens more than once. Life changes just like seasons do. It could be love relationships, a divorce which you may be thinking about, career change or transition, moving to another State or relocating, even a death.  It's unique for everyone. 

    I willl help quide you and explain why it's so difficult to make a decision when you are at the crossroads.  Remember, and so this will past.  Some people are so afraid of change and they remain stuck.  IN life we have windows of opportunity, however, these windows do not stay opened. 

    I will take psychic questions. For a detailed reading contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com.

    Love and Light, 


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    Your Weekly Dose of Political Incorrectness with Jon and Ira 08-27-15

    in Politics Conservative

    This week Ira get's to steer as Jon joins the show live on location in Reno!

    We discuss the shooting tragedy in Virginia and why guns are not to blame.

    The Donald weighed in on that as well.

    He also discusses where he stands on taxes, which may surprise you.

    Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signs a common sense school disipline bill into law.

    We also cover the ongoing Illinois budget crisis.

    Parents in Massachusetts are suing their child's private school because their Wi-Fi is making him sick.

    The Hero/Bonehead of the Week, Jon's Soapbox, Ira's Random Thoughts and much more!

  • DDP Returns to DDP Radio

    in Sports

    Wednesday, Robert and Mike will welcome DDP himself as he stops by to recap events from his achievement-packed life! 
    With his recent marriage in Cancun, a full schedule of workshops coming up, more certified DDPYOGA instructors cropping up around the world every day, and the September unveiling of the DDPYOGA Performance Center outside of Atlanta, DDP will have more to talk about than ever and wants YOU to be in on it. The DDPYOGA Retreat Extravaganza’s fall edition takes place October 16-22, at the fabulous El Dorado Resort on the Riviera Maya, Mexico. On this week’s show, DDP will break exclusive news regarding details of a new location for the 2016 retreat.  And he’ll be giving us the latest on ‘The Resurrection of Jake The Snake Roberts’ and where YOU can catch this amazing and inspirational documentary. 

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    Kyron Horman Investigation, Where Is He? New Maps

    in Spirituality

    Kyron Horman, the 7 year old boy missing from Skyline Elementary School and Terry Horman are the last places and people to see Kyron. What happened to Kyron? New Information is revealed through Forensic Astrology and maps by Linda Crystal, Forensic Astrologist, Blog Talk Show Host. Missing now 5 years, what do we know? Tune in August 26th, 2015 at 6:30pm EST as a new potential location opens up.