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    Doing Gnosis: Introduction to the Discipline

    in Spirituality

    Doing Gnosis is a program design to be a companion to the Lubbock Gnostic Havurah Hokmah. This is not a program about the historicity of Gnosticism, or any tradition claiming that heritage. This is a program designed to give you tools to cultivate a direct, personal relationship with God. You may find the diagrams and lesson outlines used in this program at http://doinggnosis.blogspot.com/.
    The audio for yesterday's broadcast was really poor. We will try again...

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    From Doing to Being with Adam C. Hall

    in Entertainment

    This week, millionaire businessman turned environmental activist, Adam C. Hall, returns to Guy's Guy Radio, to discuss his book Earthkeeper: Undeveloping the Future, and how to shift from being a DOING man to a BEING man through spiritual guidance and leadership.

    Join Robert Manni, author of The Guys' Guy's Guide To Love as we discuss life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

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    Women and Doing It All

    in Work

    Our ideas of motherhood have changed profoundly throughout American history. In the colonial times, fathers were in charge of everything. Mothers were child-bearers and laborers. During the Industrial Revolution men went out to work and mothers stayed home to nurture, sew, cook, and make the home for the family.

    Now in 2014, add to it that 40 % of women in America are the primary breadwinner of the family, the "To-Do" lists keep getting longer. Doing it all now means caring for every child's needs, time, emotional, sports, homework, school, PTA, physical, spiritual, discipline, morality and money. 

    Can we really talk about Job Creation and the War on Poverty without tackling the issue of flexible working arrangement for women and caregivers? The US is lagging behind other countries when it comes to work-life balance and legislating work policy. Join Flex Hour Jobs as we discuss where we need to start to help women do it all.

    Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/flexhourjobs/2014/01/24/women-and-doing-it-all#ixzz38aLfCHvk

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    Doing time, Incarcerated spouses

    in Islam

    Doing time with a spouse. Do you hang in there or do you move on?

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    Doing What It Takes VS Doing It Your Way

    in Entertainment

    I think alot of times we as people get confused by doing things one certain way that we get caught up having a mindstate of "Doing It My Own Way" type mentality will take you in the wrong direction...But when you make up in your mind and decide to start "Doing Whatever It Takes" type mindstate then your whole world will change. Tune in ya'll it going down rite on The GetHeard Show.

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    Creating Business HarMoney - Being Bold & Win Doing Business God's Way

    in Business

    Creating Business HarMoney with Mike Calderwood with his guest Jeff Shore & Santiago Rivera

    Jeff Shore’s highly sought-after sales training seminars and keynote addresses inspire audiences across the globe to change their mindset and change their world.

    As an in-demand sales expert, author, speaker and consultant for over three decades, Jeff has a unique ability to connect with audiences on a personal level and transform the way they look at what they do, inspiring meaningful and lasting change.

    His innovative, research-driven and real-world approach to BOLDNESS is more than just another sales technique; it’s a fundamental shift in how to approach the sales process.

    Doing Business God’s Way delivers a message of hope that uplifts individuals, business owners and communities worldwide.

    We are committed to teaching how to do business following God’s principles because conscious leadership, attainment and prosperity are found only in a personal relationship with God.

    We are devoted to helping people everywhere rediscover their true life’s purpose, which will help them evolve into the successful business owners and effective, loving leaders they are destined to be.


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    Whatcha Doing Wednesday #1

    in Entrepreneur

    This will be like a review of whats going on within the next two weeks.Mainly in the Midsouth but also coast to coast events will be announced. Events,Expos,Conferences,etc....

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    " Simply Haneef" Topic: Living in your calling doing what you love.

    in Lifestyle

     First Guest: Dawn Renae Oree. on at 10:00 am

    powerful life instructor, Dawn Oree (Coach Dawnnae) has felt the groans a life without living out your purpose. With years of experience as an entrepreneur, teacher and guide to many through the uncertain areas of life, Coach Dawnnae has learned how to set the tone for life transformation to occur.

    Second Guest: Jeanette Chasworth (Interior Designer) on at 10:30am

    Jeanette Chasworth’s clients have nicknamed her “The Color Whisperer” because of her approach to creating incredible rooms or homes for her clients. When starting a new project, she first listens to the needs and desires of both the client and the house. Instead of fitting her style to a project, she uses her intuition and design knowledge to create a unique environment that weaves together each client’s unique tastes, preferences and functional needs to create a space or home that reflect the client’s personality.

    Third Guest: Arsineh Alenkin(Events Coordinator) on at 11:00 am

    AB Weddings & Special Events was opened in 2003 by Arsineh Alenkin, who initially started planning weddings. She later expanded to cover special events, such as charities, fundraisers, after-parties and others. Having worked from the entertainment industry, most of Arsineh's clients are producers, festival directors, actors/actresses and young artist. My next project is the 1st annual Millenia Scope Gayla Premiere Post Oscars Award Party on Feb 22nd. Please visit www.abspecialevents.wordpress.com

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    The Power of Praying and Doing

    in Prayer

    Insight into prayer reveals that praying is more that than eloquent speech or sweet sounds of "Lord, Lord." Prayer is obedience. Only those who obey have the right to pray. Praying must be supported by doing. It is the constant doing of God's will in daily life that give potency to your prayers. No name, however precious and powerful, can protect and give power to prayer that is unacompanied by doing God's will. I invite you to Join us for live prayer Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.

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    Doing The Math For 2015.......

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall be "doing the math".  The math we are talking about is really the basic arithmetic that we need to use in setting our financial goals for our upcoming year of 2015. We shall be apply the basic 

    We shall do the math for organizing solar panel training and brining commerce to communities who seek our presence and business. 

    Feel free to call in to make comments and suggestions; also have pen and paper available to take plenty of notes.


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    102 - Vendors Doing It Wrong

    in Entrepreneur

    Topic:  Contests, Vendors Doing It Wrong, Doing It RIGHT!

    Hot Dog Vendor Radio is a weekly show for street food vendors.  We focus on the ongoing training, rules and codes, loopholes, tactics, tips and tricks for becoming more successful.


    You can watch the show live at http://streetfoodvendor.tv and join the chat room there as well.

    We take live hot dog vendor and street food vendor callers at:

    424.258.9364   Press option 1 to talk connect to show host.

    Each show with show notes is available at http://learnhotdogs.com including numerous blog articles, a resources page and much more.  

    *Explicit tag*  Shows can and do contain some words, you know little letters put together to form words, in other words, sounds come from our mouths that have been known to offend.

    To declare yourself "OFFENDED" is the same as telling the world that you can not control your emotions and that everyone else must do it for you. 

    Come and enjoy, grow your business and share your knowledge at Hot Dog Vendor Radio and Street Food Vendor TV.  

    If you would like to co-host or join the live feed, please email ben@learnhotdogs.com

    Much Love!

    Ben's Blog -  http://LearnHotDogs.com
    Ben's Live TV Show - http://StreetFoodVendor.TV
    Awesome hot dog carts - http://BensCarts.com
    Vendor Accessories and More - http://store.benscarts.com
    Build Your Own Hot Dog Cart - http://BuildaCart.com   

    Join the fun, be your own boss and make a real income.  

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