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    Dog Foods - What's the difference between them?

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    Todays Topic - Dog Food!
    "What's the best dog food for my dog?"
    If you have a dog I'm sure you have asked yourself that same question.  Tune in for more information on the best foods for your furbaby.  
    Give us a call with your questions or join our live chat discussion during the live broadcast.

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    Jodi Murphy's New Book - Dog Grooming Simplified

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    Jodi has been well respected as an educator in the grooming industry for many years. She was ranked one of the top pet stylists in the world, winning countless titles including World Grand Champion and Best American Groomer. Jodi is here to share with you her knowledge in this extraordinary grooming book. With over 190 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club along with individual breed-specific grooming instructions, it can become very overwhelming for groomers to retain the information. "Straight to the Point” is the solution to understanding pattern lines, which simplifies the learning process. Whether the patterns are set tight, left more natural or scissored...they are set in the same fashion. Once a groomer understands basic patterns and canine structure, he or she will be able to groom any breed with ease. With over 400 beautiful color images, including some of the top winning show dogs in the country, groomers will be able to see proper pattern placement on real dogs. These fabulous photos can be used as a reference that will facilitate in executing a perfect pet trim. A pet dog does not have to be groomed using “show” techniques, i.e., hand stripping, to present the proper breed profile. With proper pattern placement and techniques described in this text, the groomer will be able to present a well-balanced, well-blended pet trim to the pet owner.

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    Pet Radio-Dog Grooming at Home

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    Are you afraid to trim your dog's coat yourself? Its easy!

    In this special show we talk about how to groom your dog yourself and products that make it easier. Shay Moeller from Wahl will give us grooming cutting tips and talk about the Dirty Dog Initiative which gives grooming supplies to shelters, and Derrik from Tropiclean will talk about various shampoos.  Next Dr. Liz will talk about pet safety during the holidays, and we will meet the folks at Wacky Paws!

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    Therapy Dog Programs

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    Join host Robert and Michele Foero as the talk about Therapy Dogs on Dog Works Radio.

    Dog Works Radio us part of the Dog Works Radio Network. 


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    A Pig At A Dog Show, Temple Grandin Recap, Bold Lead Designs and Pawzii

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    Lots going on in today's episode of The Dog Show with Julie Forbes!

    First a recap of the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show which was last weekend.  A miniature pig performed in a dog obedience demo, and everyone was a-buzz about Temple Grandin.  (If you missed Temple Grandin on The Dog Show with Julie Forbes, just go to our website "Pawdcasts" page and you can listen from your computer.  Or download for free from iTunes - it was episode #314!  Next I talk with Katrina Boldry of Bold Lead Designs - the BEST dog leashes and service dog equipement you can find!  www.boldleaddesigns.com and we finish the show talking with Pawzii - a software platform for animal shelters and local municipalities to manage their pet licensing programs online.  Founded right here in dog-crazy Seattle!  Today's show is jam-packed.  Enjoy!



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    Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show! Julie Forbes talks with Show Chair Jane Anderson

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    There's more to the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show than pretty dogs trotting around the rings.  In this episode of The Dog Show with Julie Forbes, dog training and behavior expert Julie Forbes talks with show chair Jane Anderson about all the different aspects of the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show which is coming up on March 7 & 8.  www.seattlekennelclub.org

    From agility trials, to police dog demos, herding and nosework demos, and of course "K9 Freestyle" (dancing with your dog), there's plenty to entertain the whole family.  Learn about breeding and other fun facts about dogs in today's informative episode.

    Find all of our over 300 episodes archived on www.dogradioshow.com and also as a free audio podcast on iTunes.

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    Service Dog Welfare - Experts in Service Dog industry express concern.

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    Experts in the service dog industry, Jeanne Hampl and Darcie Boltz share their perspective on a family highlighted with Matt Lauer who have a service dog for their small child.  Can we expect a young child to know how to properly handle a dog by herself?  During the interview the dog showed signs of stress that the general public wouldn't recognize, but had the dog industry ignite - like panting and yawning.  This interview brings up a larger topic of service dog welfare that gets lost in the "feel-good" stories, like this, that get ignorantly run in the media all the time.  My question is:  WHAT ABOUT THE DOG?



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    Dog Works Radio: Myths about dogs

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    Join hosts Robert and Michele Forto as they bring you Dog Works Radio from Willow, Alaska

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    Dr Nels heals dogs' back pain, plus dog training/behavior questions answered.

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    Welcome back, Dr Nels Rasmussen www.nelshealingministry.com.  Host of The Dog Show, Julie Forbes, brings two of her dogs into the booth this week for Dr Nels to "adjust".  Both have tweaked backs.  The first is her 12 year old dachshund and the second is her 8 year old australian cattle dog.  Dr. Nels practices a technique called B.E.S.T. that has worked wonders for many animals in the Greater Seattle Area.  Learn about his wonderful work on today's show.  Then, Julie talks with booth engineer and director of operations at the station, Eric, about his new rescue dog.  She'll answer any and all questions he has about the new member of his family.  Find Julie's blog and all past episodes archived at www.dogradioshow.com.


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    How to potty train your puppy in less than a week!

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    Today's show is all about potty training your dogs.  Art will go over several different methods of potty training including pad training, box training (litter box), as well as ringing the bell to let you know they have to go outside to potty.
    Included is some dog psychology information including how dogs live in the moment, pack leadership and pack structure, and more.  All of which will help you potty train your dog easier and faster!

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