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    GRACELAND: JD Gordon, former DOD spokesperson, discusses the Islamic State

    in Politics

    This week former Defense Department spokesperson and current Fox News contributor J. D. Gordon joins Graceland to discuss the Islamic State and the global war on terror.  Are we beating ISIS?  Are we losing?  Can we even tell at this point?

    Gordon explains how this is an ideological war and what the West must do to counteract that.

    We also discuss Guantanamo Bay.  Should the United States close down Gitmo and turn it over to the Castros?  Could it become a base for terrorists that are cozy with Cuba?  Gordon offers some interesting scenarios on this.

    Jennifer Meadows and Curtice Mang are also joined by radio and TV personality from Memphis, TN, Charles Johnson.  “The Great Black Hope” as he’s affectionately known will offer his observations on Hillary Clinton and her email problems.  She used only her personal email account not a State Department email account for “convenience.”  Yes, it makes us laugh too!

    Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton and 46 other Senators send a letter to Iran telling them that whatever Obama agrees to without the consent of Congress can be undone by the next President.  Not an unreasonable possibility.  The Obama administration and other Democrats aren’t happy about it.  We will have some comments on this as well.

    Tune into Graceland with Jennifer Meadows for lively discussion on important topics.


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    Jade Helm 15 and Agenda 21-The NWO also The headlines of the hidden news

    in Paranormal

    Host Jerry Williams covers all the latest news Hidden by the main stream media and the Lastest on Jade Helm 15.

    Then we will cover Agenda 21 and the NWO Operation as we are seeing go into effect this year.


    Listen in live or call in press#1 if you want to chat or add to the topic.

    Thank you

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    AWTR Show 432: DOD Family Readiness Council

    in Military

    Army Wife Talk Radio is the leading internet talk radio show for Army wives, by Army wives. AWTR is hosted by the Army Wife Network Core Team -  www.ArmyWifeNetwork.com. AWTR guests bring exciting, relevant topics and resources to the attention of our military families.
    Main Guest: Jeremy Hilton, DOD Family Readiness Council
    Resource of the Week: Tara Ruby Photography

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    DoD Podcast #5

    in Radio

    Enjoy this week's podcast featuring staff members from the U.S. Department of Defense. This weeks show is hosted by Secretary of Defense, Sullivan1995. You can ask your questions at ask.fm/DoDPodcast. Transfer to SECDEF-US today! http://secdefus.com/transfer

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    From Citizen to Suspect to Subjugated: Big Brother via Jade Helm

    in News

    On April 27, the U.S. Army sent a propaganda team to Texas to speak to the Bastrop County Commission about Jade Helm. For almost two hours, Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria spoke to more than 150 people. This video examines a portion of the session where he explained the Jade Helm logo.

    He explained that the Jade Helm logo has a Dutch clog inserted in the artwork but his explanation defies history and is not accurate.

    The Jade Helm exercise will also utilize military planning system software. This is the new direction of the DOD which will eventually incorporate the Big Brother Global Information Grid and make every free citizen a suspect.

    The Lt. Col also admitted in a veiled manner, that the Jade Helm exercise will practice dealing with insurgents / freedom fighters.

    The future of Big Brother is here and it is manifesting with Jade Helm.

    Guest: Nathan Leal

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    Black Judge racist - Muslim Privileged !

    in Politics

    Hr1 Talking Hillary Clinton's run for president. If Hillary was honest, she would step aside and allow someone else to run who actually loves this country.

    Is it any wonder Hillary is trying to distance herself from the toxic Clinton brand? I think not.

    Pastor jailed after calling pro-LGBT bakery to have pro-traditional marriage cake baked. So much for equality!

    Hr2   Missouri State University LGBT group wants to remove campus leader for supporting religious freedom. Sounds tolerant to me... NOT!

    Costco employee who refused to touch pork and alcohol due to religious objection sues when store gives him new job. What did he want them to do, stop selling those items?

    How charitable are the president and vice president?

    Walt Blitzer interviews Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Rand Paul. But Debbie Wasserman-Schultz won't answer the question as to whether or not it should be legal to abort a 7lb baby.

    Hr3  Obama Admin sues trucking company for forcing MUSLIM drivers to deliver alcohol! UNREAL!

    DOD says Constitution, Bible and Declaration are SEXIST?

    Black Judge gives armed robbers easy sentence because the 3 year old they victimized was racist!   UG!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Inside the DoD #4

    in Radio

    This week's podcast features: Secretary of Defense, Sullivan1995; Chief Warrant Officer Five, Lt.Xinro; Chief Warrant Officer Five, Skando; Colonel, David-Rules; Lieutenant Colonel, Aljamaaheer; Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, -=Madara=-. 

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    Unhealthy WORLD : Weight Pain Management stress Change your inner Software

    in Psychology

    What is Human Inner  Software Development?

     Dr Imhotep Ishmael Al-Basiel AA, CS, MSc TCM, PHD  has been pioneering the field of Human Software Development since 1978 trained in China in the early 80,s in Qigong Taichi Acupucture,and Practiced Acupuncture in Chicago With Barbara Zeller MD in 1981 (Shin hak pang academy grad) Trained in and introduced to  Nlp by robbins research international / Tony Robbins one on one) Imhotep is a consultant to nfl nba and dod. The  Founder of Codestreamlabs.com. Human SoftwareDevelopment  (HSD) is not  new science that views the body and everything in it as patterns of energy and information. HSD is a unique combination of new insights that draw on various diverse fields such as physics and consciousnessand ancient eastern health sciences.

    We created computers to automate certain human tasks. With computers, the software controls the hardware or output. With humans it is the same. Our inner human software made up of our thoughts, emotions, conditioning, traumas, identifications, intentions, etc. determines what we do – our output.

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    The Red Whine with Jodi and Di - April 8, 2015

    in Politics Conservative

    The Red Whine with Jodi and Di - April 8, 2015

    Tonight we are so excited to have Kaytie Salas on to discuss PTSD. Kaytie has worked in the DOD and VA system and is starting a nonprofit that will address the needs of Vets suffering from PTSD. We will discuss the scandals still coming out of VA administration's handling of our brave men and women and the financial messes. So looking forward to your calls

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    Jade Helm 15"DRILL" .. "Master the Human Domain." AKA Prepare for alien takeover

    in Current Events

    Welcome again to { The FullFledge Show }    Episode  , (  Jade Helm 15 "DRILL"  )   Realistic military training , normalizing and gearing up for Martial Law. It’s also supposed to be about the coming Chinese takeover, (Jade-China at the Helm) besides being a blatant display of the coming Gray State future. If you haven’t seen the David Crowley Gray State trailer you should youtube that immediately (or after the show). The largest cloning facility in the world is located outside Beijing, China. Prepare yourselves for a soul-less, demon infused Chinese takeover with orgone as soon as you can. There’s talk about an incoming asteroid impact due for September 24th-25th, which happen to be key dates relating to this Jade Helm 9/11 scenario, shining light on an interesting angle involving NEO detection, NASA, and tying it in with the coming UFO invasion. Jade Helm 15 is labelling certain states "Hostile." Who are the enemies according to their own documents? We know who: Anti-NWO/Illuminati activists, anti-government, pro-Constitution, Christian Identity; anyone with a thinking brain that has figured out the left/right dichotomy is a farce and the Shadow Government/Hidden Hand is in control. Tie this in with that Germanwings Flight 4U9525 (April-21st, September-25 "surprisingly") which crashed at the hands of Andreas Lubitz-it's Andreas' fault....and the predictive programming Hollywood movie "San Andreas" which involves the Earth splitting open and East Coast doom. There's sure to be some more info as that develops..."We always knew this day would come." 

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    in Current Events

    Join me and my guest Aaron Stair today to discuss the dire situation on the borders of America- For over a year and a half Aaron has protected the Arizona border. He is one of many courageous militia members risking their lives to secure the safety of the american people. Sacrificing his time away from friends and family, financing his own way while putting his own life in danger. Aaron will be covering the many acts of war being committed by armed foreign nationals pourin through our borders.  They are committing murder, pedophilia, extortion, trafficking drugs, kidnapping and human trafficking - running  prostitution rings and more- meanwhile our State Governors claim they do not have the funding  to secure the Mexican /American border with State Guard Military forces. Meanwhile billions are found to support everywhere welfare benefit for the felons that are here - Washington also had managed to find billions of dollars to fund terrorism around the globe to stopcrimes against humanity -They are running a multi billion dollar operation called Jade Helm 15 in 10 states right here in America Using military aircraft, armed vehicles and Special Forces along with local law-enforcement against  the American people - So why won't they secure our borders? !!!!! Why are they allowing foreign nationals to kill  American citizens? Why are they allowing Terrorist  to cross into America through  open borders endangering our lives- The DOJ and DOD are arming the drug cartels and rewarding felons invading Americayet we sit! WAKE UP America we are at war and the culprits waging jihad on AMERICANS Is in Washington DC