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    Glenn Shimkus on Docusign for Agents & Brokers

    in Real Estate

    Today we're joined by Glenn Shimkus with Docusign, to discuss how this remarkable digital-signing solution has changed the industry, and what kind of future innovations we can expect from Docusign. Glenn is the Vice President of Product Management at DocuSign, responsible for the Company’s products for the Real Estate industry.  He was previously the co-founder and CEO of Cartavi, which was acquired by DocuSign in 2013.  Glenn is a technology enthusiast, gadget aficionado and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the fields of document management, mobile applications, and cloud computing.

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    Thu-An (An) Bui of DocuSign

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    Thu-An Bui, Senior Manager, Social Media DocuSign will join us today and share insight into the service as well as how they use social media to engage. Remember the event http://REtechSouth.com is coming up March 31-April 1. Thanks to the Georgia Association of Realtors and the South Carolina Association of Realtors for their partnerships.

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    Bringing New Ideas to Life | Tom Gonser & Willis Turner

    in Entrepreneur

    These days we’re seeing more and more C-Suite leaders embarking upon entrepreneurial ventures later in their careers. Some have the spirit of entrepreneurship instilled in them at a very young age. Many have brilliant ideas for improving the world around us, but few would drop everything to see their ideas come to light.

    Our first guest is Tom Gonser, founder and Chief Strategy Officer of DocuSign, the world’s most trusted Digital Transaction Management network. Tom says many in leadership positions recognize deficiencies in our world and devise brilliant solutions to change things for the better. Of the hundred other people with these same ideas, 90 of them will never try to bring these solutions to life. Once we realize that failure is not the end, we can become empowered to create a lasting impact on society through our ideas.

    Putting aside our personal motivations to help our organizations grow will create a positive impact on our businesses and the world around us. As we move up the ladder in our careers, it’s natural for C-Suite leaders to become more vulnerable in our high-profile roles. Building a strong network that supports us through changing titles, responsibilities and business ventures is essential. 

    Our second guest, Willis Turner, is the President and CEO of Sales and Marketing Executives International, a worldwide association that develops skills, standards and knowledge for sales and marketing professionals. One of founding principles of SMEI is sharing knowledge, and it’s become crucial for business leaders to voice their ideas, opinions and challenges in order to change their environments and develop successful solutions. Focusing on developing leaders at every level, and considering the impact of your own leadership legacy, will ensure your company thrives and maintains sustainable growth.

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    Bert speaks with Elizabeth Potter, Lou Adler and guests

    in Business

    Elizabeth Potter Best Selling Author, 2012 Quilly Award winner and was recently a guest on the Brian Tracy Show aired on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox Affiliate stations. She owns LP Credit Resolution, a credit buying company that specializes in credit card accounts. The company is committed to helping people re-build their lives   Penfield Tate experienced in public finance and municipal law, as someone who has worked in government and as an adviser to government. He has wide-ranging experience representing public entities, lenders and underwriters engaged in the process of financing essential public improvements, and advising local and state governments in the exercise of their administrative responsibilities   Tom Gonser founder of DocuSign and leads the company’s overall strategy. He is considered by many to be the father of electronic signature   Lou Adler CEO and founder of The Adler Group, a training and consulting helping companies around the world implement Performance-based Hiringsm. He is the author of the Amazon top-10 best-seller, Hire With Your Head. His most recent book, The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired. He is one of the top bloggers on LinkedIn’s new Influencer site writing about the latest trends in hiring, employment, and recruiting    

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    Cloud Computing for Commercial Real Estate Professionals #1

    in Real Estate

    For this show we are going to focus on a few cloud computing apps that may greatly help commercial real estate professionals.
    Learn how to skip all the hassles of email and fax and exchange documents with authenticated signatures that can be introduced and proven in court, (Something near and dear to my heart), with Docusign.
    New Dirt is a pretty nifty new online service that is more than just a listing service.  Using their unique software and algorithms, it can match properties meeting criteria set by national tenants.  It can actually put the listing broker in touch with the national directors of real estate while keeping the directors shielded from wasted and unwanted property listings.  Should be a great timesaver for both.
    Docusign and New Dirt are totally separate and distinct applications and services that the CRE professional can access in the cloud, from your computer, smartphone or tablet.
    Finally, Howard will be discussing some of the pros and cons of using cloud computing for real estate professionals, including a detailed discussion of security.  This will be a practical hands on discussion based upon Howard's many years of using internet cloud services from before it was known as the "cloud."  Have you ever heard of "SAAS"?
    This show is not about endorsments and is not an informercial but a discussion on these specific applications.

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    The Short Marketing Guide to Long Term Marketing Education - Neil Eneix

    in Technology

    Welcome to Cloud Talk Radio this is your host Keith Eneix with business partner and cohost Neil Eneix and today we are getting “loud in the cloud” talking about the latest in technology news as well as a unique topic that will help you business owners to grow your business. We will be discussing how to Learn Internet Marketing: The Short Marketing Guide to Long Term Marketing Education. Maybe you’ve tried your own marketing strategies with your website or you’ve hired someone to do it for you but have been struggling with getting ROI on your efforts. We’ll be discussing some key points you can take away today to get you closer to ROI as well as some ongoing education helps for you so that you can personally implement better marketing campaigns or just plain ol understand what the company is doing that you hired… that much better.

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    Learn Internet Marketing


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