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    Making Documentaries

    in Film

    Interview with Alan Austin
    Topics of conversation:
    Making Documentaries Experience reporting in Vietnam The Shakespeare Mystery Researching Crime Stories Experience interviewing death row prisoners The Cottage Alan K. Austin
    iUniverse (2011)
    ISBN 9781462068708
    Reviewed by Joseph Yurt for Reader Views (6/12)

    Read the review on ReaderViews.com

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    Cinema in Noir - Colorism, the Aaliyah Biopic, & the Best Music Documentaries

    in Film

    Hosted by Candice Frederick, Kimberly Renee, and ReBecca Theodore-Vachon, "Cinema in Noir" covers the latest casting news, reviews, and interviews with the best and brightest talent in film. In the latest edition we discuss the casting of Zendaya in the Lifetime Aaliyah biopic and claims of colorism.  We will also countdow our favorite music documentaries.  Lastly, we will discuss the upcoming season of True Blood. 

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    I Have Been Everywhere, Man - with James Gelet

    in Film

    Co Host: Monica Valdes of DocMiami.org

    The past year and half, James Gelet has been traveling solo across the United States, telecommuting for work, living in hotels, and snapping photos at film and TV set locations as he goes.

    Tune in to hear more about his adventures and travels to famous film and tv sites.

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    06-On The Record: You don't need a Gucci bag to be cool at Cannes Film Festival

    in Business

    Eileen Hoeter has been directing and producing since l983. She is currently the chair of Women in Film International, a Director member of the Directors Guild of Canada, and the president of the British Columbia Industry of Film Professionals. She has won numerous awards for her work, including a Leo Award for Best Informational Series - The Creators, as well as being nominated for a Genie for Dying to be Perfect. Her career has covered numerous areas including, Television, Documentaries, Drama, Animation and Photography. She has taught film at UBC, and BCIT, and was the Director of Film Related Studies at The Vancouver Film School. Her activity in the film industry has kept her a visible and respected resource and contact. Eileen received her MFA in Film and Television Production from the University of British Columbia in 1989.  She also owns a beautiful bed and breakfast in Mexico called Villa Star of the Sea.  www.VillaStaroftheSea.com


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    "Theology Matters" with the Pellews: Intelligent Design with Dr. Steven Meyer

    in Christianity

    Join Devin and Melissa Pellew as we discuss issues related to Christian Apologetics, theology and biblical worldview issues. This week, we will be discussing the new book, Debating Darwin's Doubt: A Scientific Controversy That Can No Longer Be Denied, edited by David Klinghoffer. The book includes ten chapters written by Dr. Steven Meyer and contributions from biologists Richard Sternberg, Douglas Axe, and Ann Gauger; philosopher of biology Paul Nelson; mathematicians William Dembski and David Berlinski; and Center for Science and Culture research coordinator, Casey Luskin.

    During the first hour, we'll be joined by attorney Casey Luskin of The Discovery Institute in Seattle. In his role at Discovery Institute, as Research Coordinator for the Center for Science and Culture, Casey assists and defends scientists, educators, and students who seek to freely study, research, and teach about the scientific debate over Darwinian evolution and intelligent design. Casey will discuss the information he researched and shared in the book.

    During the second hour, we'll be joined by Dr. Steven Meyer. Stephen C. Meyer received his Ph.D. in the philosophy of science from the University of Cambridge. A former geophysicist and college professor, he now directs Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture in Seattle. In addition to his book, Darwin's Doubt and his work on Debating Darwin's Doubt, that we will be discussing, he has also authored Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design. Dr. Meyer's bio includes many published editorials in national newspapers and appearances on national television and radio programs as well as many other popular scientific documentaries. Join us for this informative discussion with some of the leading Intelligent Design proponents of our day.

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    Writestream Tuesday: Character Driven Productions with Shawn Swords

    in Film

    In a departure from the usual discussion of books and authors, on Tuesday July 28 Writestream co-founder and Tuesday host Daria Anne welcomes Shawn Swords of Character Driven Productions:

    Character Driven Productions is an award winning, dynamic film and video production company located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Our staff has a vast amount of experience in film, video and commercial production. Our projects accommodate a wide variety of budgets and styles, catering to individual clients needs. We can take care of all aspects of production from conceptualization to finished product.

    The company's staff has worked on a variety of projects over the years including feature length films, documentaries, national commercials, promotions, and events. All aspects of production are executed in-house, from creative conceptualization to shooting and editing.

    CDP has received regional and national attention with its documentaries. With myriad appearances at film festivals and public broadcasting stations across the United States CDP has cemented its reputation as having an honest ‘pull no punches’ approach to storytelling at all media levels, from local to virtual to national.

    During the show, call in with your questions at (347) 945-7246.

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    William Still and Vigilance Committee Rescue Jane Johnson and Sons

    in Prayer

    Arriving by train from Washington D.C. on July 18, 1855 was slaver Col. John H. Wheeler of North Carolina; and a black enslaved woman Jane Johnson; and her two sons, Daniel and Isaiah. Wheeler was the American minister to Nicaragua, and his party was passing through, on their way to New York. Wheeler left Jane and her sons locked in a hotel room, giving specific instructions not to talk to any of the black hotel staff. Jane, however, did just that, informing a black worker that she was a slave who wanted to be free. The hotel worker drafted a note to William Still, the African American head of the Vigilance Committee of the local Underground Railroad, and sent it off to Still at the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society office at 153 N. 5th St.(C). Still alerted his white colleague, Passmore Williamson, at his office on 7th and Arch (point D), and they raced off to the hotel. They arrived as the 5 o’clock ferry was about to depart and approached the Wheeler party accompanied by five black dockworkers -- John Ballard, James P. Braddock, William Curtis, James Martin and Isaac Moore -- who quickly perceived the situation. Still told Jane that under Pennsylvania law she was a free woman and could leave Wheeler here and now if she wished.

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    Sports Week in Review - August 11, 2015

    in Sports

    Tune in this Tuesday for the inaugural edition of theRed Zone Sports Report! Debuting on Tuesday, August 11th, the Red Zone Sports Report will air live on blogtalkradio.com/redzonesports every Tuesday at 9:00 PM ET. Hosted by Chip Lake, the first segment on Tuesday's show will feature Kip Keefer, who is the Executive Director of the Alabama Racing Commission and publisher of his own sports blog, kipkeefer.net. Kip will discussing the top ten pre season storylines in the SEC. The second segment will feature Nick Garcia, author of the award winning book "A Very Big League of Their Own: Major League Baseball has slipped a Mickey". Nick also writes about fantasy football on his own blog, thefantasymatriculator.com. Nick and Chip, who have been in the same fantasy football league for ten years, will be discussing FF Draft strategies as well as Chip Kelly and the NFL's problem with Tony Romo's Fantasy Football convention. Is there more to that? The last segment will feature Buffalo's own Pete Tasca and his partner in crime, Steve Butler. Pete and Steve are partners in 1derful Film Productions, a media production company, specializing in sports documentaries. Most recently, Pete and Steve produced "Almost a Dynasty: A Fan Story", profiling the Buffalo Bills journey to four straight Super Bowls in the early 1990's. Pete, Chip, & Steve will be previewing the upcoming NFL season and recapping all of the activities surrounding the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. We will also be addressing Rex Ryan, Aaron Kromer, Ray Rice, Bob Craft, and the impact of Tom Brady's suspension. We will close by briefly discuss the upcoming PGA Championship at Whistling Straits. Tune in Tuesday's at 9:00 PM ET! 

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    On The Bench With Mike B.

    in Sports

    This Week “On The Bench” Mike B. and the Benchwarmers (Dwaine and Jon): With the NFL gearing up for its upcoming season, Man they can’t stay out of the news! Over this week alone Chip Kelley made the news, A. Foster made the news, Aldon Smith made the news, and Oh Yea the Pro football Hall of Fame will induct its newest members. Hear what OTB has to say about all that.   

    During segment 2, the “OTB” Crew breakdown the “Mighty” SEC. Who are the sleeper teams? Will it be business as usual for Bama? Find out what our resident Dawg Fan has to say?

    During the course of this summer, the “OTB” Crew has compiled some epic Top 5 lists and this week is no different.  Listen this week as the Fellaz create a list centered on the Best 30 for 30 Sports Documentaries. See who makes the list.     

    Finally, as we do each and every week, Mike B. and The Benchwarmers will give their Weekly G.O.A.T.S and Asses of the Week. 

    Make sure you join them this Saturday at 9AM “On The Bench” on the Survival Radio Network.  You can also be apart of the show at 347-989-8385.

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    Wicked Talk: Horror, Aliens, and Dommes

    in Entertainment

    Susan Simone: writer and expert on Star Seeds.



    Lisa Dabrowski: Autism advocate, writer, and Domme

    "Truth be told, I get most of my inspirations for stories and characters from either the news, or old documentaries.  There really is so much Evil and Wickedness in this world and has been for such a long a time, it lurks in the shadows, behind the corner, in man’s own soul and his greed and need for revenge.  I have been  dubbed the Wicked One, and I love it, My Motto is Wicked is as Wicked Does…"




    Sam Reese: Writer, horror movie fan, S. King enthusiast, interest in Metal music 

    "I live in Tennessee with my two dogs, a fat cat, and my wife. I write all kinds of things: horror, fantasy, romance; whatever tickles my fancy. Sometimes, I write all different genres at the same time, in the same work. I’ve been writing and telling stories most of my life, and if I had a wish for what I could do with my life, it would be to be a novelist and write comics. "




    All music by original artists; 'Bad Company' cover by N. Hatfield

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    Hybrid Jazz - with Artists Generating BUZZ: Maurice Chevalier & Daniel Bennett!

    in Music

    It's a profound pleasure to give you TWO amazing artists in one three-hour show!  First, we give you the Washington, D.C. based, Maurice Chevalier.  A multi-instrumentalist and composer, Maurice has been wowing ears for twenty years.  Short films, documentaries, video game music production, and sound for shows that you have known and loved for a LONG time.  Let HIM tell you about "Access Hollywood", "Dateline: NBC", and "CBS Sunday Morning." :)  The Discovery Channel DISCOVERED Maurice (!!!) and he has - within their wall - composed over 600 pieces for that network and its affiliates.  With the release of his breathtaking project, "A Life in Perspective", he begins a new chapter in the formation of future Jazz.  Our guest from 8/4, Matthew Shell, was the one who made sure that I HEARD Maurice's work.  I'm in debt!

    Daniel Bennett has visited "Hybrid Jazz" - so we know a LITTLE of what to expect when he joins us again.  But rest assured: you never know exactly what you'll hear with this dizzyingly evolved and creative musician.  Daniel, more than most, marches to the beat of his own drummer.  Or - in this case - saxophone, oboe, flute, piccolo, and clarinet.  Yes, like Maurice, HIGHLY skilled on multiple instruments.  And compositions that are unusual and enchanting.  His latest album, "The Mystery at Clown Castle", again re-awakens the deep-seated child within you.  Our spiritually-inclined Daniel has a gift for that!  He also has several dates on the horizon that you need to support.  AND three coveted nominations from "New York Hot House Magazine!"  The awards gala is in September, so we have Daniel RIGHT on time (so you can vote!)

    We'll see you in The Chat Room, starting at one p.m. Eastern time (with Maurice!)