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    Upbeat: Tom Hayes and Rebecca Tripp with Aaron Cadieux, Filmmaker, Documentarian

    in Comedy

    Aaron Cadieux

    Aaron Cadieux grew up in Dartmouth, Massachusetts where his video production work and interest in local landmarks began at an early age. Still in High School, Aaron produced and directed Lincoln Park, The Forgotten Fun at Dartmouth Community Television. Aaron then pursued a bachelor's degree in Communications/Media, with a concentration in video production and documentary filmmaking, at Fitchburg State College in Massachusetts. Fenway Park, A Timeless Shrine, and A Time To Reflect, The History Of Whalom Park were both produced and directed for college credit. During this time, Aaron also independently produced and directed Inside The Bridgewater Triangle. Aaron graduated in the spring of 2005, and is currently involved in a number of freelance projects.

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    SSR: Losing Blood with John Borowski

    in Film

    Join us Wednesday, March 11th with guest John Borowski as we shed some blood for the art.  We will talk to documentary filmmaker John Borowski about his latest upcoming project, "Bloodlines" a documentary on artist Vincent Castiglia, who paints in his own blood.  And there is a good chance that a special guest may just pop up for the show.  You will have to tune in to find out who. 

    John Borowski is an award winning independent filmmaker whose works have garnered international acclaim and are distributed internationally on dvd, television, and streaming. Borowski’s “historical horror” trilogy of documentary films focus on late nineteenth and early twentieth century serial killers.  He is most known for his award winning documentary and book on serial killer, H. H. Holmes

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    HOSTED by Jason R. Davis and Anita Nicole Brown

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    Your Why is Essential + Your Story is Compelling!

    in Business

    Join us today on Women Leading the Way Radio as your host of Business IS Personal, Shawn Marie Turi, interviews Tasha Oldham Founder of My Story, Inc.

    There is SO much I’d love to say about Tasha Oldham, but let me start by saying… “she’s magic!”  A born story teller, which she comes by naturally as her father was a master story teller in the truest sense, Tasha is a hybrid documentarian commercial director, and founder of My Story Inc. A beautiful company that specializes in creating emotionally compelling marketing films that helps entrepreneurs and executives, social leaders and visionaries authentically share their story, their vision and their mission through film in a way that connects them with their audience in a way that is meaningful, truthful and authentic.

    Tasha knows first hand that ‘story telling’ has the power to connect us on a deep visceral emotional level.  She loves working with people who are incredibly passionate and loves hearing their ‘why?’ Quite simply…  She coaxes the awesome out of you! (Truly, she does!)

    Tasha and her incredible team have also shot dozens of videos for corporate clients, which includes clients of SCORE and features their amazing success stories.

    Shawn Marie Turi is your host of Business IS Personal: (What you do and WHY you do it… MATTERS!), a show focused on interviewing remarkable professional women and entrepreneurs who are doing what they love, kicking ass and believe that ‘Business IS (in fact) Personal’…and what we do, how we do it, and most importantly, why we do it really does matter!

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    Movie News and Reviews

    in Movies

    The Movie Geeks observe the passing of legendary documentarian Albert Maysles in a wide-ranging discussion regarding the current state of the form.  Plus, reviews of new and classic films, and the latest television offerings. 

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    Brian Williams' Memory and the Credibility of Network TV news

    in News

    The decision by the NBC television network to suspend superstar news anchor Brian Williams for six months without pay has prompted a closer look at the US network news culture, and the very future of the TV news business. 

    Today, Betsy West teaches journalism at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York. It’s a gentle and prestigious place for aspiring young reporters. But after 30 years as a top-level producer, reporter and documentarian for ABC, CBS and PBS, this 21 time Emmy award winner is intimately familiar with the rough and tumble stratosphere of an industry whose most trusted public face until last week may have been Brian Williams.

    West was a CBS senior vice president in 2005 when iconic news anchor Dan Rather was forced out for getting a story wrong. She says those past controversies differ in one significant way with the digital age outcry over Brian Williams’ public “misremembering.” 

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    CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

    in Paranormal


    On this Sunday’s ‘LIVE’ episode of “CONTACT”, airing at 9:00 PM (EST), Host and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Lesley Mitchell-Clarke is thrilled to welcome back to the programme GRANT CAMERON - noted author, lecturer, UFO Documentarian and Editor of the popular website, The Presidents’ UFO Website (www.presidentialufo.com/).  As always, Lesley will also be joined on the show by Co-Host, “CONTACT” Producer and Experiencer/Contactee, WES ROBERTS.  Grant Cameron is appearing on “Contact” in conjunction with his upcoming appearance at the 2015 ALIEN COSMIC EXPO (www.aliencosmicexpo.com), which is taking place in Brantford, Ontario (1 hour’s drive from Toronto) on JUNE 25, 26 & 27.  In the words of Mr. Cameron, “in the pages of this Web site you will hopefully be led on a journey that will show you the entire known history of how the most powerful man in the world has dealt with the most highly classified secret of the last century. In short, this is the story of how the President and the White House have dealt with the mystery of UFOs”.  Don’t miss this fascinating and illuminating chat!  Grant Cameron will be chatting with callers in the second half of the programme (from 9:30 PM EST), and our new CONTACT CHAT ROOM will be wide open!  Not to be missed! 

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    Dialysis Advocates trip to New York and Changes On the Horizon

    in Health

    Dialysis Talk with Dialysis Advocates about their trip to New York last week where they held talks with those interested in furthering the rights of Dialysis Patients and working conditions of those working in Dialysis.

    The Founders of Dialyis Advocates were interviewd for an upcomoing documentary under direction by Gordon Skinner an award winning Documentarian.

    Part of this discussion will cover changes to Dialysis Advocates website, formation of a 5013c Non-Profit organization, an 800 Abuse and Non-Compliance hot-line.

    For information go to http://dialysisadvocates.com/


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    Hosted by criminal defense lawyer Elizabeth Kelley, AuthorChats features in-depth interviews with writers about their recent works.  In this episode, she talks with John Safran, a documentarian from Melbourne, Australia, about his book "God'll Cut You Down: The Tangled Tale of a White Supremacist, a Black Hustler, a Murder, and How I Lost a Year in Mississippi."  "God'll Cut You Down" is the 2014 winner of the Australian Crime Writers Association Award for Best True Crime Book.  Kirkus Reviews writes that the book " ... is to true crime what 'The Daily Show' is to nightly news.  There's much more mirth than you might expect given the grave matter, and it sublimely unearths some buried truths."  http://www.elizabethkelleylaw.com

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    Guest: Avi Davis, journalist & attorney

    in Current Events

    Avi Davis, is an attorney, journalist, commentator, documentarian and President of the American Freedom Alliance. His commentary on Israel and the Middle East has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, and The American Thinker.

    He will be discussing the recent Paris terrorist attack, ISIS and Islam.

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    Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris

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    The “featured” BlogTalkRadio program “Westchester On the Level with Narog and Aris” opens the Tuesday, December 9, 2014th broadcast day with Tuesday Co-hosts Richard Narog and Hezi Aris in discussion about the trending issues pertinent to the City of Yonkers.

    At about 11:00 a.m. we pivot into discussion of the theatrical documentarian in the mold of Anna Deavere Smith and the Laramie Project inspired "The Santa Closet", formerly titled "Santa Claus Is Coming Out" performance with Playwright / Performer Jeffrey Solomon, Director Joe Brancato, and the roles of Katie Schmidt Feder and Sol Miranda of EMBARK | Peekskill in the play inspired by the national movement to speak honestly and openly to children about LGBT lives and issues and the political backlash it has unleashed. The performance is a sensitive portray by Mr. Solomon in an amazing range of characters, all of them beautiful, depicting a boy's realization that he is different. The upcoming performances will take place on Saturday, December 13th at 8:00 PM, and Sunday, December 14th at 3:00 PM. The performances will take place at EMBARK@EMC located on 925 South Street, Peekskill, NY (first floor). Tickets available online at www.embarksanta.brownpapertickets.com and at the door. Adults, $20 and Seniors/Student/Groups 8+, $15.  Appropriate for ages 14 and up. 
    For more info: embarkpeekskill@gmail.com and www.facebook/events/405330089631171/ 

    Your participation in the show is shamelessly solicited; share your perspective; ask a question, be heard! Place your call to (347) 205-9201. You are only asked to please stay on topic. Listen live or on demand.

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    in Entertainment

    We came to bring the pain hardcore to the brain to get inside your astral plane and we came to bring you this week’s dose of sophisticated ignorance.

    This Wednesday night at 7pm PST, Hassahn Phenomenon and Dasha, the Divine Divah welcome documentarian, Darius Clark Monroe to the Cypher. He steps in the Cypher to talk about his life changing documentary, “Evolution of a Criminal.”

    Dasha and HP have both seen this film and they rate it as certified DOPE! The documentary ask one not so basic question, “How does a 16 year-old evolve into a bank robber?” Find out the answer this Wednesday night!

    As always, we also got DJ Mark 1 live on the one’s and two’s bringing you the Six Minute Mix. Order another round, it’s about to go down in the Cypher Lounge.