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    Alison J Kay | Vibrational UPgrade Energy Medicine

    in Self Help

    Vibrational UPgrade Energy Medicine 

    We are now learning what it means to be a conscious co-creator on our planet. Where what we desire to create is NOT out of reach, instead it is completely within our power to learn how to, with increasing ease and comfort and adeptness, choose FOR ourselves, our lives, our living, our communities, our planet and less choosing AGAINST all that we desire. We’ve spent the past few years clearing out the blocks to being more able to go for what it is we desire, and where we’ve sabotaged our own thriving, so that by now, anything that remains in the way of you choosing more of what you desire to birth is more subtle and nuanced. We’ll be addressing these more nuanced aspects of how we’ve been programmed to not believe nor go for what it is we really want, and instead continue to exist within the new level of status-quo the past few years of work in consciousness has created. How do we go for more than we ever have before? How do we allow ourselves to move forward into unknown newness even while our little ego-mind is programmed to prefer the familiar? How do we open up our systems to have a more finely attuned receptivity that pulls towards us more support, guidance, and power to create what it is we’re desiring? All of this, including Clearings and Activations with high vibration downloads and transmissions, and more, we’ll be playing with - so come play and free up even more of you! 

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    My Genealogy and DNA

    in Family

    I will review my DNA results and how it relates to our family history.


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    Ron Nawrocki - Wealth DNA

    in Entrepreneur

      Entrepreneurship - The Wealth DNA radio show is dedicated to helping you increase your wealth, as well as educating savers & investors. During this show we’ll help some of our listeners launch that venture that’s been on their New Years resolutions for many years. For other listeners we’ll share a few insights that just may turn out to be the pearls of wisdom they’ve been missing in the early stages of a startup. And investors will certainly gain insights on how to sort through the real business ventures vs. the early stage failures.
            Our special guest is James Beach, serial entrepreneur, professor, lecturer, radio show host, and author. He is not only a successful entrepreneur, he also helps teach others how to succeed starting, growing, and managing a venture. James Beach wrote the book: School for Startups, and is co-author with Bryan Seely of a new book on “ethical hacking”.
            So whether you’re thinking about starting a new venture, you’re in the early stages of operations, you’re growing a business, you’re struggling to make payroll each month, or considering investing in some ventures .... grab a cup of coffee, tea, glass of wine, or your favorite beverage and join us for this show on Entrepreneurship ...

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    Ron Nawrocki - Wealth DNA

    in Finance

     What will 2016 Bring? - The Wealth DNA radio show is dedicated to helping you increase your wealth, as well as educating savers & investors. Since this is our 1st show of the New Year, we’ll dust off the Crystal Ball and together gaze into it to get a clearer view for what we can expect in 2016. Is it time to dig into our margin accounts & invest 140% of our money to capture all the opportunities? If so, which asset classes should we investing in & which should we avoid? Or is it time to dig a hole in the backyard & bury all our cash, precious metal and other valuables to avoid losing money?
           Our returning guest to discuss What will 2016 Bring? is H.L. (Buster) Quist, aka the Myth Buster. He has an excellent track record of predicting turning points by following many trends & connecting seemingly unrelated events. Given his track record in predicting market cycles, what questions would you want to ask him? Are you excited or worried about the dramatic decline in oil prices? Depending on where you live you may be concerned about the buying power of your local currency. What would happen to your portfolio if both the 7 year bull market in equities & 40 year bull market in bonds suddenly reversed in 2016? What hedges do you have in place?
          This show should be at or near the top of your New Year priorities, and during the hour we just might suggest a few more priorities! You've survived to see 2016, so join us for this show and make sure your portfolio survives & thrives another year ! Prepare your questions, and grab a cup of coffee, glass of wine, or your favorite beverage and join us on Wealth DNA radio for What will 2016 Bring? ...

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    Ron Nawrocki - Wealth DNA

    in Finance

       2015 in the Rearview Mirror - The Wealth DNA radio show is dedicated to helping you increase your wealth, as well as educating savers & investors. During this show you, your family and I will take some time to reflect on this past year. We’ll reflect on some of the great shows that we had on Wealth DNA radio, and some of the key ideas shared by our guests. Naturally, if you have some questions about those topics, this will be a good time to ask. Or maybe certain shows had a profound impact on your wealth building ... and you’d want to share that with our other listeners?
            I’ll also share my list of favorite books for savers and investors of all ages to read. For the books you read many years ago, maybe it would be worth re-reading them, and thinking about who in your family & among your friends would benefit by reading it. There’s still plenty of room to add more people to our list of prospective millionaires, so why not include more of your family & friends? To prepare, jot down your questions, and make a list of your favorite books on personal finance ... then grab a cup of coffee, tea, glass of wine, or your favorite beverage and join us for the 2015 in the Rearview Mirror ...

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    Is Love in Our DNA? (Research Studies, Culture, Appearance) & FREE PSYCHIC READI

    in Spirituality

    Is Love in our DNA?  This is very interesting as research studies have been performed by scientists on this topic. How big does culture play a role in Love?  What about appearance?  Many scientists say appearance does play a role regarding who we are attracted to.  This is rather intersting and you are going to find out a lot about yourself and of the opposite sex.  You wil find out why someone may not have been attracted to you and why you haven't been attracted to someone else   Many women especially want to see a karmic lesson happen to a man who has left them for another woman.  Is this right? No, it's not. I will explain in detail.

    FREE PSYCHIC QUESTIONS TODAY ON 2 HOUR SHOW!!! fOR A PRIVATE READING CONTACT ME AT Mia0899cs@gmail.com.  Telephone readings are very affordable.  You need to know the truth!!!! Contact me today!!!

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    Ron Nawrocki - Wealth DNA

    in Finance

       Year-end Tax Planning - The Wealth DNA radio show is dedicated to helping you increase your wealth, as well as educating savers & investors. During this show we’ll talk about everyone’s favorite topic ... TAXES ! We all know tax planning should be an ongoing process, with rolling horizons, and yet there is nothing like seeing December 15th on your calendar, and realizing there's little time left to change your income tax obligations for the year. But our listeners & optimistic investors will realize that there’s still a little time left ! So we’ll do our best to cover some of the most important tips to help you manage your taxes for the year.
           Our guest to discuss Year-end Tax Planning is Jocelyn Wright, MBA, CFP. and Assistant Professor of Women's Studies The American College of Financial Services. She is also Director of the Center for Women and Financial Services there. Concurrently, Jocelyn is the Founder and Managing partner of The Ascension Group, where as an advisor she works with her clients to design a personalized strategy to help them reach their financial goals.
            Did you have some extra income you don't want to share with the tax wo/man?  Maybe you started a new company? Or you had significant expenses or losses and wish you could spread the effect across several years? Regardless of your situation  ... prepare your questions, and grab a cup of coffee, tea, glass of wine, or your favorite beverage and join us on Wealth DNA radio for Year-end Tax Planning ...

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    Bro Marcos-X-Men Movie & DNA Lies

    in Religion

    "Satan's next trick is to sell his gnostic doctrine that we can become gods by activating unused DNA through occult practices. The coming X-Men movie is an example of this propaganda, which depicts God Jehovah as the evil guy who prevents our evolution. Learn to recognize and expose these lies."

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    Detox Your Mentality "It's Time For An Upgrade!"

    in Spirituality

    This evening's broadcast is a special replay of the Sweep Your Brain Mind & Body Detox Learning Series class. An upgrade in your mind comes with maturity. Maturity comes with deliberate steps to better thinking and choices. The class focuses on detoxing our mentalities for better relationships, results and living.

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    Reptilian and Human DNA Combined

    in Spirituality

    The sons of God came into the daughters of men as seen in Genesis 6 reestablished the same corruption that took place before the flood. That was thousands of years ago so what does that mean for us today? Tonight more information on the reptilian population and the demonic connection that the mainstream church stays silent on. Julie Flores continues with the reptilian series.