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    #255 Shawn Hunter, Mark Divine, Dmitri Leonov, Kathleen Mauro and Jane Johnson

    in Business

    Scheeduled Guests: Shawn Hunter discusses the real seeds of innovation. Kathleen Richardson- Mauro and Jane Johnson shows how to sell a business at the maximum profit. Former Navy SEAL, Mark Divine shows what the Seals can teach small business owners. Dmitri Leonov demonstrates the trick to getting your email box to zero! Sponsored by Sage North America and Nextiva.

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    Show #80-Brain Massage: The Art of ASMR

    in Motivation

    Guest: Dmitri.

    WEB URL:  www.youtube.com/user/massagerasmr                                                                        

    FACEBOOK:  www.facebook.com/massageasmr  

    The theme of today show is the stimulating more relaxation in our lives with my special guest today, massageASMR YouTube Star Dmitri. Dmitri has a passion for ASMR, that started as a desire to make massage videos which turned into me making ASMR videos. He is here to share tips and tools for triggering more relaxation in our lives.   

    Dmitri:  autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a newly recognized state that was coined by Jennifer Allen in 2010 – just 5 years ago.  The sensation is referred to it as a "brain massage", "head tingle", "brain tingle", "spine tingle" = essentially it stimulates the relaxation response.         

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    Total Education News Show 06-28-15

    in Education

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley and Dmitri Mehlhorn will discuss Obergefell decision. In addition, Dmitri's latest article about venture capitalist's investing in individual teachers.

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    Computer America - My Digital Shield ; Ninja Metrics!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: My Digital Shield.  Andrew Bagrin, CEO.

    My Digital Shield is focused on helping the under served small business easily secure their businesses which are highly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Founded in 2013, MDS provides affordable, easy-to-install Security-as-a-Service based on industry-leading unified threat management. The company’s customizable cloud-based security solution offers continual protection against cyber threats and intrusion at an affordable price.


    Hour two: Ninja Metrics, Dr. Dmitri Williams

    Ninja Metrics is the creator of Social Value, a precise measurement of how users influence each other and how much that influence is worth. Ninja Metrics’ key offering, The Katana Social Analytics Engine, uses predictive analytics and automated social graph analysis to help companies identify, understand, monetize and keep their most valuable, influenceable and influential customers.

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    Tru Talk Chops It Up With D.P.

    in Music

    Dmitri DP Henry chops it up with us about his life and music career.

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    How to Manage Your Emails and Stay Sane

    in Finance

    Are you drowning in emails? On this week’s Goldstein on Gelt Show, Dmitri Leonov, vice-president of growth at Sanebox, presents the Three Email Commandments. Find out how to manage your emails without getting overwhelmed on this episode of your favorite financial show.

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    Spotlite Radio Presents Host Sonia Williams & Guest on 3/21/14

    in Entrepreneur

    Karen Curreri at 10:00am

    Gail Kressal at 10:24am

    Alan Dunn at 10:36am

    Judith E Crowson at 10:48am

    Sandy Bailey-Bristol at 11:12am

    Dmitri Orgorodnikov at 11:24am

    Donald Becker at 11:36am

    Jose Arita at 11:48am

    Michele Turney at 12:00pm

    Larry Robillard at 12:12pm

    Barbara Schrager at 12:36pm

    Betsy Diamant-Cohen at 12:48pm

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    On The FinSide

    in Sports

    Join Cat, Paul Picken and Brian Miller for all your up to the minute Miami Dolphins news!  

    Four hours into free agency, and the Dolphins are already massive players yet again this year.  Within 2 minutes of the 4 pm buzzer to kick off free agency, Miami had deals in place with both LT Branden Albert and DT Earl Mitchell.  What's next for the Fins in Free agency?  

    Prior to the start of the Free Agency period, Miami was able to lock up their FS position by signing Louis Delmas to a 1 year deal (a la Brent Grimes last season), and parted ways with oft-injured CB Dmitri Patterson.  Tune in live to find out more!

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    Cruddy Show Episode #67

    in Sports

    The NFL Draft is coming up soon and the guys will be joined by  Shane Gray who covers the St. Louis Rams over at 101sports.com to discuss some of the options Les Snead will have with his two first round picks. 
    The guys will also have a little bit of Cruddy Stew and will discuss the latest with the Cardinals and Blues, including:
    Cardinals bullpen woes Jaime Garcia's solid start Matt Adams and his hot bat T.J. Oshie's injury Dmitri Jaskin's debut Follow us on Twitter (@CruddyShow)

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    American Daily Review

    in Politics Conservative

    A half-hour on the Left's desecration of Trayvon Martin's death to gin up a race war, Red Barry's recruitment of Vlad Putin onto his re-election team and "laying of pipe" in Oklahoma, and The Hunger Games provides a sneak preview of a second Obama term, before Doug Gibbs unceremoniously dumps JASmius for Vince Daniels again.
    But that DOES give us the other half hour to ourselves.....

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    True Capitalist Radio hosted by Ghost - episode #161

    in Business

    It's Baller Friday! Equities close with modest sell-off after another Helter Skelter market day, commodities markets have mostly red in today's session, Obama continues to antagonize class warfare with his press conference yesterday as he signs a decree Friday aimed at shoring up US data security, Ghost officially endorses Herman Cain for President, Occupy Wall Street continues as this madness spreads across the country, Steve Jobs dead at 56 from pancreatic cancer, US asks appeals court to halt Alabama immigration law, Norwegian Nobel Committee splits the Peace prize with three different women in a sexist move, protestors in Syria holds signs begging for International help (8 people killed today), Dmitri Medvedev & Vladimir Putin to swap jobs next year and a computer virus hits U.S. drone fleet.  Ghost goes off on Michael Jackson death trial, the NBA lockout and Amsterdam to classify high-potency Marijuana in the same class as Cocaine & Exstacy.  News, True Capitalist commentary & Radio Graffiti.  Follow on Twitter @ghostpolitics