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    O.G.T.'s UnNerfed Playground ep#8 DLC & the Tru cost of Games & PS Import Games

    in Entertainment

    So you've got a new game and can't wait to play it ...... but wait do you have the "Season pass" or the Exclusive Retail content??? This is often the story today in gaming while we can see the good in DLC there is also an "DARK SIDE" join me (Dr.PhilOMac ) and my co-host Robertron 5000 and others as we disscuss the Pros's ,Cons and Cost of DLC. 

    Also we'll touch on the most over looked selection of games from PS / Sony and Nintendo ..... sorry Xbox no Asia Love ..... :( the Import Game!!!!!!!!!! .... From the original Final Fantasy on the Nes to the New Final Fantasy Type O HD on PSP / PS4("a figgin 10 dude,it sold me on the 4.... " #BLKGOP TRN host) and the comming J-Stars Victory Vs+ we will dive into the GREATNESS that is the Japanese Gaming world all this .ALL THIS Plus .........

    More Kombat more news on MKX and PSN issues

    Star War Battlefront dates and lol .... DLC but no space battles WHAT?????


    Robert Downey Jr. walks out on 'Avengers' interview.

    Batman Vs Superman Traler Thoughts and Hopes (and hope is spelled with "H") amd much more .......

     ACTION PACKED and always "UnNerfed" Check us out at 8pm est ....EVERY Friday Here On TRURadioNetwork  

    Youtube / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9s9mMFYeCiBlxBeipU1cZATwitter @dr_omac / Twitch @DrPhil OMac /

    Facebook / https://www.facebook.com/OmniGameTerminalTheAllsparkOfGaming?fref=ts


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    First Solo 'Batman' Film to Be 'Under The Red Hood'

    in Film


    In this NEWS episode, Dave and Jason discuss:

    'Batman: Arkham Knight' Is Still Broken. PC Users Getting Refunds AGAIN |

    The '66 Batman skins and Scarecrow DLC Packs Won't Be Coming To XBOX One |

    Grant Morrison Talks 'Arkham Asylum' |

    David S. Goyer Defends Superman Killing in 'Man of Steel' |

    David Ayer is an Asshole and Ignorantly Generalizes All Comic Book Movies That Aren't 'Suicide Squad' |

    Listener Feedback From Randall About Why Warner Brothers Seems to Cultivate An Environment of Hostility |

    David Ayer Talks Harley Quinn's Journey to a Fully Actualized Independent Woman in a Love Triangle |

    Nicole Kidman in Talks to Play Character in 'Wonder Woman' |

    Matthew McConaughey May Be in Talks For DC Role |

    Rumor: 'Under The Red Hood' May Be the First Solo 'Batman' Film! |

    'Supergirl' Nets 12.94 Million Viewers! |

    Nathan Darrow and Kristen Hager Cast as Victor and Nora Fries on 'Gotham' |

    News on When We Can Expect Harvey Dent Back on 'Gotham' |

    The Difficulties of Bringing John Constantine to 'Arrow' |

    'Haunted' Screener Episode of 'Arrow' Leaked Online |

    Why 'The Flash' Producers Introduced Mrs. West as a Means to Wally |

    Iris to Keep Wally Secret For a Long Time |

    Fun With Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin! |

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    Is Ben Affleck Not Playing Bruce Wayne in 'Batman v Superman'?

    in Film


    In this episode, Dave and Jason discuss:

    Rosario Dawson will Play Batgirl/Babara Gordon in ‘The Lego Movie’
    Arkham Knight DLC Through the End of The Year
    Batman: Bad Blood Trailer Released -https://youtu.be/oYIUE-Jebaw
    Batman v Superman Circa 1949: https://youtu.be/_Uw3jqTj7x0 
    Bob Kane Getting a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on October 21st. No Mention of Bill Finger.
    Warner Bros. announces LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League – Cosmic Clash
    Jared Leto went to NYCC dressed as a giant ape, and posed with Joker cosplayers secretly.
    Justice League Dark or Dark Universe is set to start filming in 2016!
    Teen Titans and Birds of Prey to Become Films?
    CONFIRMED: No Doomsday in 'Batman v Superman'
    Wendy Miricle on Malcolm Merlyn's character in 'Arrow' Season 4
    Toyman is Winn’s Father on 'Supergirl'!
    Lots of interaction twixt Nygma and Penguin Coming on 'Gotham'!
    Barbara Plans to Get Jim Back!
    Theo Galavan’s history with the city and the Waynes will come to light. 
    Jerome May Return on 'Gotham'!
    Listener Feedback!

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    The DFS Presents The Gamer's Loft

    in Video Games

    Join The Staff of The Def Fresh Show as they Grab their Controllers and Give us an indept review on some of the hotest Games out. Tonight we are Covering NBA 2k16 what's New, WWE 2k annocement of these years DLC, and Mrtonedf Help ful Tip on Destiny: The King's Fall Raid . Also we are going to  have This Month's Tech Talk compare who has the best Wearable Apple Iwatch vs, Moto 360 vs Samsung Gear S2 


    Go click LIKE on The Definitely Fresh Show FB Page.


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    3 New 'Batman V Superman' Trailers Coming!

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    In this news episode we discuss:

    WB Interactive Says They'll Be Making More Batman Games After 'Arkham Knight'
    Rocksteady May Be Working on Superman
    Warner Bros. Quebec Looking to Make Games Based on Wonder Woman, Shazam, and Green Lantern
    Upcoming Arkham Knight DLC Packs and Skins
    Arkham Knight PC to be Re-released
    Television Trailers for 'Batman V Superman' to Air During 'Gotham' and 'Supergirl' + 1 New theatrical Trailer By End of November!
    'Batman V Superman' Gets an MPAA Rating
    Jesse Eisenberg Turns 32
    Ezra Miller Turns 23
    David Ayer on Jared Leto's Joker
    'The Flash' Gets a Director!
    'Batman Begins', 'The Flash' Season 1, 'Arrow' Season 3, and 'LEGO DC Comics: Batman Beleaguered' Gets Netflix Release Dates
    Zack Snyder in Talks With HBO to Make 'Watchmen' TV Series
    Robbie Amell Wants to Star in 'Batman Beyond'
    'Arrow' Promos
    Hawkman Confirmed for 'Arrow'
    'The Flash' Season 2 Promos
    Vanessa Williams Joins 'The Flash' Cast
    Franz Drameh Confirmed as Firestorm in 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow'
    Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin to Wed
    Marilyn Manson Wants to Be on Gotham
    'Supergirl' Star Mehcad Brooks Says His Version Of DC Comics' Jimmy Olsen Is 'Not A Bumbler'
    Supergirl See Never Before Seen Footage Trailer released.
    Iddo Goldberg is set to play Red Tornado in Winter’s “Supergirl
    David Harewood says big things may be in store for his character Hank Henshaw, saying that Cyborg Superman may be “Down the line”

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    The BCS Experience: History-Arts-Culture-Politics in Review and Discussion

    in Education

    “Rev. Dr. DLC Boyce and: Let's Talk-U – my monthly...advice program...to help you...become a better you...!!!”

    This week’s topic:  “A Time for Prophets...!!! - What's...The PLAN...???”

    This is the story on this week’s…The BCS Experience!

    Really Cool People...all across the country will be tuning-in to "The BCS Experience: History-Arts-Culture-Politics in Review & Discussion" – live – every Wednesday – 5-6 pm (EST) on www.goproradio.com.

    Watch "The BCS Experience…" - live on - http://www.ustream.tv/channel/go-pro-radio-network.

    If you're xtra cool...you'll call in to voice your opinion 347-884-9839.  Call-in… because I want to hear from you.

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    The BCS Experience(8-26-2015):History-Arts-Culture-Politics in Review And Dis.

    in Education

    Due to technical difficulties this weeeks episode is missing the intro and is a little shorter. At the top of the show was the acknowledgement of the death of the civil rights activist Amelia Boynton Robinson, who died on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at the age of 104, as well as a history piece on Harvey Johnson, a minister and theologian, be sure to look both of them up.

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    'Arrow' Season 4 Trailer Recap/Review

    in Film

    In this episode, Dave and Jason discuss:

    * 'Arrow' Season 4 Trailer Recap/Review

    * Damien Darhk Crashes Parties & Talks to Laurel!

    * Diggle's New Dick-Shaped Helmet!

    * 'Arrow' Concept Art That Teases Green Lantern But Promises Nothing!

    * 'Flash'/'Arrow' Promo, Justice Moves to It's Own Beat

    * Linda Park Coming Back to 'The Flash' for Multiple Episodes!

    * Canadagraphs' Dr. Light Scoop!

    * Iris To Have Leadership Role in 'The Flash' Season 2!

    * Tony Todd Cast as Zoom!

    * New 'The Flash' Poster Revealed!

    *FOX releases new video, Gotham: Season in Seven

    *FOX had also released a clip called Gorgeous and Ginger from the episode “Damned if You Do”

    * Gotham: A Look Back

    * Gotham Comes To Netflix September 21st

    * New JLA Cartooon?

    * Diane Nelson Gets Big Promotion at Warner Bros.!

    * Michael Shannon Accidentally Slipped Up and Revealed His Role in 'Batman v Superman'!

    * Jared Leto's Sad Instagram Goodbye to the Clown Prince of Crime!

    * New Batman/Joker Footage Leaked from 'Suicide Squad'!

    * Ezra Miller Details His Flash Costume and Hair

    * The Rock Calls Superman Out on Twitter

    * Hoyte Van Hoytema will serve as cinematographer on 'Wonder Woman'

    * The first Batman Arkham Knight September DLC pack is the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #1 Release Date

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    General Zod to Have Flippers in 'Batman v Superman'

    in Film

    In this episode, Dave and Jason discuss:
    Yvonne Craig Passes Away at 78 'Arkham Knight' Tim Burton/Christopher Nolan DLC 'Straight Outta Gotham' Music Video Warner Bros. CEO Confirms Screenings, Explains move from 2015 to 2016 Michael Shannon Says General Zod Has Flippers in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' George Miller Might Direct Man of Steel 2 Ben McKenzie Talks Gotham Season 2/What Went Wrong in Season 1 Theo Galvan is 'Key" to a Famous Villain 'Gotham' Casts Female Firefly 'Gotham: Aftermath' Videos 'The Flash' Season 2 Promos EP Says Iris Won't Suck in Season 2 EP Talks Jay Garrick, Wally West, Killer Frost Grant Gustin Wins Breakout Star at Teen Choice Awards EP Kreisberg Talks how Arrow/Flash/Legends of tomorrow Comes together 'Arrow' Season 4 Spoiler: Felicity Getting Kidnapped Is What Show Will Try To Avoid, Says EP Guggenheim Has Offered Us a Sneak Peak Into Olicity Guggenheim Reveals on Green Arrow Charlotte Ross Returning In Arrow Season 4 'Supergirl' Adds Cat Grant's Son to the Cast

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    Episode 3 - DLC Becoming a 4 Letter Word?

    in Video Games

    Dave and Jeremiah discuss the new Call of Duty: Black Ops sequel as well as the pitfalls of DLC; is it ruining gaming as we know it?