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    Dixie Gillaspie; A New Pair of Glasses

    in Motivation

    If you believe that an unlimited life, an unstoppable business, and perpetual happiness are all part of the impossible dream, you haven’t met Dixie Gillaspie. Ever since she was a little girl, Dixie’s least favorite word was can’t. It still is. Dixie is on a mission to prove that anything is possible. She’s had plenty of “brick walls” to overcome on her journey to becoming a renowned business consultant, coach, author, and speaker, beginning with a childhood history of sexual and physical abuse and failed suicide attempts. But, having decided to live, she’s adamant about using the gifts of her experience to help others successfully blast through their own brick walls, navigate life’s complex crossroads, and keep evolving, blossoming, and reinventing themselves while creating life on their own terms. Dixie is the author of Just Blow it Up, Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life and a contributing author with Dr. Bernie Seigel and Dr. Joe Dispenza to The Thought That Changed My Life Forever. She an editor and contributor on The Good Men Project and blogs about business on her website and shares her personal truths on ComeTruthingWithMe.com.

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    The Return of Tyr: Those Damned Nazis!

    in Politics

    Tonight I will be reading from Joseph Goebbels pamphlet "Those Damn Nazis".

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    EZ WAY BROADCASTING With Actor Rick Mora & Talent Time MaryandBrianna Ferraro

    in Entertainment



    EZ TALK LIVE - Helps you connect to Hollywood! 

    Brought to you by



    EZ WAY 411 - Eric Zuley is a 7 time award winner, congrassionally recognized and for his committee efforts and world wide awareness he had a award named after him from the MMPA and city and county of Los Angeles. Eric Z. has been a TV & Radio talk show host for over 7 years and currently is the founder of the WTV & EWB Network. EZ will be giving you all the updates and insight on how to connect with the stars.

    EZ WAY CARES - The Peace Fund Games celebrity paintball games for charity.

    EZ TALK LIVE GUESTS: 10:35 am Actor "RICK MORA" in the Block Buster TWLIGHT / Yellow Rock with Michael Biehn, James Russo and the Spears Brothers which received 18 film awards / SAVAGED / The Dead and the Damned. Rick is the voice of Young Turok (alongside Irene Bedard and Adam Beach) in the animated feature Turok: Son of Stone.

    TALENT TIME ARTIST: "MaryandBrianna Ferraro" are 17 year old twins who are singer/songwriters Known for their Song "HEY TAYLOR SWIFT".  They have just Launched their First Mini Album Available @ http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/maryandbrianna . Tune In And Here Their Music/Interview..


    Learn More

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    I'll tell you what I feel about this psychic.

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    The Other Side of Country Music With Cain (EOTMRadio) online - TuneIn

    in Country Music

    EOTM : Online Radio : Goes A Little Bit Of Country

    You can now hear all of your favorite Country music rolled into one exclusive online radio program, including new indie artists and plenty of EOTM hot picks.

    Cawthon, known by his fans as EOTM's sports writer, joins the radio network from KEXP 90.3 FM University of Washington where he served as afternoon host. As he makes his transition to EOTM Radio, Cawthon promises a program whereas listeners can hear all of their favorite country music rolled into one exclusive online radio program, including new indie artists and plenty of his own hot country music picks, in addition to interviews with tastemakers from the country music world as well as taking calls from night owls across the globe.

    EOTM Radio will offer around the clock country music and programming, harnessing the power and resources of EOTM Radio. EOTM affiliates will also play a prominent role in this new endeavor of which has helped the network reach more than 2.5 million listeners since its inception in 2007.

    EOTM Radio and Media has become a breeding ground for new and emerging talent, giving existing radio personalities and future signings a platform in which to work and share their vision.

    Be sure to subscribe to recieve alerts to future shows.

    For more information on this broadcast or others under the network call 213-290-3573 or email pr@eotmradio(dot)com.

    Photo credit: EOTM Media/Getty Images

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    Make It Plain - by Simeon Myers

    in Politics Progressive

    Topic: The God-Damned Evil Man Had Done It Again & The Black Holocaust join us for the 456th episode of BevNat

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    Slamcast - Someone cut out my Staph Infection

    in Entertainment

    Brandon, Michael, Dave, Miguel and Nick discuss CM Punks recent oingoing rants about the WWE, WWE raw and who they feel is the most deserving of that title as wrestlings number one jackass.

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    Confederate Heritage and Pride News and Views

    in History

    Tonight im going to promote some pages on Facebook. Some people who deserve recognition for the work

    A Confederate page where you can Express Your Southern Pride! God BLESS DIXIE AND THE REBEL FLA...G AND ALL OF THE

    CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS WHO DIED FOR OUR SOUTHERN STATES. Keep those flags flying high and proud!

    No, I'm no more racist than the next person. The fact is that the War between the states A had very little to do with slavery. In fact, it had nothing to with slavery until 1863 when Lincoln used it as a political agenda to save his sorry, dictator wannabe butt.

    The War Between the States was about state rights. The north was imposing tariffs out the wazoo on the south. Illegal tariffs, I might add.

    Sure, the south wasn't perfect; who is? All I'm saying is that they were the ones ultimately in the right in that 19th century fiasco and they took the flack for it because the winners write the history books. No the true history is written by warriors.

    If you want to argue with me, please, argue intelligently. I loath hippies.
    Just remember two things: 1) THE NORTHERN STATES HAD MANY SLAVES; 2)The emancipation proclamation claimed (because it had no legal authority) to free only the slaves in the "rebelling states." Northerners were free to keep their slaves until the 13th Amendment.

    Deo Vindice!


    Confederate Rebel Burton

    Confederate Heritage and Pride Group Admins:
    Confederate Rebel Burton and Freda Mincey Burton: Page Directors



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    Wrestling + 1 Ep 19 CM PUNK JOINING UFC, Raw, TNA

    in Wrestling

    Join the group:


    Buck and Shady C discuss this weeks news in Wrestling. Shady C s shoot On SeanzviewEnt.


    We accepted SeanzviewEnt challenge for an interview but he backed out.

    Buck is fed up with WWE and raw and how everything is built around John Cena

    We opened our Youtube channel and the Cena and Sean marks came out in droves to attack Shady C.

    Shady will talk about Don Tony s analysis of CM punk podcast.

    Buck thinks that Vince has undiagnosed dementia and shane mcmahon should take control of his assets asap. just like the stienbrenners did.

    He is clearly out of touch

    Ofcourse we are taking your calls, you can give your 2 cents on anything.



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    Participating in masonry is more honest than most other obligations in life. You have to want it. You have to want to be one.  The lost boys join because they are bored or see an opportunity to mine the contacts for profit.  The must be terribly disappointed.   During the 1st World War, the world learned it was possible to gain support for an unpopular idea but using propaganda.  All sides used it. When it was us, we called it education and information. When it was the enemy it is called propaganda.  Truth is it's all the same. Someone believes people are stupid and can be lead to support something they don't even understand.  100 years later, we have made this all so polite; public relations or spin doctoring or  media reimagining it's still the same. Those damned masons. They are expected to pursue truth whereever it is to be found.  Truth hurts. Truth is power. Truth is love. Slice it anyway you want, finding truth comes at a price.  It is admitting to yourself what you don't admit to others. It is the unassailable starting point for improvement.

    So today, we talk about the things that inspire. Are you thinking it will not go well in your lodge?  Silly, of course it won't.  But it would be harmful to our harmony to point out those who are content with simple things; the titles- ornaments, distinctions, idle parade. Who are we to think they don't belong? We have the freedom to think for ourselves. We can talk- even though we have nothing useful to say but enjoy the sound of our own voice. Babies know how to tune out and so do grown men. Life is full of lost opportunity.  When insightful men gather in large groups, it is an enriching experience, so go out and find your group. They are scattered throughout the lodges of Ontario and beyond. And they are looking for you as you are for them.

    Masonic Companion is with you. 


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    CJ Paranormal talks to Alan Keen in association with PSH Radio.

    in Paranormal

    Tweet your questions to @titters71 @carl_hutinson @pshradio @TheTalentedMrK

    Alan (A.M.) Keen:

    Alan Keen is an award winning, international author who writes under the name A.M. Keen.

    He first rose to prominence in 2010 when his self published book, ‘The Dark Army,’ hit cult status in the US. It was the first in the series of the ‘Tales of Averon’ books, originally written for children, which chronicle a battle between woodland animals living inside a vast forest. With the success of his first book, Alan self published the second in the series, titled ‘The Beast,’ which again found success across the Atlantic. He made the local news in 2011, as fans from the US began visiting his home county of Northamptonshire, to see the inspirational areas where the books were based. By 2012, the third book had been written, and placed with New Generation Publishing. Alan decided to re-release the first two books with the new release, as a trilogy edition. ‘Tales of Averon: Dawn of the Great War’ published in mid 2012, and won the New Generation Publishing Prize for best book of the year. On the heels of this success, Alan then won an international competition to contribute an alternate ending to the book ‘Worlds Apart,’ by David Diprose and Paul Wilson. Alan began work on his book ‘Haunted,’ a paranormal horror set off the west coast of the US. This would prove to be the biggest challenge yet for him, as he wanted to branch his work in different directions...................

    This is just a snippet of Alans work. To learn more about Alan and his writings, listen in Monday 1st December 8-10pm


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