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    Hindu Radio-Hindu-Muslim Unity, Rama, Krishna and Diwali

    in Culture

    In this episode of Hindu Radio-Breaking the Sound Barrier we focus on the ancient Vedic Festival of Diwali. Rooted in the history of India, Diwali represents a connection to the sacred. Listen in and learn about Diwali and its significance to Hindus around the world.
    In this week's news section Hindu Radio will feature India's Muslim Rashtriya Manch, an Indian Muslim organization dedicated to a strong and united India. Recently one of its main coordinators, Indresh Kumar, has made great strides towards the unification of Hindus and Muslims and the common goal of national and cultural integrity. However these efforts have been rewarded with conspiracy and a media blackout.
    In other news learn the details about the upcoming World's first ever Sanskrit Book Fair. Tune in to hear about these and other important events and news items.

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    Diwali Show

    in Spirituality

    According to the legend of "Ramayana", the great Indian epic, LORD RAMA spent 14 years in exile after he defeated the demon king, Ravana in a huge battle. Millions celebrate this victory on Diwali (Indian New Year). And no coincidence, but today being Diwali, J. Ram battles with a Ravana, on blogtalkradio. Listen here!

    With 50 years of combined experience, Chandi Devi and J. Ram Sivananda will discuss the high path of tantra and spirituality, and the importance of honoring your partne

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    Happy Diwali : Tarot for the new year

    in Spirituality

    mini-reading to light the way.

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    Winter Solstice: Lighting the Way to Your Bright New Year

    in Self Help

    Celebrate winter solstice with us on Coach Cafe!  This is a time when more light is returning to the earth and it is a powerful time at the end of the year to look within at our dark places, bring them out into the light to heal and set the tone for the new year.  We will be discussing the significance of winter solstice and how the frequencies of light and sound work together to help us heal and grow.  It is also a time to embrace the feminine energy in both women and men.  All of the celebrations at this time of year--Hanukkah, Christmas, Diwali--are celebrations of light.  What does this mean?  Find out on Coach Cafe!

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    Festival Of Lights In The Night

    in Entertainment

    Cedar Hill Prep School in Somerset New Jersey will host a Diwali Celbration Friday November 16th at the Franklin Township Senior Center.  Diwali is the festival of lights, with live music, dancing, food and fireworks.  The show will broadcast live by our school's 5th-8th grade students who are part of our Broadcasting Club.  This will be Cedar Hill Prep's first live broadcast, and the kids have been working hard to prepare for it.  There will be interviews with the Owner of the School, the Principal, construction workers with updates on the new building on campus, as well as interviews with parents and students attending the event.  We are very excited about this Diwali Celebration, but also with the broadcasting club and our first LIVE broadcast.  Tune in, and learn more about, The Festival of Lights In The Night.

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    Akasha Temple Live

    in Spirituality

    Ruthann Amarteifio and Casey J. Carraher are here, from the center of the universe----Chicago!!  It's your Pagan Variety Show!!!
    Agrimony is sitting in for Cuzin Casey tonight!
    We've got all your Thursday features covered------from 'The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener' w/ Joey and Holly Baird, to 'World News w/an Attitude'----We'll have 'Mail Bag', 'Witchin in the Kitchen', 'Green Scenes', 'Adventures w/ Kale, Plus', and plenty more.
    Come on in and chat  w//us!!!

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    Mumbai Attacks, RIP Vendanta S. Jerry Adriani, Ms Brazil USA

    in Comedy

    In this next episode radio host Richard aka 2ND and Co. Host Veena K. of The Desi Vibe give a brief recap on their Thanksgiving and what they are most thankful for. 2ND recaps on Hurricane Sandy and speaks on his exclusive coverage of The Miss Brazil USA 2012, he also gives a huge shout out to all the new backers who donated monies even after his Kickstarter campaign 2ND interviews Brazilain Icon Jerry Adriani and the winner of Miss Brazil USA 2012 Maxwellane Fehedta! And also a brief update on the The Rhyme Impersonator Show Project and the Exclusive New Years Eve Wrap-Up Party!
    Veena K. of the Desi Vibe gives a brief recap on her trip to california, her time spent with her mother in NYC and her recent decision to step down as PA/AD on The Rhyme Impersonator Show. Veena K. also remembers the death of the legendary Kuchipudi Dancer "Vendanta Satayanarayana Sarma Garu", touches on the Diwali Festival and she also gives a brief update on the Cyclone Neelam Aftermath and the Mumbai Terror Attacks in India. And of course Veena k. gives another Positive Desi Vibe Final Thought. This is one episode not to be missed! Please call in the show btwn 6:30pm to 7:30pm on our SPECIAL CALL IN LINE @ (347) 857-4380 and give us your thoughts on the Mumbai Terror Attacks and how it affected you.

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    Homeopathy and Cardiology with Dr Aadil Kasim

    in Health

    Happy Diwali to all friends. Happy Antibiotic Awareness Week 2012. Meditations. Affirmations. Homeopathic Readings. Join me. Call in.
    Visit Homeopathy World Community HWC founder, Debby Bruck goes solo today and will talk about whatever comes across the internet of interest. We'll shmooze. Call in. Talk to me. 
     ~ We continue next Wednesday with regularly scheduled programming. Tributes to homeopathic masters. Listen to stories from medical experience of Guru Dr Aadil. Each session we cover another aspect of the heart, disease, nutrition, life-style, and how homeopathy can help heal.
    If this is your first visit to our shows, you will be very glad you are here today!
    Please send in your questions. Share the show on FaceBook & Twitter. Join us on the LIVE CHAT this week! 
    Visit HomeopathyWorldCommunity

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    Global Holiday Food Traditions

    in Food

    Join us as we chat with folks from around the World and talk about holiday foods. Stephanie from @bakingbarrister to discuss Hanukkah, Nour @nourRD to talk about Ramadan and Eid, my hubby will mention diwali and I will talk Christmas foods.

  • Buy Crackers & Fireworks on Online and get free home delivery

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    Traditionally in relation to buy diwali crackers online the louder the better. There are numerous forms of firecrackers for sale in the markets. Such as;

  • The Cathford Group Credit Inc Loan Review Tips

    in Finance

    8 Tips for å Spore din Økonomiske Helse Denne Festlige Sesongen

    21 October 2014: Vi er i den delen av året når festligheter overta. Ni dager før Navratri inkarnasjoner av gudinnen Durga er dyrket tvers India. Under denne auspicious tid planlegger mange å kjøpe boliger, apparater, biler, etc. De fleste forbrukere kjøpe varer ved dra kredittkort eller availing av utslipp.

    I 2013 tilbrakte indiske forbrukere 25 prosent av sine månedlige lønn på Diwali utgifter. Som per siste rapportene media, indisk netthandel industrien var allerede ser øke en 30 prosent i gjennomsnitt daglig salg med folk forbereder festivalen sesongen.

    Under omstendigheter er det avgjørende for kundene å forstå deres økonomiske helse, definere hva kjøp og modus for betaling. Derfor mellom Diwali gaver, spise ute og besøke familien. ikke glem å holde oversikt over utgifter over jul.

    Fortsett å lese artikkelen...