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    Fatherhood App-Helping Fathers Through Technology

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    President/Founder of nationally recognized program Fathers With Voices shares the reasons an App for non-custodial fathers involved in child support, visitation and custody cases is needed!

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    ** Author* Nisa Harper ** A Legacy of Fathers **

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    Author Nisa Harper writes..... Tonight at 6 p.m -8 p.m (EST) listen in to Sistar Cassandra and Minerva White's radio show (347) 857-4514 as they interview some of the writers from my second book "Legacy of Fathers". SuffisDacated ThePoet, Chef Rahman "Rock" Harper, Rafiu Bakare Jr his wife Koya M. Staten-Bakare, Carole Harper, and myself as we engage in conversation about love and life. Call/listen to (347) 857-4514. Thanks
    # Grateful

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    Karlton Harris of S6ns on RaIsInG Six Fathers!

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    Author and Reality Show Father Karlton Harris is building his legacy with his SIX Sons!  He believes morals and values are deposited into people at a young age. Karlton says, “Children value what their parent’s value…When explaining the importance of your values your actions should confirm your explanation.”  Not having a father while growing up, Karlton lacked order, structure, and discipline. This led to his incarceration which also led to his change in life for better. Powerful words are spoken from a man that graduated from the school of “HARD KNOCKS” to emerge a “Change Agent” of a New Generation.  One you CAN'T mIss!

    So, Let’s Talk!

    Knowledge Always Empowers

    TONIGHT, Wednesday, April 8, 2015 @ 10PM EST

    CALL IN LIVE (347) 838-8992





    Karlton S. Harris,

    Title(s):  I’m Free Now What?: 10-Step Prisoner Guide to Reduce Recidivism

                   Fathers Make Your Ceiling Your Children’s Floor (April 30, 2015 Release)

                   No Test, No Testimony!


    Reality TV Show:  S6ns

    Website:  www.KarltonHarris.com

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    Chit Chat with B.Fly with Legacy of Our Fathers Authors

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    On This Episode of The Beautiful Butterfly Show we will be talking with Authors and Contibuting Writers to the book " Legacy of Fathers". Legacy of fathers deals with the flip side of what most society is use to seeing or reading. Its about fathers and their relationships with their children, their love, the way they communicate. Often we read various stories on a mothers experience with her child, here we get to witness Men share their experience on caring and loving their children.

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    Juvenile delinquency is a pressing problem in America, with a rise in the number of
    single parents that are raising children without the financial, emotional, and relational help of
    another adult. Unlike studies conducted in the past, many researchers have begun to focus on the
    influence of a father-figure, not just the influence of the mother on his/her child. Whether the
    quality of relationship or amount of time that is spend with a father-figure has a positive impact
    is unknown. However, it is clear that the subjects who have been adjudicated are in need of
    effective prevention and programming efforts.
    It is important to empathize that father-absence does not necessarily lead to delinquency,
    developmental deficits, and/or render the child with an absent father-figure inferior in
    psychological functioning to the child with a present father-figure in their lives. Children who
    have absent-fathers are far from a homogeneous group with almost an infinite number of patterns
    that can be specified. Many factors need to be considered in evaluating the father-absent
    situation including the length of separation from the father, type of separation, cause of
    separation, the child’s age and gender, the child’s constitutional characteristics, the mother’s
    reaction to the father’s absence, the quality of mother-child interactions, the family’s
    socioeconomic status, and the availability of surrogate models.
    The number of family risks to which children are exposed often best predicts how well
    children will be able to adjust in the world and conform to social norms.

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    Can You Have It All? How Busy Fathers Can Create A REAL Work/Life Balance

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    This week's show will we help busy fathers strike a better balance between hard work and being an active father in their child's life. Our guest this week is Kevin Bullard of Mariage Works!, Inc. Kevin is one-half the duo behind Marriage Works!, Inc. a ministry that creates Christ-Centered resources & experiences to help couples have better & more enjoyable marriages. Kevin has been married to his wife Cetelia since 2000, and are parents to three great children; Max, Caitlin, and Kuria Joy. Through Marriage Works! Kevin & Cetelia provide coaching, weekend events, and resources that strengthen couples' commitment to God and one another.

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    Hip Hop and Today's Girls with Toni Blackman

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    Toni Blackman
    CEO & Founder at Rhyme like a Girl and artist/writer/educator

    Topic: "Hip Hop and Today's Girls"

    Toni is an international champion of hip-hop culture. An award-winning
    artist, her steadfast work and commitment to hip-hop led the U.S.
    Department of State to select her to work as the first ever hip-hop
    artist to work as an American Cultural Specialist.

    This multi-talented woman has been listed in ESSENCE Magazine’s
    listing of “30 Women to Watch.”

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    Dr. Jeff Gardere | "Impact of Fatherlessness on Girls"

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    Dr. Jeff Gardere is America’s Psychologist

    Dr. Jeff is one of the most widely sought-after experts in the field of mental health. In addition to having a private practice in Manhattan, he has garnered a reputation as being a top motivational and keynote speaker, empowerment and media coach.

    He was also an instrumental voice in Fathers Incorporated's documentary "Spitin Anger"

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    Fathers and Families Coalition of America Conference: Los Angeles, California

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    People always asks why are fathers absent from so many homes.  But why is it they are not asking what they can do about it.  Well, one man has stepped forward to do more than ask the question.  He has taken action.  Dr. James Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of the Fathers and Families Coalition of America has built an organization that reach out to fathers across the United States and internationally in order to give the support and knowledge necessary to grow future generations of healthier families. 

    Tonight a host of authors and presenters will share what part they play in the Healthier Fathers, Healthier Families Movement!

    Join Us!



    CALL IN (347) 838-8992



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    Daughters of Men: The Importance of Fatherhood and Girls

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    April 6th, 7pm

    Rachel Vassel; Author

    "Daughters of Men: The Importance of Fatherhood and Girls"

    Rachel Vassel is the author of the award-winning book "Daughters of Men: Portraits of African American Women and their Fathers," a moving collection of beautiful photographs and inspirational essays about the role fathers play in the lives of successful Black women.

    From Beyonce Knowles to Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice, Leah Ward Sears, many African American women attribute much of their success to a positive father figure. 

    Join Us for this Enlighten and Inspirational Conversation

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    When Love Hurts: Making Your Pain Your Foot Stool

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    Monday, March 30th, 7pm

    Meshelle "Indie Mom of Comedy”
    Comedienne/Award Winning Playwright/Author/
    "When Love Hurts: Making Your Pain Your Foot Stool"

    Often times we find ourselves in situations where love hurts. It
    paralyzes us into believing that a better life can't be obtained. Our
    girls love and they love hard. Understanding how to overcome hurt is
    important for their self-esteem. Join us for this critical discussion.

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