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    Divine Truth Ministries Radio #13

    in Religion

    Last episode on blogtalkradio.com. Run down of events, past, present and future. Recap of the new show format on talkshoe.com and the current events within the White Pride Cause.

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    Divine Truth Ministries Radio #6

    in Religion

    The so-called "holiday" that we call "Christmas" is, supposedly, a day that is meant to be used as a day of recognition and worship to honor and recognize the birth of OUR Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, the Anointed One. Tun in to this HOT TOPIC as we bring the Divine Truth of this holiday.

  • 01:59

    Divine Truth Ministries Radio #12

    in Religion

    Tonight we will continue Genesis and answer some questions that have been sent to us. Tonight we will also talk about the change over to talkshoe.com and when this is happening. We hope to have you join us as we start the adventure that is to come, and that you will educate yourself and plae the WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD around you.

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    One Question Readings with the Divine Goddesses

    in Spirituality

    Do you have a question about the current energies or have a tip to share?  Do you have a burning question and are looking for guidance?  Marie Langlie and Beth Jacobson, hosts of Divine Goddess Radio, will be on hand to answer one question and provide a psychic interpretation.  Remember, one question only!

    Listeners can:

    Call in to (347) 327-9360
    Log in to the chat room while listening on your computer
    Send an email to divinegoddessradio@gmail.com prior to the show

    Website:  www.divinegoddessradio.com

    Contact info:  divinegoddessradio@gmail.com

    Beth Jacobson 651-900-4136

    Marie Langlie 651-303-0555

    Blog: http://divinegoddessradio.wordpress.com/


    Beth and Marie are available for individual sessions, group parties and teaching events.

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    Time of Divine Encounter, Destiny, Power, Deliverance and Salvation

    in Spirituality

    One of the missions of the devil is to snare you. A snare is a device, often consisting of a noose, for capturing small game in hunting. It could be anything serving to entrap or entangle you unawares; this is a trap or a chain used to cripple your progress and destiny in this life. Anytime  we are delivered from any oppression, God retaliates them upon the enemy who is the cause.

    We can look at Haman, we can also look at Nebuchadnezzar, he saw three people in the furnace, but they became four, the people who took them burnt. In the lions den, the evil workers were thrown into the den of lions. We cannot go to the Strongman’s house, unless we bind the strong man. The reason why the devil snares us is because, we are  strong men. If he could bind you, he can get your wife, children and other things. So when God delivers you from any strong man, just like Haman, He snares your enemies so that you can prevail. May you walk in divine power and authority today in Jesus name!


    Since this is a spiritual warfare, we need to understand that, according to the Bible, the Fowler Is the Devil Himself! And the bird is our soul. Satan is absolutely determined to overthrow every believer who walks in holiness and complete devotion to Jesus Christ. Indeed, the devil knows where you live and work  every path you take, every footstep.

    My dear, Satan is not omnipresent. He cannot be everywhere at once. Nor does he know all things; otherwise he would be like God. He does have at his command multitudes of demonic beings, principalities and powers of darkness who operates in spirit. And these evil workers trail you. They go about like Fowler, laying traps to ensnare you, they are hidden, crafty, diabolical traps! Demonic powers are at work, they are after our soul,they are laying traps for Christians! The snare is broken

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    Divine Truth Ministries Radio #8

    in Religion

    Tonight’s topics will include the plans and actions of the White Racialist Community. This will include upcoming events, Rallies and related topics. This will give the organizations an opportunity to let the listeners hear firsthand the goals for 2016 and their respective organizations. Hear from #whitelivesmatter, WAU, the Divine Truth Ministries and the Nation of True Israel, plus those that will call in. We would also like to hear from you the listeners of the show on what your new years goals are.

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    Divine Hope

    in Christianity

    Preaching the Word of God to help people in their lives

  • 00:27

    Divine Deliverance from Drug Addiction

    in Religion

    Greetings!  Join me, Doctor Dayciaa Smith, for an encouraging episode of Divine Experience on Sunday, October 25, 2015 @ 5:30 pm CST.  I'll give personal updates, talk about P.O.I.s for the week and share inexpensive and cost-free ways to give back to your community this holiday season.  Our featured topic for today is "Divine Deliverance from Drug Addiction," and we'll address how individuals can overcome the battle of drug addiction through delving deep into the life and lessons of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and by leaning on Him for strength.  Tune in for this wonderful show!

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    Steps For The Power of Self Realization

    in Spirituality

    Today's live class with Mary and Janice is on the power of self realization.  These steps will assist you in moving forward along your path and being fully who you are.

    This show is to assist you with your spiritual development and journey. Our vision is to assist you with your life's journey while we are going through ours.  The vision of this show is to help you make the changes you would like to have with ease and grace, to create a more fulfilling happier life. 

    Janice is a transformational coach helping your life Beyond YOUR Bliss and a healer certified in Basic and Advanced Theta Healing, Quantum Touch I & II, as well as a Quick Pulse practitioner.  Contact her at janicepatricehart@gmail.com or on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/janicepatrice.hart/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

    Mary is a visionary spiritual intuitive addressing the concerns of people from all over the world and from all walks of life. Beginning her soul work after her life met with tragedies that transformed her.  Contact her at maryanswersnow@gmail.com/http://www.globalhealing-soul-utions.com 

    Notice:  We are on Stitcher and iTunes so you can listen from your mobile device! 

    We would love you to see our line of high vibrational energized Ambassador of Peace and other energized Peace and Love Products at The_Peace_Zone. These products are our own designs that we wanted to share with those who want higher vibrational choices for their clothing.

    Much Love,

    Janice & Mary

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    Divine Truth Ministries Radio #11

    in Religion

    This is going to be a test show to see if making a change to the date and time would be better for our listeners or not. We will have an open forum show and talk about anything you want to talk about. We of course will have a small Christian Identity message that is in all our shows.

  • 01:08

    Time of Divine Encounter, Destiny, Power, Deliverance and Salvation

    in Prayer

    Time of Divine Encounter is a God centered program designed to change your destiny forever. It is packed with the with divine knowledge from God, which can take away our sorrows, depressions and anxieties. This program is prophetic encounter that delivers word knowledge of hope and restoration.

    There is time of prayer and deliverance from satanic oppressions and divine restoration. May be you are down, this is the program for you. Salvation is the key of total deliverance and this program is packed to lead you to eternal salvation.