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    A Nation Divided Part One - Repairing the Breach

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    Culture wars, division, corruption, manipulation, compromise... Ferguson, public school malfeasance, executive fiat, enemy infiltration, false gods, religion, prophets and teachers. We are a nation broken and divided. It's time to repair the breach, but we can't begin until we acknowledge the truth about the condition of our hearts! Join host Charlana Kelly and Joanna Nunez as they discuss the reality of our condition and what we need to do as a nation to start the healing process! #TRUTHmatters #SPEAKup #BeAVoiceForOurTime

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    The Gettin It In Show: It's On Part 2 "A Nation Divided"

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    America are you ready for the Conscious Community that's on the uprising? Recently the Police Officer that murder Eric Gardner was not indicted. Are they doing this on purpose? Is it time for the Conscious Community to take the lead? Do we have any leaders that are standing up for us? Other races are also protesting and making noise on how America treats Black People, do they truly understand the struggle or are they just bored and doing it for the thrill of things?

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    A Divided Heart By Charles Spurgeon

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     A Divided Heart by C. H. Spurgeon

    Scripture(s): Hosea 10:2  
    Description: Charles Spurgeon said in a 1859 sermon that the main fault with the Church was that it is not only divided “somewhat” in its creeds and ordinances, it is also “somewhat” divided in its heart. When Christians no longer can love each other unconditionally, when divisions in doctrine become so acid that we cannot cooperate, when we can no longer extend the hand of fellowship to those with whom we disagree, “then, indeed, is the Church of God found faulty.”  Please check out our website @Remnantxradio.com and send me a friend request on facebook!

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    A Country Divided: Development, Violence & Garrison Politics

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    SUNDAY Dec. 14, 2014  LIVE On Line Radio

    NEWS In Review.- News Stories From Jamaica.
    In Focus: In Depth Discussion of News
    Main Topic: Your Voices: A Country Divided: Development, Violence & Garrison Politics
    MUSIC- Local And International Artists (Shae Mill, Marcia Griffiths, Elijah, Planet Groove, and more)

    Join Your Hosts:  Karen Ayee, Steven Smith, Annamarie Hassock & Aven Peralto

    5p (PST) 6p (MT/Jam) 7p (CST) 8p (EST)

    Contact Us Live In The Studio To Take Part In The Show

    914-338-1983 or use Skype

    Join Our Face Book Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/no.onportgoatisland/

    Twitter: #savegoatislandsjam

    Web Site: http://www.noportongoatisland.com/


    A production of The Peralto JADE Foundation- Jamaica Action, Dialogue, & Education 

    (a US based registered non-profit/NGO)

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    Friday Night Prayer Hour

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    Welcome to Friday Night Prayer hour we meet for 30mins to pray followed by Bible Study at 7pm. To listen in on Bible Study you can dail in at 712.432.3100 Access Code 691522

    Destiny Apostolic Int'l Prophetic Worship Center and Prophetess Shareta Berry would like to wish you and your family a BLESS HOLIDAY SEASON.

    Our ministry office will be closed on Dec. 23rd-Jan 2nd an will reopen on Jan. 5th...

    Watch Night Service Dec. 31st doors open at 10:45 Service starts at 11pm

    New Years Day Services doors open 6:30 Service starts at 7pm


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    WELCOME TO THE PROPHETS SPEAK on FMSM GOSPEL NETWORK. We reserve our Saturday mornings to celebrate our Savior, concecrating ourselves to God in Saturday Sabbath, where we keep it holy in a unique way. Embracing Truth is our goal and a Prophetic Word is delivered by Prophet Mary Washington. Her messages are often unorthodox and always go straight to the core of bible principles. Your life will change with every message heard! Also join her Monday - Friday at 6:30 am for Morning Devotion at Pure Word for Everyday Christians and weekdays at 7 am on Voice of Reasons Prophetic Word. visit us online at www.fmsmgospelnetwork.org and check us out! Evangelism and Partnership? Feed My Sheep Ministries is bible based ministry. Our funds come from the loving gifts of those who find this ministry to be a blessing to them. As we have been a blessing to you please consider supporting us in the Lord's work; we thank you in advance for your loving support. God bless you.

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    Free4All/Freestyle Friday

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    Join Queen Nee for Freestyle Friday

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    The Sea is Divided (Exodus 14:21-31)

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    Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord swept the sea back by a strong east wind all night and turned the sea into dry land, so the waters were divided. The sons of Israel went through the midst of the sea on the dry land, and the waters were like a wall to them on their right hand and on their left. Then the Egyptians took up the pursuit, and all Pharaoh’s horses, his chariots and his horsemen went in after them into the midst of the sea. At the morning watch, the Lord looked down on the army of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and cloud and brought the army of the Egyptians into confusion. He caused their chariot wheels to swerve, and He made them drive with difficulty; so the Egyptians said, “Let us flee from Israel, for the Lord is fighting for them against the Egyptians.” Then the Lord said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand over the sea so that the waters may come back over the Egyptians, over their chariots and their horsemen.” So Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the sea returned to its normal state at daybreak, while the Egyptians were fleeing right into it; then the Lord overthrew the Egyptians in the midst of the sea. The waters returned and covered the chariots and the horsemen, even Pharaoh’s entire army that had gone into the sea after them; not even one of them remained. But the sons of Israel walked on dry land through the midst of the sea, and the waters were like a wall to them on their right hand and on their left. Thus the Lord saved Israel that day from the hand of the Egyptians, and Israel saw the Egyptians dead on the seashore. When Israel saw the great power which the Lord had used against the Egyptians, the people feared the Lord, and they believed in the Lord and in His servant Moses.


    Servants of the Lord is a description of individuals, groups, and the nation of Israel. Isaiah portrays a unique servant whom the New...


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    Divided We Fall on The Survivalist Prepper

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    Divided We Fall!
    The Survivalist Prepper
    on American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    This week I talked about how and how and why we are becoming more racially divided. It’s just my opinion but it seems to me that this is purposeful, imaging how much more power we would have as Americans if we all stood together? Democrat, Republican, black, white or green, the more we are divided, the more power the government gains over us.

    Tags: The Human Path, Prepper Broadcasting, Plant Medicine, Skills

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    We are Twin: XTRA LOVE released. Willodean debut album

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    WE ARE TWIN.. Germany-raised Sri Lankan multi-instrumentalist and producer Nicholas Balachandran met New York-born and bred singer songwriter Gabi Christine during a 2009 songwriting session and the result was fifteen songs and WE ARE TWIN. In 2013 Zackary Smith (Bass, Keys, vocals) & Justin Frazier (drums) joint the group. The group just finished their debut album called "xtra love" release this November,  blazing a trail for a punk rock, soul & Pop aesthetic that stood out  immediately.  And they have a musical webisode series. We will talk about all of it this Friday.

    LA-based three-man band, Willodean, chronicles longing, loneliness, and lost loves, Willodean is Dan Barrett,  Eric Holden and Randy Wooten. They have just released their self-titled debut album about people as afraid of finding love as losing it. With Dan Barrett’s gravelly baritone, Eric Holden’s upright bass that resonates with sturdy, near-ancient melodies and  guitarist/pianist Randy Wooten’s lyrics the evoke a dreamy world of misgiving and missed chances. We won't miss  the cahnce to ask them about  it  this Friday.


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