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    Sheryl Lee Ralph DIVA Talk Radio

    in Entertainment

    Sheryl recording LIVE from Jamaica.  This week's interview is with Legendary Cleo Parker Robinson. Cleo discusses annual presentation of Granny Dances to a Different Drum. Hear the reach history and story behind this awesome play.


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    Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio with guest Prez Tru Diva

    in Entertainment

    Frequent show caller and Blacktopia supporter Prez Tru Diva will join us as a featured guest for Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio with your hosts Some Guy Named Jay, Barbara The Cleaning Lady and Ms. Marie Jones.  She will give us an update on the children she is mentoring and talk about her upcoming charity events.  Ms. Marie Jones will bless us with another Good Morning At Night.

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    Diva Taunia's Backstage Pass Radio

    in Music

    Join Diva Taunia every Friday at NOON, PST as she hosts new music from fantastic artists and bands from around the globe! Be sure to follow her on Twitter @divataunia as she tweets live during the show and say hello, or join the live chat!  Miss the show live?  No worries, you can listen to the archive right here any time, or search iTunes for us!  

    The Backstage Pass Radio Program is sponsored by Wellesse.com, DownsizeAtHome.com, and Ever Pretty Dresses. Interested in becoming a show sponsor? Email Taunia at info@divataunia.com.  On the program today:

    1. Universal Melodies (Nashaat Salman) with "Summer Night Joy"
    2. Jimmy Jang with "Mothers of the Earth"
    3. Chris Dukes with "Getaway"
    4. Henwall with "Where Are You"
    5. Teenagers with "You Don’t Look Cool" 
    6. Sarantos with "The Veteran"

    Stay tuned!  More music to be added to this program shortly!

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    The Sheryl Lee Ralph DIVA Talk Show with Dr. Charles Ogletree and Dweynie Paul

    in Entertainment

    Join Award Winning Actress, Singer, Author & Philanthropist, Sheryl Lee Ralph on her new radio show as she talks Life, Love, Self Growth, Wellness and Empowerment as she redefines DIVA. Sheryl Lee Ralph's show is going to be fun, witty, topical, important, full of great guests...and always thoughtful with the original Dreamgirl herself. The Sheryl Lee Ralph D.I.V.A. Talk Show ~ Real Talk! 

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio

    in Christianity

    Tough Talk Christian Radio with Host Tony Gambone and his guest Kevin M. Kraft & Michael Logan:

    Kevin M. Kraft is an award-winning author and screenwriter, as well as a singer-songwriter, cigar box guitar guru (and founder of the annual KC Cigar Box Guitar Festival), actor, motion picture director and producer in Kansas City, Missouri, where he currently resides with his wife and children, for whom, despite all he does, he still makes plenty of time for. His well-received short film "Drifters" is available for view on Youtube and elsewhere on the Internet. With the publication of his novel, S, he introduced a new type of novel: the "contemporary religious fantasy." He followed this up with a creature feature thriller, an "inspirational thriller," MOMO, based on his award-winning screenplay, which may become a motion picture. 

    Michael Logan has been in business for for 35 years and in ministry for 26 years October of 2015. I started to become the doctor my Dad hoped I'd be. After three and a half years of gradually shifting majors, and almost 8 years working in and running hospital laboratories I moved to business and worked under great Small Business Investment Company leaders, learned from Mike Vance, the creative director of the University of Disneyland the last 8 years Walt was alive, and helped produce hundreds of business plans, teaching entrepreneurism at Great Lakes Naval Training Center to Vietnam vets exiting the military. In 1989 I was called to pastor a church and left a $100K/yr consulting business for $12K/year and a hurricane of miracles. We ran a shelter for 10 years 24/7/365 

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    The Purpose Driven Diva with Guest Pamela Smith

    in Women

    DivaTalkRadio at its core is to encourage and empower women to live the life of their dreams. Live full on and without limits. God created us for greatness and because of that greatness we have the power and privilege to make a hug impact in our families, our communities, and throughout the world. When we live 'on purpose', lives are changed! 

    On today's show, our amazing Host, Kelli Claypool, will be talking with Guest Pamela Smith about living life on purpose. How to be a Purpose Driven Diva and make a difference in those around us. When we give from our core...a place of purity, that's when we allow God to step in and lives are changed. 

    Be sure to mark you calendar to join Kelli on this refreshing episode of DivaTalkRadio. Invite your friends too!

    About Our Guest:

    Pamela D. Smith is a wife, mother, speaker, author, mentor, and Spiritual teacher.  She is passionate about personal development and living life with purpose and power.

    As a Spiritual teacher and motivational speaker, Pamela speaks at conferences, church programs, bible studies, and women empowerment events. She helps women experience spiritual breakthroughs so that they can live everyday Encouraged, Equipped, and Empowered. As an author, Pamela self-published an inspirational devotional titled E3: Encouraged, Equipped, Empowered. This devotional became a #1 best-seller in Philosophy & Spiritual Growth and #3 best-seller in Ethics & Morality. Pamela is currently working on another women's empowerment book. As a businesswoman, Pamela has created a Signature Spiritual mentorship program; Life, Love, Liberty spiritual life coaching package; as well as her first t-shirt design. Pamela is the Founder of PDS Outreach.

    Pamela's first ministry is within her home. She is married to Randall Smith, Sr. and is the mother of three boys.

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio

    in Christianity

    Tough Talk Christian Radio with Host Tony Gambone with special guest Stenetta Anthony and Denise Fawcett Facey:

    Stenetta Anthony resides in Chicago, Illinois with her husband, children and grandchildren. She is a native Chicagoan, who loves living in the big city. She is the eldest of four children, who always loved reading. Stenetta is a graduate of Grand Canyon University, where she studied education; acquiring a B.S. in Educational Leadership. During her time in college one of the classes she most enjoyed was creative writing. Taking these classes further increase Stenetta’s ability to utilize her image more affectingly, therefore making her a more efficient writer.

    Denise Fawcett Facey is an educator, author, blogger, leader of professional development workshops — all of it centered around making education fun for students. Why settle for routine and boring when learning can spark creativity, exploration and just plain fun? What I enjoyed most about teaching was developing my students' love for the same subjects I enjoyed learning. Making otherwise tedious content become vibrant and engaging was my idea of a good time. My reward was watching that mixture of recognition and joy spread across the face of a student who suddenly "got it," hearing animated voices raised in hot debate or gleeful collaboration, and repeatedly receiving the question “What are we doing today?” asked with genuine excitement. I love that! Now I get to share the best of what I've learned along the way through my writings and workshops. 

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    Diva Interviews Jen Lilley

    in Television

    The Diva of Days of our Lives and friends interview Days actress, Jen Lilley, who portrays Theresa Donovan on the show.  Jen has a CD out called, "Tinsel Time."  Jen also stars in the web series, "Youthful Daze" and in Hallmark movies including "The Spirit of Christmas."  Surprise caller, Days actor Billy Flynn (Chad DiMera) calls in near the end of the interview.

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    To study the Word of God with simplicity and unders†anding,

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio with Host Tony Gambone and his guest Bill Jenkins and Tamra Oviatt:

    Pastor Bill Jenkins is the founder and senior pastor of the church of acts as well as a television and radio host. Rapidly becoming known as an apostle of God with a prophetic voice, he works to release a message of hope in our world. With deep spiritual revelation and insight from God's word, Pastor Bill takes the toughest passages of scripture and explains them in a practical and interesting way. He is the “go-to-guy" when it comes to understanding the biblical numbers and their spiritual significance. A devoted husband and father, his passion is for others to become successful as they apply the principles of Christ.

    Tamra Oviatt is the founder of Sacred Activations (SA), a seventh plane energetic modality.
    She is an author, energy worker, professional speaker and teacher who trains advanced energy workers to use SA in their professional practice. Her work empowers others to align with their life purpose by clearing thousands of cultural, religious, and collective consciousness belief systems.
    Tamra’s ultimate mission is world peace. She will accomplish this by helping others plug into the unconditional love of pure source energy and the activation of the soul presence.
    Tamra was given the knowledge of the Sacred Activations by the Creator of all that is, and works with many of the unseen ascended masters, angels, lords and light beings to help raise our vibrations to joy and love.

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    Studying The Word of God with simplicity and understanding.