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    Your15Minutes Radio Special Edition - Lateef Sarnor

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    Join us on Your15Minutes Radio Network - Americas  #1 Online Radio Network as we speak with Lateef Sarnor Founder and CEO of Kollideoscope Network a video platform dedicated to developing, delivering,discovering and distributing videos from a multicultural perspective across the digital landscape.  Folllow the conversation @your15minradio www.your15minutesradio.com

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    Debut Romance Author Catherine Herzog Joins Kori on the Back Porch

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    Cat Herzog began writing as a teen to have a way of dealing with a turbulent childhood, afraid someone might read what she journaled, she fictionalized it so no one would know she was talking about herself.  Those stories turned into what would become The Key to Her Heart, but it would take another thirty years before she published The Key to Her Heart.  Now she is working on the sequel Patrick's Rose.

    About the book: The Key to Her Heart (The Heart of a Family Book 1)

    As Anna's life spirals deeper into the abyss she doesn’t know how to escape, Patrick may be the only thing standing between her and complete destruction. 

    In her quest to achieve her dreams, Anna becomes a successful model in California in the early seventies and attracts the unwanted attention of powerful, ruthless, Matthew Wolffe, the eldest son of the fashion world’s biggest tycoon. His attention twists into a dark obsession-- Not just harming, but distributing abuse beyond Anna’s worst nightmares. Patrick Rueschel is the boy she left back home when she ran away. His love promises new life. 

    Between her dark secrets in California and her father’s vow of revenge on The Rueschel family years before when she was a teen, Anna realizes there is no way for Patrick to be part of her life. 

    As the stakes are driven ever higher, she must choose the dream she wants to pursue and what cost she is willing to pay. Meanwhile, Matthew plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse that threatens to find her no matter where she may run. 

    Is Patrick's love strong enough to save her? Or must she run away once more—and leave everything behind? 

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    Wings of the Spirit with Special Guest, Sister Tracy V. Price

    in Christianity

    Tracy Price is a member of Grace Beyond the Walls (GBTW) located in Baltimore City.  She currently serves her church as the Outreach Coordinator for the Reach All People (RAP) Ministry under the leadership of Pastor Antoine Payne.  Tracy has been a member of GBTW since its inception in March of 2013.  Prior to joining GBTW she was a member of New Song Bible Fellowship Church located in Bowie, Maryland for 22 years.

    Tracy’s passion for people can be found in her ministry.  While attending New Song she founded and directed Manna Ministries, a grocery relief program for food insecure families.  As the Director of Manna Ministries, Tracy trained and equipped 18 additional churches in the surrounding area to adopt this program as part of their outreach ministry. 

    After two years of successfully distributing groceries to the community at a reduced cost through Manna Ministries, she established FEED THE 500 an annual event which takes place the week before Christmas.  Tracy, along with her team of volunteers solicit funds from individuals, corporations, and churches to provide a one week’s supply of groceries (free of charge) to families in Baltimore City, Prince Georges County, the District of Columbia, and Ft. Meade Military Base.  Since FEED THE 500 first began in 2009, the nutritional and spiritual needs of over 12,000 people in our region were met through this outreach.

    Most recently Tracy was appointed as the first female board member to the Thirst No More Corporation (TNMC).  In this capacity she brings a wealth of energy, knowledge and passion to their projects nationally and internationally.



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    Singer, Filmmaker and Producer Bobby Washington!

    in Entertainment

    Intro to Info hosts Mikeisha and Queen of Hearts interview multi-talented singer Bobby Washington!

    With Bobby's entrepreneurship track record of over 120,000 albums sold and his lyrical songwriting abilities, soulful vocal dynamic range, charismatic stage presence, innovative music production and engineering skills with a catalog of 300 songs in R&B/Hip-Hop/Pop and charming looks, he is a great asset to a record label. Live Performances Bobby Washington has performed and opened concerts for Angie and Debbie Winans, New Kids on the Block, Tony Terry and R-Kelly. He toured in California with Pretty Tony's road group, Free Style. In addition, Bobby recently performed at the HOT 105 Festival, the Miami Pipeline, Cafe Iguanas in Pines and Klub Miami on South Beach with JT Money, Kenny Brown from Liberty City, DJ Suicide from 99 Jams, and DJ Sama from Mega 94.9. Radio Play Bobby has received airplay from 99 Jams with Al B Silk, Island Vibes (105.5 FM) with DJ Charger, 1170 AM with DJ Burke, 9.19 FM with Chico De Leo, 103.5 FM with DJ Caramel, 90.9 FM with AJ, 81.9 FM with Lorenzo, 1120 AM with Victoria Victoria, with Rhythm City Record Pool in Miami, Fl, with Hip-Hop Friends Online Record Pool in New York and Radio One in Atlanta, Georgia. Media & Press Bobby has recent interviews from the Miami Herald, Miami Times, BurnLounge, the Flyer, Urban America and UPN 33. Producers Bobby has worked with producers like Steve Ivory, Ron Kauvon and Ray Seay (current producer of Lil Jon & Ciara). He has produced music for JT Money and over 40 independent artists. He has done freelance work for IK Media and Sonic Reality doing synth sounds for Reasons Virtual Reality Sound Modules. Projects Bobby currently has Definition of Love and Nude distributing online.

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    Keshe Rome Live Conference: The Blue Box Plasma Power Unit Unveiling"Historical"

    in Education

    Dr. Mehran Keshe explains how they are rolling out the plasma energy devices TODAY that will revolutionize how Humanity lives. They are very affordable; they are the size of a tissue box and indestructible, solid state. The new “Blue Box”. The unit is designed specifically to be affordable for every person on the planet, for a cost of $200 to $399, so every home can generate power and not be reliant on power companies. For those who cannot afford the unit, funding will be available from many sources around the world. If the price goes higher than $200, most people can still afford it because you won’t have to pay what you now are for electricity, gas, coal, solar, or whatever you’re using to power your life so YOU’LL HAVE A LOT MORE DISPOSABLE INCOME!!!!! No money goes to the Keshe Foundation. Manufacturers will collect the cost of the units when they sell them, as with any product. In fact, Mr. Keshe says at the conclusion of the video that the Keshe Foundation will be THE most expensive place to buy these units because they want to encourage Humanity to take the responsibility for making and distributing them and working with their respective governments.https://spaceshipinstitute.zoom.us/j/939474503 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGzrnCCnHIo http://livestream.com/accounts/15210385/ambassadors



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    I've Got So Much to Give with Author Will Brown in The Hot Spot

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    I've Got So much To Give is a story of four distinguished friends. No one believed that they would make it out of the hood, Trey, T-Bird, Q and JJ, are movers and shakers driven with brilliance and ingenuity. They’ve mastered their own forte of networking by continuously distributing their clientele into each of their businesses to create wealth and success. Concerned about the community they grew up in, gave them the compassion to make phenomenal contributions to empower the less fortunate with jobs and educational programs through numerous trust funds. 

    It's been said, that money can't buy you love and certainly looking at the dynamics of these individuals and the hardships they encountered with relationships will take your breath away.  

    Trey is determined to escape the raft of Octavia the gold digger, especially after meeting Carlotta the southern bell.

    T-Bird has just finished her new album and is desperately seeking a comeback tour. Her life is about to change after divorcing Shaun and meeting Darnell.

    Q the playboy has finally met his match after meeting Desiree.

    JJ is faced with the decision of walking away from Vivian or saving his marriage.

    Through it all everyone vowed that they would be there for each other regardless of their trials or tribulations.

    Call in # 773-897-6297

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    Canadian Moto Show with Brent Worrall

    in Sports

    The Canadian Moto Show is on the Air 'Live' at 6:00 pm pacific 9:00 pm eastern and can be found right herehttp://www.canadianmotoshow.com This week on the show we will be joined by a wide variety of guests and Motocross enthusiasts from across the country. The outdoor season is quickly winding down and the upcoming Arenacross season is just on the horizon. Tonight we will speak to Canadian Pro Motocross Women's East National Champ Eve Brodeur. We will also catch up with Royal Distributing KTM's Canadian National number 4 for 2016 Cole Thompson.

    Devils Lake Yamaha rider Kyle Swanson will also check in tonight as will Maple Ridge Motorsports rider Ryan Lockhart and the Dubuc boys. Tyson Dubuc will be this weeks Canadian Moto Show KTM rider profile as his stock is on the rise in the West. Tonight we will also feature Canadian Kawasaki Provincial Intermediate Champion and up and coming talented rider Jackson Nickolet.

    We will also continue our ever popular Canadian Moto Show giveaways teamed up with MXP Magazine, 2UNDR, Ryno Power Sports Supplements and FXR Racing. Be sure to have your phone ready to call in to win when the gate drops on your chance to *WIN* Tell a friend, come and join the Show and Lets Go Bench Racing.

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    Verge has set his game plan into motion. Teaming up with Fresh Entertainment on the release of his first single ‘Swagga Shot’, which was the OurStage Winner for the Russ Par Bus Tour in Indiana in 2009. Artist sometimes overlook the influence they can have on a community. To keep himself grounded, Verge was instrumental in helping start the annual charity event ‘Holiday Hoops #MGMCharityGame’ in 2011. The event promotes unity in the community by collecting donations and distributing them to select charities to help make the holidays a little more festive for those in need. This additional exposure has made Verge a household name in Indiana TUNE IN (9:00pm til 11:00pm eastern) www.blogtalkradio.com/theuntouchable1stfamradio  call in (917)889-8297

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    Fresh ENT LLC'S YOUNG VERGE Speaks with 1st Fam Radio

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    Verge has set his game plan into motion. Teaming up with Fresh Entertainment on the release of his first single ‘Swagga Shot’, which was the OurStage Winner for the Russ Par Bus Tour in Indiana in 2009. Artist sometimes overlook the influence they can have on a community. To keep himself grounded, Verge was instrumental in helping start the annual charity event ‘Holiday Hoops #MGMCharityGame’ in 2011. The event promotes unity in the community by collecting donations and distributing them to select charities to help make the holidays a little more festive for those in need. This additional exposure has made Verge a household name in Indiana

    Tune in tonite (9:30pm til 11:30pm Eastern) www.blogtalkradio.com/theuntouchable1stfamradio and on demand www.1stfamradio.com   if you wish to speak with hosts or request song call (917)889-8297

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    The Trials, Tribulations and Music of Lynette Shaw

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    In 1991 Lynette began distributing marijuana to patients with Dennis Peron at his legendary Compassion Club in San Francisco. After the passage of Prop. 215, she began working with the Chief of Police of Fairfax, eventually opening in 1997 the first legal licensed medical marijuana dispensary anywhere in the world.

    With the town’s blessings, she operated her medical marijuana dispensary with no problems until she was targeted by the Department of Justice. Fighting asset forfeiture all the way to the Supreme Court, she was eventually forced to close the club and had all her assets seized including her social security benefits.

    Even though the town of Fairfax wants her to reopen, she is still prevented by court order from opening a new dispensary. She is now going back to Federal Court attempting to have the injunction dissolved.

    Before getting involved with medical marijuana, Lynette had dropped out of college and went to Hollywood hoping to be discovered for her singing talents. For three months she was a backup singer with the Blues Brothers and was slated to sign a contract with them when John Belushi died of a heroin overdose.

    As Lynette had provided marijuana to the band, she was suspected of being an accessory in his death and became the focal point of a murder investigation that was eventually dropped.

    Lynette had a “blues epiphany” in 2006 and went back to her musical roots in blues and rock and roll eventually releasing a CD in 2003 with her new group the Bluesetta Band. Entitled 4 Pot Peace, the album contains 10 original songs, every one of them about marijuana.

    On the show, we will be talking with Lynette about her work in the early days of the movement and the trials and tribulations that led up to her current court battles. Plus we will be chatting about her musical career, the Blue Brothers moments and play some cuts from her 2003 CD 4 Pot Peace.

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    Black Former Marine War Hero Called a Boy and Punished for Reporting It

    in Politics Progressive

    Chris Garnier is a black man married to a white woman, Kim Garnier. Chris, a former Marine helo pilot with confirmed kills in Iraq and Afghanistan is a war hero and former Poway teacher. After experiencing patterns of racial discrimiation he reported his observations along with his wife Kim. Chris was interpreted as a threat, Kim, a nuisance. Despite their observations of a noose, the liberal use of the N-word, threats and being called a boy, the Poway school board decided to punish the Garnier family by placing a restraining on Chris and dismissing the blatant incidents as just "misunderstandings". This position was supported by the judicial system in San Diego. Chris witnessed discrimination against children in the Poway school system. He was disrespected by the board leadership. He cannot attend functions at the school with his kids. He is barred for three years from participating in their activities at their school due to a restraining order placed on him in retaliation for reporting racial discrimination. He won an election within the school system only to have the results recalled and another vote put into place, where he lost his office....with no transparency. Parents, students and teachers alike have come forward in support of Chris and Kim. Many, afraid of reprisals, quietly voice their support behind the scene. Listen to this horrible story of injustice and help this family by distributing this story wide and far. We need justice in the Poway School system and people power to assuage a great injustice.