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    3 Distinct Stages in Getting Ready to Receive Your Dream Lifestyle

    in Spirituality

    http://speed-manifesting.com When you want to receive bigger, better dreams and an expanded lifestyle, tune into 3 distinct stages so that you can receive better and faster.

    In today's 30 minute show Lori Mitchell highlights the method of manifesting in the broadest sense: each of the 7 steps in the Speed Manifesting(TM) Method fits into these. Get a pen and paper handy and join us all in the chat room as we get clear on where to put the effort and make the changes to receive. Questions are welcome.

    Lori Mitchell is the author of two books on Manifesting and Beliefs. She trains people in the Speed Manifesting(TM) Method and how to release beliefs and remove obstacles to personal success.

    She walks her talk as she uses this very effective method to expand her life and those she mentors to live a more abundant lifestyle and have better relationships. Lori lives in a beach paradise in the Gold Coast of Australia with her husband of 25 years and two grown sons.Her books are available on amazon.com and Lulu (Australian/NZ version).

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    Benefits vs. Insurance - Deciphering the Distinct Difference

    in Business

    In the first episode of Cutting-Edge Benefits by ClaimLinx, Tom Quigley, National Business Consultant, will discuss with Christopher Roach, client services manager, the difference between health benefits and insurance. Typically employers buying health insurance traditionally receive both of these in one neat package in the form of a group healthe insurance plan. But what the agent selling you this product does not mention is there are a lot of unseen, and often unneccesary, elements in this plan that are costing employers a lot of money. Understanding the difference between benefits and insurance will help break down these costs so that businesses can start saving money. 

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    PREMIER from Mick Kolassa, Voo Davis, Johnny Riley & CKNM Rusty Wright & More

    in Music

    SHOW # 275 Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With Musicians You Should Know

    We begin the evening with Cindy McLeod from The Calgary International Blues Festival.  They are one of our Festival Sponsors this year.  Their 11th Festival, this one is chock full of top Blues Artists and we will talk to Cindy about what is in store for fans.

    Then I am honored to PREMIER Ghosts Of The Riverside Hotel from Mick Kolassa.  Mick has done it again, creating an album that touches on all of the different flavors of the blues and it includes an “uncovering” of an old favorite. I can’t wait to share this one with you all and talk to Mick about his inspirations.

    Voo Davis is out of Chicago and he has a distinct sound to his music and it continues on this, his third release entitled Midnight Mist.  Recorded in Louisiana, Voo plays many of the instruments on this disc. I will chat with Voo about his life and Career and the new album.

    Johnny Riley grew up with a Gospel Music dad from Texas and a Blues Music mom from Mississippi and he has created a signature in your face Southern Rock & Blues sound that is laced with Gospel undertones.  His album is entitled Crossroads Of My Life and I am excited to chat with Johnny about his journey to this point and where the road will lead from here.

    Then Rusty & Laurie Wright return to The Couch with COUCH KID NEW MUSIC.  The album is entitled Wonder Man and dropped about 6 weeks ago.  Can’t wait to chat with these two wonderful musicians and get the to share stories about the new album and their lives on the road sharing with their fans.


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    Insulin Potentiation Therapy and Cancer - with Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, Jr.

    in Health

    Insulin Potentiation Therapy is an alternative medical procedure used to treat cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases.  Developed and researched for over 80 years, IPT works on curing the body without damaging the body’s natural defenses.  Unlike traditional chemotherapy, it does not leave the body in a weakened condition, defenseless and unable to undergo the deep healing process necessary for complete recovery.

    It started with the first Garcia, Donato Perez, Sr. a medical doctor and not in the best of health.  He suffered from anemia and malnutrition for a number of years, ignoring his own health to care for the many medical needs of his patients.  Until his condition affected his profession when he became sluggish and started losing weight due to loss of appetite and severe gastrointestinal problems.    He began to use IPT and within weeks was feeling better and regained his strength.    He began to explore how IPT could treat other chronic conditions and most importantly, how it could be used as a treatment for Cancer.

    We have the distinct pleasure of interviewing Dr. Donato Perez Garcia, Jr. a third generation medical doctor who specializes in IPT.   This treatment was invented by his grandfather and then developed by his Father.   He has applied over 26,000 treatments to patients worldwide over a span of 25 years.

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    Hip-hop artist Brooke Lynne HOT16REALTALK for exclusive interview

    in Entertainment


    Janea Colimon also known as Brooke Lynne was born on Jan 5th 1991 in Brooklyn NY. She was born to parents of mixed ethnicities, cultures and musical talents. She is no stranger to music and the arts as her mother was a singer and her father handled the business side of the music industry managing artists. Brooke Lynne's very own uncle is a well known gospel singer named Jason Hendrickson. Being in the studio with her mother and father allowed her the time growing up and with her studies in classical,opera and jazz music  would make Brooke Lynne a triple threat female lyracist who writes, sings and raps. 

    Brooke Lynne has performed at The Disney Music Center, Santa Monica College and every talent show and competition her high school produced as well as competing in The New York State School Music Association. She has worked with Servin 'Em Ent, Dylan Dilenger,Mz.B and is working on an upcoming song with Graph. Brooke Lynne has been seen on MTV's "Parental Control" and can be seen on "The Following" starring Kevin Bacon.

    After hearing Brooke Lynne  through another YNVS artist named Conan, Shampoo of Def Jam and Ceo of YNVS was immediately intrigued. He thought she was young, witty and had a distinct flow, even better than most of her male peers. Shampoo promptly signed her under his management. Brooke Lynne put out her first solo mixtape title "Crazy Is The New Sexy". On her mixtape you can hear her clear cut sound that catapults her into the category of top female artists. Keeping her originality and being herself is what makes everyone embrace her. Brooke Lynne has performed at The YNVS One Mic Showcases all over NYC in noted clubs like NYC WIP, Club LIt,Tobacco Road and others alike each time moving the crowd with ease. With Brooke Lynne's talent and YNVS management it is inevitable that she will be soon topping the charts!

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    in Entertainment


    BELINDA GAIL welcomes the "Harmonicowboy" GARY ALLEGRETTO to this weeks show!  Join Belinda for a conversation with this amazing musician, singer/songwriter for a look at a man who combines several musical genre's into his own distinct style.  A cowboy, "Hotshot" fire fighter, teacher and entertainer Gary will share his story in an interesting and entertaining hour you don't want to miss.

    Join Belinda and her guest every Sunday at 9 AM CST for an hour that will bless your heart and lift your spirit on Equestrian Legacy Radio.

    EQUESTRIAN LEGACY RADIO is Heard Around the World on our FREE Mobile App and Online at www.equestrianlegacy.net

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    MREA - Chapter 14: MREA Organizational Model

    in Real Estate

    Today we will cover the MREA Organizational Model!

    From your first hire to your last, the key to knowing which people to bring onboard and what skills they should have on their resumes is to have a detailed Organizational Model!

    We will cover the 3 distinct areas of staffing: administrative, buyer and seller.  We will also cover the hiring path, we will go over the basic job descriptions and learn how you can get to the 7th level in your business.

    We will talk about how to find the exceptional talent you need in your business and will cover the 7 recruiting sources!

    Then we will move to the 9 major compensation options and lastly, talk about the best compensation philosophies!

    This is the last of the MREA models and so the next sessoins will begin to cover the NET A Million issues and help you ride these models all the way to your goal - a million dollars a year in annual personal income!


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    in Politics

    Our final reading from Huey's chapter on Patrolling on today's show will be delayed until 11pm daylight savings time. Because of the nature of this broadcast I choose to share this information with those who are really intrested in the 10 point plan and how it was started.  "I started rapping off the essential points for the survival of Black and oppressed people in the United States. Bobby wrote them down and then we separated those ideas into tow sections, "WHAT WE WANT" and "WHAT WE BELIEVE."   We split them up because the ideas fell naturally into two distinct categories.  It was necessary to explain why we wanted certain things.  At the same time, our goals were based on beliefs, and we set those out too.  In the section on beliefs, we made it clear that all objective conditions necessary for attaining our goals were already in existence, but that a number of societal factors stood in our way.  This was to help the people understand what was working against them.

    All in all, our ten-point program took about twenty minutes to write. Thinking it would take days, we were prepared for a long session, but we never got to the small mountain of books piled up around us. We had come to an important realization: books could only point in a general direction; the rest was up to us.  This is the program we wrote down:

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    Computer America - DEMO; iLuv

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: DEMO.  Erick Schonfeld, Executive Producer of DEMO.

    DEMO focus on emerging technologies and new product innovations. The DEMO conferences have earned their reputation for consistently identifying tomorrow's cutting-edge technologies, and have served as launchpad events helping participants to secure venture funding, establish critical business relationships, and influence early adopters. The DEMO Scholarship Partner Program, subsidized by corporate sponsorships, offers multiple scholarship opportunities to ensure that deserving entrepreneurs have the chance to introduce cutting edge technology products at DEMO that might have otherwise gone undiscovered.  


    Hour two: iLuv. Greg Keushgerian, Vice President of Business Development.

    iLuv Creative Technology is the premier provider of the most comprehensive line of accessories for the mobile lifestyle. iLuv stands for “Innovation · Lifestyle · Unquestionable Value,” a mantra that has been fully validated by their 43 prestigious CES Innovations, iF, Good Design and Red Dot awards.  iLuv's products are designed in-house by a talented team of industrial designers and engineers, who also meticulously manage the technology to ensure the highest quality, making iLuv products distinct in both design and quality. By providing a constant stream of new and innovative products with quality and value, iLuv is the perfect selection for all of your mobile lifestyle needs.   

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    Richmond,CA Native Andr'e Farr Chairman and CEO of the Black Sports Agents

    in News

    The Los Angeles Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Business Center is pleased to announce that André Farr has been named as the Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year for 2015. Andre follows a legacy of exceptional black undergraduate athletes creating impressive careers of international entrepreneurial leadership. Dr. Ralph Bunche, Jackie Robinson and Mayor Tom Bradley were all noteworthy undergraduate student leaders and athletes over a 40 year period at UCLA..Andre is a 26-year entrepreneurial executive in the business of sports and entertainment. Mr. Farr first gained acclaim as the President and CEO of House of Blues Sports; and again as thethe Chairman and CEO of the Black Sports Agents Association (BSAA). .However, it didn’t start there. As a high school All-American football player André’s interest in entertainment surfaced. He was one of the first concert promoters for MC Hammer. When he accepted a football scholarship to UCLA he continued promoting concerts and special events on campus including a highly acclaimed Greek Show and Concert in Pauley Pavilion. Upon graduating from UCLA Mr. Farr’s passion for sports and entertainment led him to continue his mission to create opportunities between these distinct industries. André became partner with House of Blues in Hollywood,CA and majority owner of House of Blues Sports. While there Mr. Farr and his team produced many fascinating events including entertainment surrounding the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and the last recorded performance of Tupac Shakur in Los Angeles.As an agent, Mr. Farr has guided the careers of several athletes including his Brother D’Marco Farr, a Super Bowl Champion with the St. Louis Rams as well as Alvin and Calvin Harrison, the Olympic Gold Medal twins. .

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    Nick Starr Duarte (Guitar/Vocals) and Amy Morgan (Cello) from Post Paradise

    in Rock Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Nick Starr Duarte (Guitar/Vocals) and Amy Morgan (Cello) from the Alternative Rock Post Paradise to the show. 


    Fusing their unique sound from several different genres and sources of inspiration, Post Paradise delivers an alternative, indie-rock sound that is distinct and memorable. With the classical flair of Amy Morgan’s work on the cello and Nick Duarte’s signature vocals and edgy riffs, the two become the cornerstone of the quartet, further enhanced by Mark Roshon on drums and percussion, and Chris Santolla on bass guitar. Together, the foursome creates a fresh and unique sound that is unparalleled.

    For Media Enquiries: 
    LaFamos PR & Branding


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