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    MENTELLECT RADIO( NUBEN MENKARAYZZ) joins The Amen ra Squad ,joint podcast

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    His days of psuedo are numbered.

    A Well Organized Lie defeats a Disorganized Truth Every Time!

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    Why the AmenRa Squad was created

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    A Well Organized Lie ,Defeats a Disorganized truth Every time

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    Global Tax Centers: Standing Up for What's Right!

    in Entrepreneur

    Transform your LIFE w/Coach Tamarra! ** This show has been pre-recorded! ** 

    We’ve become accustomed to thinking and believing that business is only about profits and more profits. In this instance though, Global Tax Centers is an organization that is steeped in a proud tradition of greatness while also doing right by the people who drive the business for the people that the business serves.

    Coined to be The Uber of the Tax Preparation is an organization born in the spirit of standing up for what’s right… FIRST and FOREMOST… for People!

    Listen in on this spirited and passionate conversation about how Global Tax Centers was born, why NOW is the time for GTC to make its move, more about the Man behind the MISSION, and HOW the organization will TRANFORM LIVES!

    Nathaniel R. Causley, Jr. is a Visionary Entrepreneur, Author, Private Investor, and Change Leadership Professional. He’s an expert not only in strategically rebuilding dysfunctional and disorganized systems; he’s the master of driving over the top revenue results in diverse, urban, and mainstream domestic and international markets. He’s the fire by which Global Tax Centers, the Uber of Tax Preparation, was founded.  

    For more information about Global Tax Centers, and how to become a part of this revolutionary new start-up company that's changing the way taxes are being prepared in America,  go to: www.globaltaxcenters.com/.   You can contact Nate directly by phone at 609-254-4367, or by email at nathanielrcausleyjr@globaltaxcenters.com.

    Tamarra Causley Robinson is a Career Transitions Coach for women whose mission is to empower women to have the life and career they desire w/o guilt apology or shame. More about Tamarra can be found at www.dare2doitnow.com


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    Helping the Disorganized Child

    in Family

    Our guest on this episode is Dr. Joyce Cooper-Kahn, who is a co-author of the book, Late, Lost and Unprepared.
    Joyce Cooper-Kahn, Ph.D., is a clinical child psychologist whose career has focused on helping children and their families to successfully manage academic, behavioral, and emotional challenges Dr. Cooper-Kahn has particular expertise in attention disorders, learning disabilities and school consultation with an emphasis on interventions for executive functioning difficulties.
    Listen as Dr. Cooper-Kahn offers suggestions and solutions for helping the disorganized child both and home and in the classroom.
    For more information, go to www.theinclusiveclass.com.

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    It Gets Better with The Morning Glory International Voices of Hope

    in Self Help

    "It Gets Better" right here on The Morning Glory International Voices of Hope. This week's Host  LaTonia "The Quarter Back" Rush will bring you a gleam of Hope as she sits down with Ms. Noni Respass. As a mother, businesswoman, friend and leader Ms. Respass will help us at "Juggling" the varies responsiblies (roles) we have in today's world. These roles/task lead us at times in becoming disorganized, off task and overwhelemed? Are you ready to stop the cycle of procrastination and start moving into a "It Gets Better"  for you and your family? If you are saying yes, then we're inviting you to tune in this Saturday @9amEST/8amCST/6amPST to get the empowerment that is needed to get you to that place of "BETTER:".


                                           Don't forget to bring your notebooks and pens. Call 347-857-1295



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    in Finance

    Join Andrea Brundage and Angela Sticca Snyder talking trash!!! The trash around disorganization and the treasures you can find.  Do you know what being unorganized is costing you?  Lost receipts mean missed tax deductions and higher taxes!! OH NO! Everyone's been there, the pile on the kitchen counter, the lost receipts, the horrendous closet, the draws you can't get closed... there's a way out and there's help.  Listen to this entertaining and educational show... and don't tune out at the end where Angela gives you key points on the types of items you should be saving and organizing for your taxes!

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    Overwhelmed and Disorganized with ADD / ADHD

    in Self Help

    Tara McGillicuddy welcomes back Linda Hillger to ADHD Support Talk Radio. Tara and Linda will be discussing the topic of  being Overwhelmed and Disorganized when you have ADD / ADHD. Tara and Linda will also be discusing ways to get help when you are both Overwhelmed and Disorganized.
    ADHD Support Talk Radio host Tara McGillicuddy is an internationally recognised ADD / ADHD expert.. She is also a top ADHD Coach and the founder of ADDClasses.com.

  • Sistahood under attack

    in Education

    A Well Organized Lie Deafeats a Disorganized Truth every Time

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    NFC North ~ NFL preview; which team has enough firepower to overtake the Packers

    in Sports

    Aaron Rodgers has led the Green Bay Packers to six consecutive playoff appearances.  The Packers were on the brink of going to the Super Bowl, in 2014.  They finished last season with the top scoring offense by averaging 30.4 points per game.  The were set to return all 11 starters, until Jordy Nelson tore his ACL.  Nelson will not return this season.  Green Bay has developed wide receivers, for a number of years.  Do you think the loss of Nelson will end the Packers streak of four division titles, in a row?

    After a disappointing 5-11 season, Marc Trestman was fired as the Chicago Bears coach.  Brandon Marshall was traded to the New York Jets, and Jay Cutler remains the starting quarterback. All John Fox did in Denver was win.  He was 46-18, but after failing to go back to the Super Bowl, Fox and John Elway decided to make a change.  It didn't take long for the Bears to hire Fox.  There are many things that need to get better for the Bears.  The question every season is "Can Jay Cutler lead this team to the Super Bowl?" For the quarterback to be succesful, it starts with an offensive line. This unit must stay healthy and improve to give cutler time.  Jeffery Alshon will assume the number one receiver role.  Can he keep producing now that Marshall is gone?  Matt Forte has been a consistent all around back who can run and catch the ball.  What will the Bears do on defense to slow down the offensive units, in the NFC North?

    JIm Caldwell took over a disorganized Detroit Lions, and led them to the playoffs, in 2014.  The Lions have a potent passing attack with Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate.  There are two issues on offense.  They do not have a work horse running back, that can take the ball at anytime. Matthew Stafford need to cut down on his turnovers.



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    10 Rituals To Take Control Of Your Morning

    in Real Estate

    Wake up, hit the email, get distracted - what were you doing again? Time is money, so quit wasting it being disorganized and start a series of morning rituals designed to help you relax, center yourself, and focus on the dollar-productive business tasks that matter to your real estate business. If you're like most agents, your mornings are a little chaotic - but that doesn't have to be the way you live, and it shouldn't set the tone for your entire day! Today, award-winning real estate coaches Tim & Julie Harris discuss 10  rituals to take control of your morning, and help you to proactively determine what your day should look like, not simply react to the crisis situation of the moment.

    Schedule A Free Coaching Call
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    Personalities, Baggage & Love On Everything Relationships

    in Relationships

    Do Your Personality Traits Affect Your Relationship?                  

         Everyone is looking for something in life!   I know that might seem like a blanket statement, but it's certainly true. Family, friends, career, Love, Excitement, The world is RELATIONSHIPS!   

    A 2007 study reported in the Psychology and Aging by Michelle Shiota and Robert Levenson entitled “Birds of a Feather Don’t Always Fly Farthest,” sheds some light on this.

    This study examined the relationship of similarity in The “Big Five Personality Factors” for couples across the years. The Big Five Personality Traits include:

    Openness to Experience (has wide interests, imaginative, insightful) vs. Close-minded
    Conscientious (organized, thorough, planful) vs. Disorganized
    Extroverted (talkative, energetic, assertive) vs. Introverted
    Agreeable (sympathetic, kind, affectionate) vs. Disagreeable
    Nervous (tense, moody, anxious) vs. Calm and Relaxed


    Take the free test and learn more about yourself today!

    Free personality test, type descriptions, relationship and ...


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