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    Multicultural Care

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    Onica's family is multicultural- she is West Indian and her son is Black and Asian. Her blogs are for awareness for the Asian and Black Community, which means families and individual Blasian heritage. Some of her blogs chronicle experiences of curiosity to disolved. Onica will share cultural expressions regarding child care and her expriences with it. Also, she will share how her Black motherhood is challenged.  http://blasianbabynotes.blogspot.com http://asianblackco.wordpress.com
    "Child Care Mix" CD by Massimo DeAngelis http://Kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PXOOTIMVR

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    Sober alcoholic faces compulsive overeating

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    With Alcoholism in the family he never thought it would happen to him....after all...he was the helper...the good kid.  He finally surrendered to the booze problem at the end of his first marriage and was a "good" recovering alcoholic, doing the right things but always a little distant.  He always felt as if something was missing.  As time went on his weight climbed, diets failed, feelings numbed, hope disolved and finally the light came on.  His family intervened and  insisted that he address his compulsive overeating and he did. He finally found the missing piece.

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    The MMA Pulse #33 The Strikeforce light heavyweight division

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    On the heels of another top Strikeforce light heavyweight fighter testing positive for an illegal substance, tonight Josh and Jerod will discuss Strikeforce and it's 205 pound division that has been without a champion since Dan Henderson left for the UFC.
    Should the division be disolved like the heavyweight or should the whole promotion just merge with the UFC? All of these will be discussed tonight on The MMa Pulse.