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    Barstool Rundown February 5

    in Football

    Topics Include - Brian Williams lying, neighbor Gary's snow rant, Verlander and Kate Upton going on a safari in disneyworld and more

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    #42 Running with a Pram / Disneyworld Marathon / Mothers Day

    in Fitness

    Running with a pram is a great idea and can be both fun and rewarding for the parent as runner and the child as passenger.
    It is however not as easy as it looks and in response to a listeners question in this episode Sue reports on  running with a pram.
    Sue has also posted the running with a pram content as a blog post. Click here to read.
    To continue the family theme Travelling Fit take us to the Disneyworld Marathon and we explore Mothers Day Run ideas.
    Regular segments include:
    Over the shoulder Ask Sue Marathon Man Minute Talking Travel The Road Ahead

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    Oct 15th 2010 " Disneyland & Disneyworld"

    in Entertainment

    on the next "A Couple Of Disney Geeks", we look at Disneyland and DisneyWorld. plus Glenn returns

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    SciFi4Me Live From the Bunker #140527

    in Entertainment

    Starlog #140527 -- Talking with Bruce Branit of BranitVFX about his recent entry into the viral community, Big Red Bow, the faux Star Wars Weekends spot that has everyone talking. And we might talk about some... other... projects.

    Music by The Sub-Vectors.


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    Cloverleaf Radio Presents: Actress Ellen Dubin "Napoleon Dynamite"!

    in Movies

    Cloverleaf Radio's hosts The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon and Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's Gremlina welcome Actress Ellen Dubin, Known for her work in "Napoleon Dynamite", "Dead Before Dawn 3-D", "Guild Wars 2", voicing for Disneyland and Disneyworld (Including Disneyland's World of Color), and Disney's "A Wrinkle in Time"! Join us for a WONDERFUL show!

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    Jeffrey Smith and GMO Oranges

    in Food

    Stephanie is combining a "vintage" interview from the 2012 election cycle in California with a current agricultural disaster in Florida. It seems that the only solution to the diseased citrus groves in the Disneyworld state is to bring GMO oranges to town. In this 2012 interview with Jeffry Smith, author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette, and the founder of The Institute for Responsible Technology, you will understand what is at stake and the tricks of the GMO industry. After listening to this interview, the entire argument for bringing GMO Oranges to Florida will be shown as a "bad idea" See the Blog for a full discussion http://realfoodempire.blogspot.com/2013/07/gmo-oranges-not-good-idea.html

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    HR in the Hospitality Industry with Prof. Percival Darby

    in Business

    Tune into our show featuring Profesor Percival Darby. He's an expert in the restaurant and hospitality industry who has built his career on starting up hotels and restaurants. He was there when DisneyWorld was launched in Orlando, and also acted as General Manager for the opening of two major hotels in China.
    Now, he also lectures at FIU and Miami-Dade Communit ycollege, combining both an academic approach and practical experience into a fascinating package that's still active, well past retirement age.
    Join us at CaribHRForum.com for an interesting discussion on another interesting H.R. topic here in the Caribbean.

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    Career Fairs, Military Disney Tips, Heart Filled Holidays

    in Military

    This week, we're focusing on the holidays and what we can do as military families to find joy and happiness this season. Joining Semper Feisty radio this week is:
    *We're discussing life as mommies, getting our kids dressed, career fairs for military spouses and active duty and the book, 1001 Things to Love About Military Life, which accounts people's memories, duty stations, ceremonies and history, and events which make up today's military community. "Full of heartwarming vignettes and laugh-out-loud lists, this inspirational look at military life is perfect for any military-vested reader".
    *Steve Bell, founder of Military Disney Tips, who grew up visiting Disney World as a child and worked there for several years as well. He then joined the Air Force and recently retired after 31 years, with several duty stations allowing him more opportunities to visit the park. His site's goal is to offer advice in the military community to plan, save money on and enjoy the Disney vacation fully. 
    *Sandy Fowler, founder of Heart Filled Holidays, by having special celebrations filled with meaning and fun to leave you with wonderful memories which your family will cherish. She also helps people find techniques to weed out stress and create more joy in life.

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    5.03 Vacations of Wonder!

    in Comedy

    Mike, Jim and John finally reveal the true facts of how they spent their weird summer vacations!

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    Just Imagine Travel

    in Travel

    I just came back from a travel agent education program at the Walt Disney World Resort.  This show is an over view about the resort destination.  Going to Disney World this year or perhaps just considering a future trip?  Then the next few shows are not to be missed.  Join me and Just Imagine Travel to Disney World.

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    How to massage your best friend and Fido's day with Disney

    in Pets

    If your Fluffy or Fido had a tough day, what would you do to bring your best friend a little inner peace? Hve you thought about massage?Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt is the CEO of Animal Awareness. His company is devoted to the education of animal lovers, pet-parents and other related professionals. Jean Pierre personally has 30 years of experience as a massage therapist, lecturer and internationally published author. He will be talking with Sandy about a home care program to improve your animal in health and well-being.
    The summer travel and toursit season is just around the corner and this year millions will head for theme parks aroundthe country. And while your pet may not be wlecome in the park, he or she is certainly welcome at the park. Sandy investigates the facilitiesDisney has to entertain yoour pets while you and the rest ofthefamily enjoy the park.